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Sep 18, 2022
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The symbolism of dried flowers in jewelry

That flowers symbolize in Flowered jewelry?

And if you opt for Dried flower jewelry ? These jewelry is distinguished from classic jewelry by their originality and their authenticity. In addition, we love them because it is a question of Unique, durable and craft pieces. They are available in different versions to meet all your desires and they can also communicate a small message or symbolize a value or your mood depending on the type of flower chosen.

In terms of flowery jewelry, each flower used can actually have a particular meaning. It can help you express yourself, in addition to making your jewel more aesthetic and more attractive.

A jewel with a Pink

The rose symbolizes attachment, tenderness and sweetness. In fact, its meaning can vary depending on its color. The white rose, for example, is synonymous with purity, innocent and virginity. And red rose represents the love and passion you feel towards a person.

The pink rose, meanwhile, is perfect for transmit affection. Then, it is also a symbol of sweetness, modesty and loyalty. It allows you to express friendship and pay tribute to female beauty.

In addition, the yellow rose evokes wealth and benevolence. It is ideal for congratulating a person who won new job for example. Finally, the blue rose symbolizes the mystery, the patience, the attack on the impossible and the eternal hope. It can bring you youth and make your wishes.

Of course, you can quite use a mini-rose in a flowery jewel. This flower is the emblem of tender beauty and love.

A jewel with Dried helichryrysum

Helichryrysum is a very easy to recognize flower thanks to its yellow color and strong fragrance. It is commonly used in the manufacture of essential oils. But it is also possible to use it to create costume flowery jewelry.

A few dried Helichrysum flowers are enough to represent the sun and gold. This therefore means that they are synonymous with power, eternity and endless love. It should be noted that it is also possible to find white dried helichryrysum. This is simply timeless and rural, everything we love at Flowrette!


A jewel with the Dried Delphinium

Delphinium is a blue flower that represents truth, sincerity and protection. It is also synonymous with loyalty in love. Its symbolism is linked to other notions such as health, pleasure, lightness, frivolity and big heart.

In other words, the Delphium is one of the positive flowers that you can perfectly wear everywhere with you on a daily basis. In addition, it is very aesthetic to create A magnificent flowery jewelry.

A jewel with Broom Bloom

The broom bloom dried is also a real inspiration for our craftsmen creating flower jewelry. It is a dried flower made up of small flowers in the shape of balls. It exists in different color and it is synonymous with charm, lightness and beauty.

A jewel with theStabilized hydrangea

The stabilized hydrangea is also a better alternative to make beautiful flowery jewelry. It is available in different colors: white, green, purple, mauve, ... and it stands out for its magnificent shape.

At Flowrette, we have heard that the stabilized hydrangea has a double meaning. On the one hand, it evokes exhaustion and vulnerability. And on the other hand, it is synonymous with femininity and temperance. But in fact, this flower is the emblem of love, grace and beauty. And we are rather that idea that we want to highlight!

Some people also consider the white stabilized hydrangea as the emblem of sweetness. And because of its delicacy, this flower is ideal for making wedding bouquets and creating romantic atmospheres.


A jewel with Gypsophile

The gypsophile is an easily recognizable flower thanks to its white or pink color. It evokes lightness and light. Note that it is also L’EMBLONE OF HAPPY. It’s not for nothing that Flowrette, we love this flower, which can be a real lucky charm if you wear it with you every day.

A jewel with Thoughts

With their heart form, thoughts are the emblem of love, admiration and consideration. They can help you express what you feel towards a person. Then, they also symbolize the beautiful memories.

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You have understood: jewelry is creations that pass a message especially thanks to the symbolism of the flowers that compose them. The advantage of these jewelry is that it is very easy toMaintain your flowery jewelry.

So if you want to offer a nice gift that will surely appeal, you can choose from the Flowrette flower jewelry collection.

Do you hesitate on the model or type of jewel to choose? We explain to you in a dedicated article the Different types of jewelry who make us crack.

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