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Feb 18, 2023
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Where to find dried flowers in Paris: the Flowrette house

You appreciate them dried flowers, whether in simple bouquet compositions or in the heart of decorative items? To decorate your interior, or offer the perfect gift to the person dear to you?

You are in the right place. Flowrette is the brand of dried flowers in Paris.

Paris is a city renowned for its culture and its strong tourist appeal, its restaurants and its concepts stores, and as a capital of romanticism, it has many markets or shops selling flowers. Whether you live in the heart of the capital of France, or you are only a weekend, it can however sometimes be difficult to know which shops to turn to turn to Procure quality dried flowers which will make your interior radiate.

This is why we have created this article, in order to tell you about our products, from dried flowers to vintage crowns, including DIY kits to create your own decorative items.

Flowrette house, the expert of dried flowers in Paris

Why buy dried flowers?

Several reasons can lead to turning to a bouquet of dried flowers rather than fresh flowers.

First of all, dried flowers are a nice way to add color, life and vintage charm in each space. In addition to trendy beings, they can also integrate into all styles, interior decoration universes, as long as you choose them carefully!

The purchase of dried flowers can also be considered cheaper than the purchase of fresh flowers, because they will last years if they are well preserved. It is then a very profitable investment contrary to what many people think.

Moreover, the fresh flowers require different maintenance, and more substantial, for lower sustainability. Fresh flowers should be watered daily by changing the water from their vases, while dried flowers do not require watering. Fresh flowers have, as we said, a short lifespan, but you can enjoy your dried flowers for years. Do you want to know even more? Discover 5 reasons to put dried flowers at your place.

Flowrette dried flower basket

Buyers often neglect this fact when they buy flowers for their home or office. If you want your flowers to be durable, it has all costs to keep them properly. The good flower shops will therefore offer you not only a range of magnificent dried flowers, but also appropriate conservation advice. Thus, you can enjoy the advantages of a beautiful house or a beautiful workshop without having to worry about the deterioration of your dry flowers after a few months.

This makes bouquets of dried flowers an excellent decoration for secondary residences for example: if you leave them in good conditions, they will always be as resplendent when you return!

Dried flowers also lend themselves well to DIY and can also be very easily integrated into accessories: if you like art, that you have a creative spirit and a small workshop, it is completely possible for you to create objects based on dried flowers, like Make your own flowery candle.

Finally, the last difference lies in the simple visual appearance of flowers: some will tend to prefer the delicate fragrance of fresh flowers, others the natural charm of a crown of dried flowers.
And clearly, no one is wrong: all tastes are in nature!

Besides, decorating your apartment with a composition of living plants, fresh flowers and dried flowers can completely be done and give a real natural and colored cachet to your interior.

DIY kits Dried flowers

Our advices On dried flowers

Once dry, plants require much less daily maintenance for much greater durability. However, it is necessary to know good practices to keep them to take advantage of their natural beauty in your decor for a long time!

Here is a small list of the measures to be taken to keep your flowers on a daily basis:

First measure, it is important not to put water in the vases, bouquets or dry plant boots keeps dry. Put water in the vases would rehydrate them, and they will tend to mold. In addition, the vases can sometimes retain ambient humidity, remember to take a look at these and change it if necessary.

Second measure, it is advisable not to put them in direct sunlight, at the risk of gaping their brilliant colors. It would be a shame to tarnish this magnificent pink, or this bright white! Also, sun exposure can make them lose their elasticity.

Third measure, a dry flower will prefer a quiet place, out of temperature changes, gusts or possible rascals that could damage them!

Finally, to remove dust, we recommend that you use a hair dryer, with moderate power and in cold mode. As said before, you should not moisten your dry plants, and the use of a feather could break them!

To find out more, do not hesitate to consult Our article on the preservation of dried flowers!

Why buy dried flowers at home Flowrette?

In our concept store, The Flowrette house, located in the heart of Paris, the sale of dried flowers is our specialty.
The workshop of our shop is dedicated to the composition of different products based on dry flowers, which constitute magnificent lasting gifts to offer to people you like, or to bring a touch of natural to your interior. We also do online sale, throughout France!

In addition, we pay particular attention to the diversity of our products: whether size, colors or the global appearance, there is something for all styles, trends and desires!

Finally, at Flowrette, we offer a universe of Dried flower products very large. Besides, we have even created a guide on Our favorite dried flowers At Flowrette. In store, you will find more than fifty different varieties of dried flowers. In a bouquet, under a bell or a boot, there is always a good reason to have fun.

Artisanal candle dried flowers Paris

As you can see, we seek to offer you a varied and rich decoration.
From our bouquets to the different colors, to our grasses boots, including our pampa herbs, you can find with us a very wide choice of floral creations.

Always at the right price, there are collections for all your desires, whether to offer a bouquet during a wedding or a pretty boot to decorate your apartment!

Beyond our bouquets and compositions, you will also find in the ranges of our shop many decorative objects and accessories that will integrate into any type of interior decoration.

By remaining in the products fully based on dried flowers, we have for example in store collections of flowery crowns, more unusual plant boots, such as pink wheat or pampe herbs.

Finally, you will also find many collections of decorative accessories for you and your loved ones: scented candles, flowery jewelry, cards and posters to enhance your little inner universe.

Paris dried pampe herbs

Finally, let's talk a bit about our commitments.

Each dried flower goes directly from our producers to our workshops, in order to guarantee quality, but also a just and fixed price between each sale. We also bring great importance to the ecological impact of our products, by working with as few intermediaries as possible, to limit unnecessary exchanges, and therefore the pollution and additional costs that everyone would go well.

Regarding sending, you have to us the possibility of sending dried flowers throughout France !

Whether you live in Paris, Marseille or Nantes, you can receive (or offer!) Our products, with fast delivery.

Of course, we pay a lot of attention to the packaging of our different products: they are all made with care so that there is no risk of breakage.

Finally, you can also come to us during a shopping weekend to simply appreciate our concept store in the heart of Paris!

Flowrette Paris dried flowers boot
Dried flowers jewelry Flowrette Paris

To conclude :

  • Why crack on dried flowers?
    In bouquet or decoration, dried flowers keep their scents and bring real charm to your home. Even if they have to be maintained, they have a lower price in the long term than fresh flowers, because they keep longer!
  • Where to find dried flowers?
    Paris is big, and you have to know where to look for! At Flowrette, you will find many products in the world of dried flowers, for all tastes and colors.
  • What does Flowrette offer?
    We offer a lot of objects to suit all your interior decorations, the scented candle, from the DIY kit to the crown of dried flowers!
    In addition, we make sure to guarantee you a just and constant price, whether in our concept store or in delivery, everywhere in France!

Notice to Parisians (and others!)

Flowrette is an e-commerce, but it is also a place, and we invite you to come shopping in our concept store! The doors of our shop are wide open to you.

So do not hesitate to come a weekend in our Parisian store in order to get your own idea, a real small space dedicated to interior decoration and design in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

If you need a wedding, we offer our collection of accessories Wedding in dried flowers, with combs, buttonholes, crowns and obviously groom bouquets. 

If you are a fan of DIY, we offer a wide range of Dried flower boots and flowers stabilized with dozens and dozens of different varieties. 

If you want to know even more about dried flowers, find All our advice on dried flowers in our guide. These tips will help you know better and tame the dried flowers.

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