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Nov 21, 2022
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What will be the trendy dried flowers in 2023?

In recent years, the Bouquets of dried flowers are fashionable. At Flowrette, inevitably, we love this trend that lasts because it softens interiors and manners. 

There are also bouquets and branches for all tastes and styles. You will necessarily find dried flowers Who you like, whether your decor is bohemian, Scandinavian, minimalist or design. 

Discover in this article the dried flowers which will be particularly trendy in 2023.

You have other questions about dried flowers, discover our selection of dried flowers and stabilized flowers.

The dried flowers trendy in 2023

Pampa herbs

If you have Instagram or Pinterest, difficult to miss the trend of the year: Pampa herbs. They are suitable for all interior styles, and are in harmony with the country style or Japandi. 

In addition to lasting a long time, the dried pampe herbs can be arranged alone in a pretty vase, or they can be used to enhance other dried flowers.

What we love in Pampa herbs ? Their stems of different lengths allow them to adapt to all your vases. Those sold at Flowrette are picked and dried in southern Spain. They are among the favorite flowers of our collection.

Stabilized eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a trendy Incredible beauty: there are more and more on wallpapers or decorative elements. It's always a great idea to have the real plant in its decor.

At Flowrette, we offer stabilized eucalyptus so that it can keep its flexibility and smell. Placed alone in a vase, it brings a touch of nature to your room. It can also be combined with other dried flowers placed under a glass bell, a bit like a beautiful piece of art.

The dried poppy

The dried poppy has a beautiful very trendy rounded shape, which goes with all the styles of decoration. Its beige shade marries perfection with a Japandi or bohemian decoration. 

The dried poppy Combines perfectly with eucalyptus or pampe herbs. Finally, it can be used in making crowns in dried flowers.

Yellow craspedias

If you do not want to ignore color and pep’s by offering you a boot of dried flowers, then the crash are made for you. 

These small chewable yellow balls remind honey a little and find their place on a festive table. Their beautiful sun color instantly brings joy. 

In addition, the crasheds go perfectly with all the dried beige or green flowers.

The white ruscus

On the occasion of the approaching Christmas holidays, boost your decor thanks to one or Several white ruscus boots. Stabilized then bleached, the white ruscus mixes with all the colors of dried flowers! 

It can become a bouquet by itself, or be associated with others dried flowers. You can even use it to make wreaths or Christmas garlands. 

Finally, its pure white can be suitable to decorate a bouquet composed during a wedding or as decor For the reception room.

The pink gypsophile

THE Pink gypsophile Stabilized retains its flexibility and smell for several months. This colorful version allows you to add a touch of gaiety to interior decoration. 

In order for your flowers to keep their quality longer, glycerin is used during the stabilization process. And for a more rural and bohemian touch, opt for the white stabilized gypsophile. 

This combination of the two colors of gypsophile can also be a great idea for a bridal bouquet.

The dried wheat boot

Dried wheat was trendy throughout the year 2022. In a style that is both simple and refined, it delicatessen each room in the house. It is suitable for the decoration of the kitchen as well as that of the living room or even a bedroom. 

It offers a bohemian and rural style at any interior. Its colors can take different shades of beige depending on the season when it was picked up.

Why buy dried flowers?

THE Bouquets of dried flowers, in addition to being beautiful and blending into all interiors regardless of decoration, have many other advantages. 

Unlike fresh plants and flowers, dried flowers cannot by definition not fade. It’s very practical when you don’t have a green hand! Indeed, some plants are difficult to maintain and must be pampered, which is not always easy with the frantic pace of everyday life or the holidays! 

The only maintenance you ask for your bouquet of dried flowers is to dust it from time to time, using a soft feather or even a hair dryer to easily dislodge dust in the smallest corners. Sometimes sunlight can alter their color, so avoid direct exposure and do not arrange them outside. 

Finally, dried flowers have a long lifespan: generally from 6 months to a year. Opt for this type of bouquet, for you or to make a gift is to opt for an eco-responsible purchase. Be careful not to place them in water, the dried flowers are simply arranged in a vase without any action beforehand. 

In short, dried flowers are ideal for bringing a touch of nature to your apartment, or to embellish your home with a sober style. Investing in such creations is ensuring the cocooning aspect of your apartment.

Is it easy to dry your flowers?

Who has never made a beautiful herbarium being small? Drying your flowers flat in DIY is a breeze. Just place them for a few weeks between two leaves by depositing a heavy object over it. For a better result, you can change the sheets regularly. 

On the other hand, this method does not keep the volume of flowers or plants you want to keep. If you want to try, hang the flower of your choice upside down in a hot but dry place. Drying lasts several weeks. 

But to have a larger choice and save your precious time, buy a Bouquet of dried flowers There remains the simplest solution! And if you are looking for inspiration or an idea to make a DIY crown in dried flowers, browse our special DIY ideas page to make from dried flowers. You can even make your own jewelry!

If you wonder what is The difference between dried and stabilized flowers, or How to dry your flowers yourself We have dedicated items.

Also discover our Top 10 dried and stabilized flowers. It will help you make a concrete choice of the bouquet that will be to your liking.

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