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Sep 18, 2022
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Why offer dried flowers to your customers or your employees as a end -of -year gift?

The dried flowers are natural flowers that have undergone a dehydration process in order to eliminate all their water. They are currently in the rise because they have interesting characteristics. Not only are they beautiful, but they are an excellent choice for your end -of -year gift ideas. The Flowrette team reveals all the reasons to choose dried flowers.

Dried flowers, an end -of -year gift original

Offering flowers is above all offering happiness. As you know, flowers have psychological effects. They each have their own meanings, but in general, they soothe us and make us more social.

By offering dried flowers From Flowrette to your customers or your employees as a gift at the end of the year, you can share them with pleasure and well-being. And of course, as they are dried flowers do not fade in a few days, this gift will be sure!


Dried flowers, an end -of -year gift sustainable

One of the great advantages of dried flowers is their lifespan. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not indeed fade after three or four days. They can dress your interiors for about a year, or even several years for tinted grasses. In addition, they do not require special interviews.

In fact, the dried flowers May be a fixing process after their drying in order to promote their conservation and extend their lifespan. It is true that they are fragile, but they do not require watering or light. Just dust them regularly using feather or cold air of the hair dryer, and that's it, voila!

At Flowrette, moreover, there are only lasting floral creations. All our products testify to the long years that we want to spend with our employees. And we allow you to offer them as a end -of -year gift to your customers and employees to help you express your desire to establish lasting relationships with them.

Dried flowers, an end -of -ae gift craft

What could be better than offering a craft To customers and employees when the year ends? Our dried flowers are, in fact, made by professional craftsmen. They are the fruit of the imagination and creativity of talented employees who work in our Parisian workshop.

Not only are they aesthetic, but they are original, unique and better quality. They are suitable for both men and women and they can be used to create beautiful decorative items or to make costume jewelry.

By consulting the Flowrette site, you can discover all the products feasible by hand from dried flowers. Candles of dried flowers, Bouquets of dried flowers, crowned with dried flowers, combed flowers, flowery jewelry, ... There are really some for everyone and for all desires to give complete satisfaction to your customers and your employees.

In addition, know that our craft creations are environmentally friendly. They can help their users decorate their pieces or wear a nice look while preserving the planet.

In this article, we give you some good reasons to offer an end -of -year gift in dried flowers, but there are many others! A customizable gift, a unique gift ... So do not hesitate to offer dried flowers to your customers and your employees as a end -of -year gift.

The Flowrette team provides you with original, sustainable and craft compositions and creations to please all your employees. We also offer an offer dedicated to professionals, so do not hesitate to contact us for a look!

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