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Jun 3, 2023
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Why should we adopt stabilized flowers?

You love it floral decoration And the feeling of freshness that the flowers bring to a room. However, you find yourself very quickly disgusted when you notice that it lasts very little time. Your flowers fade in a few days and you are well obliged to renew them. At the end of the month, you notice that your flower budget is enormous. However, there is an alternative that could cost you less without compromising the benefits that flowers bring to a space. The solution in question is the stabilized flower which is part of eternal flowers. Discover the different reasons why adopt stabilized flowers.

Stabilized flowers are as beautiful as fresh flowers

The major problem with fresh flowers is its ephemeral character. They fade in four or five days and force you to renew them several times a week to keep your decor intact. Result: your wallet comes out weakened each end of the month.

However, it is quite possible to have flowers that guarantee a beautiful long -term decor without costing you dearly. These flowers in question are stabilized flowers.

True alternatives with fresh flowers, they always keep their beauty. The process called stabilization makes it possible to freeze the plant or flowers in a state of freshness after harvest. It consists of diving flowers into a mixture of glycerin, water and mineral salts. This mixture gradually replaces sap and takes possession of the whole plant. This explains why flowers are just as beautiful as fresh flowers.

Like dried flowers, Stabilized flowers are natural flowers. They therefore have nothing to envy to fresh flowers. Besides, they offer several other advantages that do not have fresh flowers.

Stabilized flowers are quite economical

If you are looking for another reason why adopt stabilized flowers, know that stabilized flowers are very economical. At first glance, we can think that they are expensive since the price is higher than the price of a bouquet of fresh flowers. However, it’s quite the opposite and to prove this to you, let's do a little calculation. For this, we will consider a small bouquet.

When your bouquet of fresh flowers costs you about thirty euros, but it fades after five days, you will spend in 15 days around 90 euros to renew them. In a month, you will spend 180 euros to have fresh flowers permanently.

On the other hand, the Stabilized flowers That you can get between 70 and 200 euros, will last several months to see a whole year. Even when stabilized flowers will cost much more, they will always be more economical than getting fresh flowers.

Stabilized flowers are not only economical from a price point of view. They are also concerned with regard to the interview. Indeed, they need neither water nor nutrients. So there is no watering to do. So you save on your water bill.

You also gain in time and energy since you have nothing to do for their maintenance. Just put them in a dry place sheltered from ultraviolet rays. Your Bouquet of stabilized flowers May be placed on the dining table, the coffee table, on an entrance console or on a dresser as long as it is not in contact with the sun. Stabilized flowers, the perfect compromise if you don't have a green hand.

They are much more sustainable

Another reason why you need to adopt stabilized flowers is its sustainability. They can be kept for several months or years if you follow the advice and have the right gestures. Among other things, these are to keep them away from sunlight and humidity, regardless of the season, summer, spring, fall or winter.

Ultraviolet rays tend to alleviate the color of flowers and humidity withered the petals. You should also be able to manipulate the petals too much. They are delicate and can be easily damaged. If you respect these tips, you can use it as much as you wish.

Her sustainable character saves you time and money. If you use for example stabilized flowers for your wedding, you can go very early for decorating the room. Two to three days before D -Day, you can decorate the premises without risk that they will not fade. You therefore have less stress during marriage preparations.

You can also reuse them well after the party. You can offer them to your guests as thank you Or keep them for an imminent party or use them to decorate your home.

At Flowrette, we have A great diversity of bouquets of stabilized flowers. They are made up of several types of flowers and plants among those that can be stabilized. Indeed, not all flowers and plants accept stabilization. Thus, our team of florists carefully selects those that are able to undergo the stabilization process. Among them, you have roses, fern, eucalyptus, gypsophile, hydrangea, broom bloom, etc.

Thanks to the know-how of each florist, we obtain magnificent bouquets. We have both bridal bouquets and bouquets to say thank you, I love you, at Valentine's Day or Mom. You have a wide choice in terms of bouquets.

Besides Lthe bouquets of stabilized flowers, we have other creations for interior decoration such as the flowery candle, the floral bell, the herbarium, the table runner, etc. These products are perfect for decoration in a bohemian or country style. We also have accessories for flirtatious women. You will find flowery jewelry Like earrings and bracelets, head crowns and flowery combs for hair.

How to get our floral compositions?

If you are looking for a touch of freshness and beauty for your interior, our Floral compositions and accessories are you need. All our creations are available in our e-shop or our physical shop.

To order, simply choose your product and validate the purchase. Consequently, your order is registered and the delivery will be made in a maximum of 48 hours at the desired place, at home or at a relay point. If this is a surprise gift, we can also make the delivery at the expected place and on the desired date.

We make a point of honor to you deliver our creations in the best conditions there is. To do this, we make sure to pay the product carefully and to entrust it to a professional transport company in which we trust.

If you don't want to make an online purchase, you can go directly to our physical shop. We will be delighted to welcome you. To find out more about stabilized flowers, discover our article, How to make stabilized flowers.

You will discover the method to stabilize flowers. If you are an interior decoration fanatic and you want to know more about the news in this area, take note of the article; Why stabilized flowers are the new decorative trend.

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