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Jan 30, 2023
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Why crack for dried flowers as a Valentine's Day gift?

There Valentine's Day, feast of lovers is the perfect time to please his partner by offering him a magnificent Valentine's Day. Despite the many gift ideas that exist, it is sometimes very difficult to find the best Valentine's Day gift. The ideal Valentine's Day gift is the one that will appeal to your partner, but also the one that will be as original as possible. For several years, offering fresh flowers as a Valentine's Day gift or not has been synonymous with romanticism. Receiving it is always happy, but unfortunately, they can quickly be faured. Faced with this, there is a very interesting alternative: dried flowers. Find out why crack for dried flowers As a Valentine's Day gift.

Flowers as a Valentine's Day Gift: Symbol of Love

On February 14, lovers' feast is fast approaching. This is one more opportunity to please and celebrate love. Offer a gift including a bunch of Flowers for Valentine's Day is a romantic gesture. This is the symbol of the attachment you have for your dear and tender.

If offering fresh flowers as a Valentine's Day gift is quite usual, offering dried flowers is much less. This is one of the most beautiful ways to make this day unforgettable. This Natural Valentine's Day gift has enough to delight your partner's heart.

Even dried, they always keep their symbolism. In Flowrette, Handicraft concept store, you will find pretty bouquets of dried flowers that you could offer as a Valentine's Day. They are available in various models, depending on the types of flowers and different sizes.

There are light pink lavender boots, ruscus coral boots, pampe herbal boots, immortals, etc. By visiting our e-shop, you will see All flowers Available.

If you want to offer something more original as a Valentine's Day, there are several other articles like the floral bell, there Wall flower crown, the flowery comb for hair and even jewelry inlaid with flowers. To be sure not to be mistaken, you can offer a box made up of a duo or a trio of articles among those aroused.

They are perfect as a decorative object

Opt for a Bouquet of dried flowers for Valentine's Day is a great idea, because it is a perfect decorative object. In addition, if your partner is a decoration fans, she will enjoy making her interior shine with this Valentine's Day gift. You can also

to offer This Valentine's Day gift in the form of a bouquet. In a pretty vase, he will add a bohemian touch to the whole decoration.

It is also possible to offer this Valentine's Day gift in the form of a bell. Much more discreet than the bouquet, the floral bell is original and chic. The herbarium is also a must-have if you want to offer a gift in dried flowers.

Our candles incorporate dried flowers within them, which gives off a beautiful scent during combustion. Opture for a flowery candle is a valentine's Day gift idea not to neglect especially with the Possibility of personalization.

Another article in dried flowers is the crown. This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift to break with the square side of the frames. It exists in two versions, that for hair that you can also use as a wall crown.

The second version is the wall crown. It looks proud in any space. However, know which composition to choose according to the style of your decoration. A bouquet of flowers would go perfectly in a contemporary style interior, while a crown is perfect for a bohemian style interior.

It’s a very original way to have dried flowers at home. Each creation is made in our Parisian workshop by the expert hands of very talented florists. Their objective is to be able to create works as useful as practical. 

The Valentine's Day gift that lasts a long time

The traditional bouquet of flowers, we all like him as a valentine's Day, but it lasts very little time. On the other hand, with the dried model, you have for a long time. This creation can last for months, see an entire year. Offer it to your partner as a Valentine's Day gift testifies to your love and its eternal character.

This sustainability is due to the fact that they do not need water. Just keep them in the shade in a vase with regard to bouquets. With the different options you have, you must choose the Valentine's Day gift which will make him happy. Knowing how to choose the gift you need according to the person is an obligation for the success of the surprise.

They require very little maintenance

If your wife does not have a green hand, the dried bouquet is the ideal solution as a Valentine's Day. In addition to the originality of this article, it also requires very little maintenance. It does not need water or any particular care. So she doesn't need to luggish a carafe every day to water the flowers.

The one and only requirement to be observed is to protect the pot from UV rays. This arrangement is to be taken to prevent the colors from tarnishing or the petals not crack. You can then put your pot where you want, change from time to time except place it in the window.

The eco -friendly Valentine's Day gift

In addition to being perishable, fresh flowers are cultivated for the most part elsewhere and imported into France. The risk to the environment is considerable.

On the other hand, when they are dried, they are respectful of the environment and above all, they last a long time. Regarding Flowrette, they are all transformed in the workshop in Paris.

Since it is never too late to do better, this year, you can kill two strokes with one stone by offering An original Valentine's Day gift, but in particular responsible.

It's the Ideal Valentine's Day gift For anyone who has environmental protection and the fight against global warming. If you want to offer something other than this Valentine's Day gift in their raw state, jewelry designed from flowers are a beautiful alternative.

There are many Original jewelry models. Each piece is handmade by a creative craftsman. He conceives it with all the seriousness and know-how necessary to obtain a beautiful work.

Flowrette products are made in France And available on the online and store site. For online purchase, simply select the item of your choice and add it to the basket. Once the payment is done, you will be delivered in 48 hours.

Delivery is made for free from 70 euros of purchase in mainland France. It is also important to remember that you can shop directly in the Flowrette store.


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