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Sep 18, 2022
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How to keep your dried flower jewelry

Dried flower jewelry is one of those original creations that make us crack. Indeed, flowery jewelry stands out for their originality and aesthetics.

Not only do they allow you to have style, but they also help express themselves and communicate a small message through the chosen flowers. They are also available in different parts to meet all your expectations. At Flowrette, we tell you everything about how we Let's make our jewelry with dried flowers.

If you are wondering how and how long to keep a jewel in dried flowers, we tell you everything in this article!

Tips for Keep a jewel with dried flowers

A dried flower jewel is a jewel you can keep for several years. It is made from Resistant materials Like stainless steel, silver or plated gold, and dried flowers integrated into resin. So, it is not likely to change after a few uses unlike other less resistant jewelry.

However, there are a few tips to help you keep a jewel of dried flowers and prolong its lifespan. Like all fashion accessories, flowery jewelry also requires a little maintenance (but really very little, we reassure you!).

To keep a jewel with dried flowers, you must among others: protect the resin, put the dried flowers away from direct light and dust the leaves delicately.

Protect the resin

The resin, whether transparent or colored, generally helps preserve flowers and keep their natural freshness. It is thanks to this substance that your jewelry flowers do not fade and do not lose their color or their shape. It is therefore important to protect her well so that she does not alter.

At Flowrette, we advise you to:

-Place your flowery jewelry in a cool place

-Vey to expose it for too long in the sun

-Evit the big blows, scratches and drillings which can cause a resin leakage

-Soir your dried flower jewelry separately from your other accessories that may alter the resin.


Take the dried flowers sheltered from direct light

To keep your flowery jewelry, you are also advised to put the dried flowers safe from direct light. These do not indeed support light, whether artificial or natural. This is why we advise you to place your jewelry in dried flowers in a jewelry box or in a small bag.

In other words, show them in light until you wear them. The more you keep them away from direct light, the better!

Dust the leaves and petals gently

As our not specifying, dried flowers of a flowery jewel are inserted in resin so that they keep their appearance fresh. But it is also possible to create costume jewelry with fresh or dried flowers and petals without using resin.

In this case, the lifespan of flowers can be reduced, but jewelry will be more natural and authentic. If you have a flowery jewel without resin, you can then dust the leaves and petals gently. Thus, they will remain beautiful as on the first day, and they will last longer.

How long can we Keep a jewel with dried flowers?

The lifespan of a jewel in dried flowers can vary depending on its type of jewelry and its manufacturing method. A flowery jewel made from resin, dried flowers and robust materials such as stainless steel, 925 silver, plated silver or plated gold, for example, can last a very long time. The dried flowers will not influence the lifespan of the jewel. If the reinforcement breaks, then the jewel unfortunately can no longer be worn. But when you use the right materials to make the jewelry, usually we get tired before it breaks.

A flowery jewel made with fresh or dried resin flowers, however, lasts only a short time. It can no longer be worn when its flowers change in appearance. Fortunately it is possible to change your flowers by choosing from the many dried flowers offered by Flowrette, to give it a new stroke. So you can therefore customize it and reinvent it endlessly.


For further

It is therefore quite possible to keep a jewel of dried flowers for many years. However, it is important to properly maintain your jewelry to keep as long as possible. You also have to choose a jewel created with good materials and good flowers, such as Flowrette jewelry. Do you hesitate? Discover our article on flowery jewelry that we love At Flowrette.

DIY fan: Discover How to create your own jewelry in dried flowers.

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