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Sep 18, 2022
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How are flower jewelry made?

Bracelets in dried flowers, rings in dried flowers, earrings in dried flowers, ... The jewelry in dried flowers are very trendy currently. They attract more and more because they are unique and customizable jewelry. Our jewelry, make you crack? Discover our collection of flower jewelry. But how are flowery jewelry offered by Flowrette? All the answers in this guide.

The elements for Make a flowery jewelry

The flowery jewelry offered at Flowrette are jewelry with quality materials Made from carefully selected metals, resin and dried flowers. They were designed to last and are available in different parts to meet all your expectations.

Here is the list of elements that make up our flower jewelry.

Precious metals

Most of the dried flower jewelry from Flowrette are golden at theFine 24 carat gold thick 3 microns. Our models stand out by their golden color and they are both chic and aesthetic. They are easy to marry with daily outfits thanks to their design and their patterns.

In addition, these are generally durable and robust parts that perfectly resist frequent use, blows and scratches and which can be worn for several years.

Eleille-Fleurs-Sechees loop

There resin

To make a flowery jewelry, the Flowrette team also uses resin. And here, all means are good for varying the rendering: using UV resin, using bi-component epoxy resin, resining flowers without mold or only resing the flowers.

For the first two options, start by adding a few drops of resin to the bottom of a special jewelry mold. Then, the dried flowers must be inserted and fill the mold to the top. But be aware that epoxy resin takes a little more time to catalyze the whole compared to the UV resin. So you have to be patient when you use it.

For the third option, you have to use sets and a silicone modeling carpet to insert the dried flowers in the resin. More specifically, the set must be placed on the carpet, ensuring that it does not become curved.

Then you have to pour resin, place the dried flowers and cover with resin again. You have to wait a few minutes, while everything is catalyzed. Afterwards, you have to turn the jewelry and redo a casting on the other side.

For the last option, just make a topping or a opening to resin only the dried flowers. And if it is a question of using epoxy resin, it is necessary to respect a laying time of about 2 hours so that everything is very dry.

THE dried flowers


A flowery jewel is not a flowery jewel without dried flowers. This is why the Flowrette team carefully selects the different dried flowers used in making flower jewelry. In fact, each flower has its own meaning.

For example, the gypsophile is the symbol of happiness and also lightness and light.

The Hortensia stabilized, meanwhile, is synonymous with love, grace, sweetness and beauty. And the dried Delphinium evokes sincerity, truth and protection. Finally, the dried Helichryrysum represents power, eternity and endless love. And the rose symbolizes attachment, softness and tenderness.

Now that you know the materials that make up our jewelry here are some items that could help you:

If you want to compose your own flowery jewelry, you have created a tutorial to compose your own jewelry. If you have bought a jewelry in dried flowers and if you want to take care of it, do not hesitate to read our guide for take care of your jewelry.

The craftsman with a fairy fingers that creates Our plant jewelry

What is interesting with flower jewelry from Flowrette is the fact that they are made by a professional craftsman. They are the fruit of the imagination and the passion of analise mixed with the ideas of the Flowrette team.

Annelise, a passionate florist for over 13 years

Annelise is an experienced florist who created Appoline Plant Jewelry 2 years ago. She has been working in a flower boutique for over 13 years and also attaches great importance to nature, her family and French gastronomy.

She started to take an interest in dried flowers. Then she tried to include them in the matter. At the beginning, she opted for less interesting objects, but then, she turned to jewelry to make her very first collection.

It is for all these reasons that we wanted collaborate closely with Annelise. We decided to welcome this florist craftsman into our team, because we recognize his talent, his know-how, his level of creativity, his vision and his motivations.

She has never lacked inspiration and only uses her fingers to give life to original and unique jewelry.


Examples of Flowrette collections produced by Annelise

With Annelise, we thought of our first collection of jewelry with Original and unique models.

The Daisy collection, for example, is a magnificent and timeless jewelry that she made with her own hands. This is formed on a delicate golden flower with fine 24 carat gold with a thickness of 3 microns and its flowers were carefully dried, selected and meticulously worked by Annelise.

And the same goes for the Scarlette collection. This wants to be soft and poetic and it is ideal for being worn on a daily basis or during a special event. It includes an adjustable ring that is worn alone or in accumulation with other rings from the Flowrette collection.

There is also the Alba collection which has also emerged thanks to the imagination and the Fairy fingers of Annelise. This collection was made with care and passion. It wants to be poetic and delicate. Alba jewelry is perfect for being worn on a daily basis or on special occasions.

In addition, it should be noted that the flowery jewelry of Flowrette are all made in France. All steps are carried out by Annelise in her workshop in Lyon, be it drawing, pouring or assembly.

Our creations are all made by hand with great passion. They are the fruit of artisanal know-how, and that of Annelise is a fine example.

In addition, flowery jewelry from Flowrette are therefore craft jewelry made from precious metals, resin and dried flowers. We use 24-carat gold with a thickness of 3 microns and resin is a UV resin or a bi-component epoxy resin.

For dried flowers, we use flowers that inspire us such as gypsophilia, hydrangea and Helichryrysum for example.

Thanks to Annelise, our craftsman with fairy fingers, we offer a collection of original and unique jewelry. They are created with care and passion in France. So it's a perfect gift idea to have fun!

Finally, if you want to know why flowery jewelry is the big trend This year, we are telling you all our reasons!

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