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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Craftsmanship, the portrait of Pauline

What is most important to us are our craftsmen are they who bring Flowrette to life and who allow us to offer you authentic and lasting products. They are the main players in our project: create a business that has meaning and values. Regularly we present to you our craftsmen who allow us to offer you quality products made with passion.

Craftsmanship Pauline's passion

Enchanted, I’m Pauline, I’m 23 years old and I’ve always found it difficult to introduce myself briefly. I would say that I am someone Very passionate in life. I always undertake things with the heart and in a determined manner. I really like to learn from everything that attracts creativity Like photography, decoration, music, drawing, garden and many other areas that I still have to discover.

I arrived at Flowrette following a reorientation. After 4 years in a school of osteopathy and not wanting to stay without doing anything, I looked for what could please me by bringing together some of my passions. Nature and creativity have been at the heart of my research. So I started online training to learn a few concepts from the florist's profession. With this training, I had the opportunity to carry out internships and it was by looking on social networks that I discovered Flowrette.

Creativity at craft center

It is difficult to say that I appreciate part of my job more than another, because what I like here is precisely to have the chance to touch everything. My curiosity encourages me to try new things, even pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone. I appreciate creating products, looking Improvement solutions so that the rendering is always as optimal as possible. Having responsibilities strengthen my confidence and it is important to me. So I would say that I like to touch everything to always learn something new.

The inspiration that emanates from me comes from Observation of the world in which we live. Nature for as long as I remember is omnipresent in my life. Having lived in the countryside I used to often walk and Take advantage of the environment around me. When I grew up I felt even closer to this nature that surrounded me and I understand its immense importance in our life. She inspires me in the same way as the women of this world. The strength, the courage and the determination to pass beyond the principles anchored to forge a clean identity are very inspiring. The last thing that inspires me would be I think love. At the risk of appearing blue flower, the love of things and people push us to surpass ourselves, to always do better, To do things with the heart.

My role in this craft universe

I would say my post is very versatile. Although My specialty here has become The creation of candles, I also work in the realization of other creations. Like the trios of mini bouquets, DIY kits, wedding accessories: comb, buttonholes and head crowns. I also make wall crowns as well as bells. Beyond The creativity part that is very close to my heart, I have a fairly important role in the organization of stocks of our products and materials used for their manufacture.


Flowrette was for me a ray of sunshine In the period of doubt and anxiety that I went through. I had little confidence in myself not knowing what I was going to do in my life after this hard change of orientation. They gave me the necessary confidence for Dare to surpass myself, dare to put me forward. Hold a shop and interact with customers. They told me responsibilities that I cherish today. I am lucky to be able to learn a lot of things every day, we make mistakes, we learn and we come out richer. I do not know many other environments to compare but I know that here I am darling and appreciated for what I am.

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