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May 16, 2023
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Why are stabilized flowers the new decorative trend?

Whether for a wedding, a baptism or a birthday, the decoration is the first step for the success of an event. For a long time, fresh flowers were the most popularized solution to decorate a space. Today, eternal flowers made up of stabilized and dried flowers are increasingly adopted in view of its many advantages. This is the new current decoration trend. Find out more about Stabilized flowers And why are they the new decorative trend.

Stabilized flowers, 100% natural flowers

THE Stabilized flowers like dried flowers are the news decorative trends. They offer a great possibility in terms of decoration. You can use them in the form of bouquets, boots, crowns or even flowery bells. It is then possible to suspend them, to put them in vases, caches or wicker baskets for a bohemian effect. The choices are unlimited and your imagination is the only limit.

Like fresh flowers, they are natural And are suitable for any type of interior. Indeed, stabilized flowers are fresh flowers that have followed a stabilization process. This preservation technique consists in replacing the sap of flowers with a stabilizer which is nothing more than a liquid composed of water, glycerin and mineral salts. With this method, we always get beautiful flowers that are natural.

At Flowrette, we are keen to help our customers have the best decoration there is. We offer several Stabilized flower models in size and fit. You will therefore find the bouquets of long, round, blurred, parallel and short flowers. You will have it on your behalf, no matter what you are looking for for the decoration of your event.

This is the perfect accessory for all those who have environmental protection and want to opt for an eco -responsible decor.

Stabilized flowers are poetic


The stabilized flower, a new decorative trend because it has a poetic and romantic side. Each bouquet was designed in a beautiful harmony of colors and flowers.

The key poetic and romantic of a bouquet stabilized flowers in fact a Excellent accessory To decorate a wedding. In soft and lively shades, they are perfect for bohemian, rural and even vintage style decorations. Apart from the decoration of the premises, we will not forget the famous bride's bouquet, an essential piece for a wedding.


The choices are multiple at Flowrette allowing everyone to choose the bridal bouquet Depending on preferences and desires. Let yourself be transported to the poetic universe by opting for one of our bouquets. The rose being a symbol of love and passion, you will find bouquets stabilized with red roses, pink roses and white roses.


To recall the nature dimension, plants and plants such as eucalyptus or fern are added to different bouquets. For a little more volume, hydrangea, gypsophile and chrysanthemum also find their places. Each floral composition is thought in the smallest details before being mounted by the expert hands of florists.

There stabilized flower It's not just for weddings. Celebrations such as Mother's Day or Valentine's Day are the great opportunities to offer a creation in stabilized flowers or a gift box containing a selection of flagship products from the brand. Your mother or wife will be honored with this great attention you pay to him. It’s a great way to show them your love.

For the keen ones of interior decoration, there is nothing better than having Stabilized flowers in your home. The most interesting, you can have it in the form of a bouquet, crown of flowers, herbaries and even in the form of a flowery bell. And if you like good scents, flowery candles are a great solution.

When they are extinguished, they constitute a very Beautiful decorative accessory. Once on, they diffuse a soft different scent depending on the type of candle. However, you have wooded scent of the cinnamon type, musk as well as jasmine type floral scent, cotton flower, etc. Each of the perfumes used comes straight from Grasse, the world capital of perfumery.

Stabilized flowers have great durability


THE eternal stabilized flowers are so popular because they last a long time. Indeed, thanks to the stabilization process, they can last many months unlike fresh flowers that are fading quickly. Thus, by giving you stabilized flowers, whether it is a bouquet, a flowery bell or a flowery crown, you are sure to be able to enjoy it for a long time.


This is a Very profitable investment For all flower lovers. Instead of getting fresh flowers every week, or even every two days, opt for eternal flowers. They will last for long months and even all year round if you keep it in the ideal conditions.


In addition, they have nothing to envy to fresh flowers since they have the particularity of keeping their freshness, color and flexibility. They are so appreciated because apart from all these components, they require very little maintenance.

Stabilized flowers do not need maintenance

THE Stabilized flowers like dried flowers Attract as much because they do not need any particular maintenance. They need neither water nor fertilizers to embellish your house. This is an interesting advantage for your pocket. You thus save yourself considerable savings in terms of investment, but also in terms of maintenance.


Gestures to avoid with theeternal flowers are simple. You must be careful not to put them in contact with the sun. The rays of the latter discolour the petals and they lose their beauty. A red rose will lose its magnificent bright color.


The pink rose will also have a bland color. Plants and plants like eucalyptus will lose their green hue. So forget the pots on the windowsill. Keep them as far from all humidity to take advantage of them for a long time.

How to get stabilized flowers or derivative products?


There is nothing easier than getting you Our products including stabilized flowers. You have to order from our online store. We have products of various prices accessible to everyone. Whatever your budget, you will find the ideal creation to offer.


Our e-shop is ergonomic and allows you to quickly find the product of your choice thanks to the list of product categories. Upon validation of the purchase, our team will take care of preparing your order for delivery in 48 hours maximum.


Our products are wrapped carefully so that they reach you in good condition. Delivery is made everywhere in France and Europe. It is free from € 70 purchase.

Each Flowrette creation is inspired by the universe of flowers to recall this Romantic and sweet touch. If you have a decoration project, make eternal flowers your ally.


If you have a wedding to prepare, discover this article that explains to you why crack for stabilized flowers. We're talking about decoration accessories, but also flowery jewelry. We have a selection of accessories in stabilized flowers dedicated to wedding. Treat yourself or have your loved ones.

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