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Sep 18, 2022
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Jewelry: 5 types of flowery jewelry that make us crack

You are looking for Original flowery jewelry And aesthetics? So you're in the right place. In this article, we have just planned to present the best jewelry of dried flowers from 2021, Those who crack us. These are craft, unique and timeless jewelry, like the jewelry collection offered by Flowrette.

Jewelry In resin with dried flowers

First, let's start with resin jewelry with dried flowers. There are all kinds of them: it can be about pendants, earrings, rings or bracelets, but their common point is the presence of resin in their composition.

In fact, the resin is perfect for keeping the dried flowers. It keeps the shape, color and natural freshness of petals and leaves. It also makes the flower jewel more elegant and chic, with its transparent color which refers to the glass.

To design flower resin jewelry, simply resign the dried flowers without mold. The idea is indeedWrap the dried resin flowers to preserve them. So you can benefit from sustainable jewelry.


Flowery jewelry in gold plated

In our Top 5, we also find flowery jewelry in gold plated. We love these accessories because they have A fine and very aesthetic rendering. In fact, the principle is the same, that is to say that you have to resign the dried flowers without a mold. But then, the solution obtained must be incorporated with a gold plated reinforcement.

And who says gold plated says golden color. This means that you can wear a pendant, earrings, ring or golden bracelet with dried flowed flowers. It’s sort of A classic of jewelry revisited with dried flowers !

Jewelry flowery fantasies

Flower costume jewelry is much more interesting than classic jewelry. First of all, because these are jewelry Created by hand by craftsmen. These jewelry therefore has a unique and original design. Then, because these are jewelry made with carefully selected materials.

Most flowery jewelry is made of metal, especially stainless steel, but you must also consider the type of dried flowers used.

As you know, each flower has its meaning. The gypsophile, for example, is the emblem of happiness. And Hortensia evokes love, grace and beauty. Lavender, on the other hand, symbolizes freshness, purity and tenderness. And the rose is synonymous with life, love and light.


Flowery jewelry In 925 silver

Nowadays, it is also possible to find flowery jewelry in 925 silver. These pieces are very recognized for their Sustainability and their beauty. These jewelry is particularly resistant and they perfectly support wear. They are also easy to marry at different outfits to guarantee you a look without false note.

Like flowery blossoms in gold plated, flowerers in 925 silver silver are made up of 925 silver reinforcements and dried flowers integrated into resin. These jewelry are available in different versions: bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, ... and iLS are suitable for all occasions !

Flowery jewelry in plated silver

If you are looking for a simple jewel, you can opt for a flowery jewel in plated silver. This jewel has a relatively low veneer layer, but it is very aesthetic and inexpensive. It can be considered a metal jewel, but in fact, it contains a minimum of 500/1000 of pure silver and its layer of silver plated is at least 10 microns.

You can also hear about flowery jewel in plated silver, silver -lined flower jewelry or silver flowery jewelry. But all these denominations designate the same thing. These are always flowery jewelry in plated silver.

What is interesting with this kind of dried flower jewelry is the fact that it is easy to create. You can design it yourself at home using a placed silver frame, dried flowers of your choice and resin. For flowers, we offer you a Boot selection in dried flowers.

Go further by creating its own flowery jewelry

There are a multitude of flowery jewelry, because the advantage is that with the big varieties of dried flowers that exist, it is very easy to create different artisanal jewelry but always trendy. So you can wear them everywhere, all the time and for different occasions. They are also very easy to and last a long time.

If you want to get started and create your own jewelry in dried flowers, we have created a tutorial to make your jewelry in dried flowers!

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