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Jul 7, 2023
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Which paper plants to choose? All our advice

Nowadays, the use of ecological and sustainable materials has become more than a simple trend. In this article, we will discover the different types of plants that can be found in the plant -based paper, and how they can bring a touch of originality and eco-responsibility to your creations.

At Flowrette, we use several. They are perfect for adding a little greenery in a bouquet of paper flowers or in a soliflore.

We make you discover them in this article.

If you want All about paper flowers, we meet you in our blog.

Eucalyptus cinerea

Originally from Australia, Eucalyptus Cinerea is a plant with particularly decorative silver foliage, which instantly attracts attention. Its exotic look and the unique texture of its leaves give it a distinctive character which distinguishes it from most other plants.

At Flowrette, this is our favorite eucalyptus. Whether it is in the bouquets of dried flowers, the bouquets of stabilized flowers and the bouquets of paper flowers, the eucalyptus cinera is very often present ...

Indeed, it is often used in the composition of bouquets because the Eucalyptus Cinerea leaves bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to any floral composition.

On Flowrette, you will find this eucalyptus presented in two colors, those that you can find in nature.

With its unique texture, they bring depth and complexity, strengthening the visual attraction of each creation. Whether in a bouquet of paper flowers, a decorative crown, or used as a distinctive element in the manufacture of paper, eucalyptus cinerea is the plant to be used.

Populus eucalyptus

L'Populus eucalyptus, like its cousin Eucalyptus Cinerea, plays a major role in the world of craft paper. This variety of eucalyptus, while sharing similar characteristics with its Australian counterpart, is distinguished by its majestic stature and its pretty round leaves.

In nature, it is an impressive tree, which can reach heights up to 45 meters!

In terms of paper flowers creation, the populus paper eucalyptus offers a unique and fascinating perspective. Its silver leaves, once reproduced in paper, provide a touch of freshness and a visual contrast that striking any bouquet of paper flowers. Their elongated and round shape, their distinct color add texture and visual interest, raising the sophistication of each composition.

At Flowrette, we offer it in two different shades for more true than life bouquets.

The ruscus

For culture, the ruscus is a small shrub belonging to the Liliaceae family, is recognized for its natural beauty and its ornamental appeal. It is characterized by its persistent leaves and bright red berries, which offer a striking contrast and great aesthetic value. The ruscus is not only appreciated for its visual splendor, but also for its medicinal properties. Historically, it was used to deal with various health problems, including those related to blood circulation.

In terms of creating paper and decoration flowers, the ruscus occupies a special place. Its branches, reproduced in paper with a great concern for detail, can be integrated into the process of manufacturing bouquets of paper flowers, thus bringing an original and rustic appearance. The paper ruscus branches contribute to accentuate the three -dimensional effect of a bouquet and serve as a filling element to give more volume and depth to the composition. They add a touch of greenery which enhances the contrast of colors and harmoniously completes the general appearance of the bouquet.

But the role of the paper ruscus is not limited to its decorative function. It also brings a dimension of realism to a bouquet of paper flowers, faithfully imitating the characteristics of the natural shrub. In addition, as the paper ruscus is durable and will not fade over time, it can help preserve the beauty of the bouquet for a long time, making each creation a lasting memory.

At Flowrette, whether in dried bouquets of flowers or paper bouquets, it is very often used.

Olive flowers and leaves

THE flowers and olive leaves can also be used in the creation of handmade paper. These add a Mediterranean and elegant touch to the finished product. The olive leaves are generally incorporated as which in the mixture used to make the paper, while the flowers are first dried and crushed to obtain a powder. The latter is then mixed with other materials to create a pulp with delicate and natural shades.

The paper olive tree arrives very soon on Flowrette.

Other plants and plants used in paper

Of course, The list of plants Can be used in the manufacturing of paper does not stop there. Here are some other examples of plants and trees that can be used to produce ecological paper:

  • The chestnut: its leaves are used to make craft paper with golden shades.
  • Fougères: these elegant fronds plants are particularly appreciated for creating handmade decorative paper.
  • Straw: This natural material is often used as an alternative to wood for the production of recycled paper.

For the moment, these plants are not yet on Flowrette, but if there are plants that you absolutely want, tell us!

The importance of eco-responsibility

By integrating plants and renewable materials in the manufacturing of paper, a product is not only aesthetic, but also respectful of the environment. Indeed, using trees such as populus eucalyptus helps preserve old forests and their biodiversity. In addition, the process of making plant -based paper generally consumes less water and energy than that of traditional paper.

In short, plant -based paper is an ecological and durable solution for all those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying an original and refined product. The different species of plants and trees mentioned in this article offer a multitude of creative possibilities, for a result both aesthetic and respectful of our planet.

Paper flowers

In addition to the natural beauty offered by plants, the art of paper flowers represents an attractive and durable alternative.

These artisanal creations captivate by their colors, their shapes and their realism, bringing a touch of originality and personalization to any decoration.

So you will find a range of paper flowers on Flowrette. Whether you are looking to decorate a space, create a bouquet for a special occasion, or simply explore your creativity, paper flowers meet a variety of decorative needs. Go to this article to discover Our top 10 paper flowers And inspire you for your decor ...

Paper flowers are the decorative trend of the year and at Flowrette, we love them 🥰 🥰

For us paper flowers are the decor solution!

They bring a touch of color and creativity to any space. If you are looking for inspiration, see these Decorative ideas proposed by Flowrette. 

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