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Sep 18, 2022
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Tutorial: How to create a jewel with dried flowers?

You love dried flowers jewelry, but you don't know how to make them yourself? In this tutorial, we make you discover the main steps to follow to create a magnificent flowery jewelry.

If you fall for Flowrette jewelry, we also explain how we have Make our flower jewelry.

In fact, there are different ways to design this kind of very trendy jewelry, but here we are going to present the simplest and most effective methods.

The steps for Create a jewel with dried flowers

So how to make a jewel with dried flowers? What are the main steps to take to make a beautiful flowery costume jewelry? The answers in this guide.


Step 1 : Choose the flowers to use

First, you need to start by choosing the flowers to be incorporated into your jewelry. Do not forget that Each flower has its own meaning. So try to make the selection according to your character, your feelings or the values ​​that reflect your personality.

Helichrysum, for example, is the emblem of eternal love. And the Delphinium symbolizes sincerity and protection. The gypsophile can also interest you, because it is a lucky charm. And finally, the prunus spinosa is the emblem of renewal.

In addition to their symbolism, flowers are also to be chosen according to their color and their shape. The design of your jewelry may mainly depend on these criteria.

2nd step : Dry the flowers

A fresh flower cannot be immersed directly in resin, because it could rot little by little and prevent the substance from catalyzing it. It will therefore be necessary to think of First dry the flowers that you have chosen before resining them.

If you don't have time to dry them, do not hesitate to order ready-to-use dried flowers. And that's good because at Flowrette we offer a wide selection of dried flowers in a boot, ideal for all your DIY creations in dried flowers. You can find all our dried flower boots here.


Step3: Insert dried flowers into tubes, pearls or spheres

The next step is to insert dried flowers into tubes, pearls or spheres. Here, two options are available to you: either you use UV and UV LED resin; Either you use bi-component epoxy resin.

Use UV and UV LED resin

To insert dried flowers into UV resin, you have to take a special jewelry and you must add a few drops of translucent resin to the bottom of the latter. It is then necessary to insert the dried flower so that a part remains in contact with the resin.

Afterwards, you have to make a subampery or the sun catalyze to immobilize the plant. Once the dried flower is put in place, all you have to do is fill the mold to the top.

Use Bi-component epoxy resin

It is also possible to create a flowery jewelry with bi-component epoxy resin. Here, the principle is the same, that is to say that we must add a few drops of resin to the bottom of a mold, insert the dried flower and fill the mold to the top. But you must then be patient, because the epoxy resin takes about a day to catalyze the whole.

To maintain the rod or the dried flower in the resin, you can place a wooden stick on the surface of the mold. And do not hesitate to fix it well to prevent the plant from going up.

Resin flowers moldy

It is also quite possible to resign dried flowers without mold. Use sets and a silicone modeling carpet to insert dried flowers into the resin.

To do this, you only have to place your set on the carpet making sure that it is not curved. Then you have to pour a little resin and you have to place your flower, then cover with resin again. You have to wait until everything is catalyzed. Afterwards, you have to return your creation and you have to repeat a flow on the other side.


Resin Only flowers

It is finally possible to create a flowery jewel by resounding only dried flowers. Here, there is no question of making an inclusion. You should rather bet on a topping or a varnish.

In addition, you can also choose between UV resin and epoxy resin. However, we advise you to opt for UV resin if you cannot wait 2 hours to dry the creation.

Discover Flowrette jewelry

You now know how to make jewelry in dried flowers. To go further, we invite you to discover how to choose your dried flowers according to the Symbolic flowers.

Obviously if you do not have time, nor the desire to embark on a Do It Yourself activity, you can find our collection of jewelry imagined by Flowrette and carefully creates by our craftsman. Because with Flowrette (having fun) with a flowery jewel, it's very easy! Discover the top 5 of Our favorite flowery jewelry.

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