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Jun 1, 2023
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Why have some professionals adopted eternal flowers who are?

THAT'S IT ! You have finally realized your dream of opening the premises of your business. Now your challenge is to make this place as welcoming as possible. Indeed, if the place of your business is not an attractive minimum, it could have a negative impact on your business. If you are looking for the perfect button to make your premises pleasant, think of Bouquets of flowers which are beautiful decoration accessories. However, these are not bouquets of fresh flowers that are perishable and expensive, but rather eternal flowers. These are more and more appreciated for all the advantages they have. We invite you to discover the various reasons why Some professionals have adopted eternal flowers.

Flowers, an essential element of decoration

There Decoration is an art which allows you to embellish a space to make it more beautiful. To finalize the decoration of a place, it is common to add some accessories such as Bouquets of flowers. This is an essential element in any type of decoration, whether it be a wedding, house, business and office decoration. Indeed, the flowers add a touch of colors and romanticism to a room. Depending on the type of decoration or the desired effect, you must make the right choice of bouquets of flowers.

The decoration of waiting rooms for lawyers, notaries, architects and doctors

Some professionals such as doctors, lawyers and notaries have firms where they receive their customers. These places are made up of waiting rooms where patients or customers must wait to be received. What could be better than having a pleasant and well decorated waiting room for customer comfort?

Thanks to flowers, any professional can manage to make their business very beautiful. Placed in strategic places such as the reception or coffee table in the waiting room, they will bring delicacy and appeasement to the room. They refer a positive image of the company to customers. A bouquet of flowers On a desk is also very attractive. It is also possible to use them to decorate the places of passage such as the corridor.

The flowers are well known to soften the spirits and bring warmth to a place. They must be meticulously chosen from assorted colors to compose magnificent bouquets.

The decoration of restaurant hotels with bouquets of flowers

In addition to the companies aroused, restaurants and hotels are highly frequented places, hence the importance of betting on a Beautiful floral decoration. The flowers will embellish the space, offer a better image of the restaurant or the hotel and will enrich the customer experience.

THE bouquets of flowers and green plants Located at the reception, in strategic places and in the rooms will make the places living and attractive. They are perfect for customers to feel good and pampered. This is a useful investment since good customer experience allows you to retain customers while transforming them into brand ambassadors.

The flowers are diverse and varied and you can make your choices depending on the most popular on the market and also according to their meanings. The rose for example is much appreciated and is available in several varieties, including the pink pink, the red rose, the white rose, etc. Hortensia, gypsophile, lavender are also very popular. In terms of plants and plants, eucalyptus and fern are very popular.

The problem of the maintenance and cost of flowers

Decorating a space with flowers is an excellent solution for businesses. However, going for fresh flowers can be expensive in the long term. To have them in the premises permanently and in good condition, they would have to renew them two to three times a week. In six months, this is a significant sum of money to pay.

In addition, fresh flowers require daily maintenance. They need water and you have to water them regularly and change them as soon as they wither. This requires money and a lot of energy. For a company, each investment is important.

Most fresh flowers have been imported from other countries in the world, which increases carbon footprint and environmental pollution. On the other hand, the flowers used for the design of eternal flowers are produced on site in France by producers.

It is therefore not profitable to invest a large sum in the purchase of fresh flowers. For this, some professionals turn to an interesting alternative; eternal flowers. These flowers are a beautiful idea for all those who wish to decorate their space in an eco -responsible way and especially without spending a large sum of money.

What is eternal flowers?

THE eternal flowers are flowers that have the distinction of lasting a long time. These are fresh natural flowers that have undergone processes to be kept longer. Thus, an eternal flower can last for months, even a year. It is an alternative to fresh flowers that wilt in a few days.

When we talk about eternal flowers, we talk about dried flowers and stabilized flowers. They both have a lasting character, but are not obtained by the same process. THE dried flowers are flowers that have undergone a drying process While stabilized flowers have undergone a stabilization process.

THE Drying is a simple method, but which requires some expertise. First, you have to make the right choice of flowers and pick them at the right time. Then you have to dry them downstairs in a dark place. Flowers must be monitored regularly to prevent mold from attacking them. This process can last a fortnight.

If you don't have a green hand, you can contact a florist or get a dried bouquet directly in a shop or a concept store like Flowrette.

As soon as the drying is successful, the flowers are ready to be used to decorate a living space, an office, a reception room, etc. Since these flowers last for many months, this is a very good investment over time. The only drawback with them is the attenuation of colors and the friability of the petals that can be observed.

THE Stabilized flower petals As for them are not brittle. They keep their flexibility and freshness, in addition to lasting a long time when they are well preserved.

Stabilization is a much more delicate process than drying. The fresh flowers picked are plunged into a liquid composed of water, mineral salts, glycerin and sometimes coloring. The latter aims to color the flowers that can slightly lose their color during the stabilization process.

The mineral salts bring nutrients to the plant and the glycerin aims to replace the sap, a natural constituent of the plants. It is thanks to the presence of glycerin that plants and flowers are preserved. The stabilization process can last 15 to 20 days. At the end of the process, the flowers obtained have nothing to envy fresh flowers.

In addition, they are more economical because they can last months or years. So you don't have to change the flowers every week or every month. As a professional, you have everything to gain from getting the Eternal flowers for your business.

Eternal flowers do not need watering with water for maintenance. You just have to respect some good gestures to take advantage of it. They should not be in contact with sunlight. Ultraviolet rays quickly discolor the flowers.

They should not stay in a wet place either. Whatever the season, in summer and in winter, you have to be particularly careful what eternal flowers are exposed. Eternal flowers should not be placed on the windows.

Regarding maintenance, when flowers take dust, you have to use a low-power hair dryer to remove them. If you don't have a hair dryer, a cloth can do the trick. Eternal flowers are perfect for an office, a waiting room, the reception or the meeting rooms. They will bring softness, color and beauty to any interior.

At Flowrette, we offer various models of bouquets of eternal flowers. Each Bouquet model was designed with passion and know-how by experienced florists. Once the choice of your eternal bouquet is made, delivery is made within 48 hours after validation of the purchase. Delivery is free throughout France from € 70 purchase.

Apart from bouquets, other eternal flowers are available such as the flowery bell, the flowery candle, etc. If you are curious to find out more about stabilized flowers, discover this article that talks about the reasons why Stabilized flowers are the new decorative trend. If you are interested in the design of stabilized flowers, discover How to make stabilized flowers.

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