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Apr 17, 2023
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What meanings for flower colors?

Flowers are a great idea of ​​gifts to offer to his mother, his wife or a loved one. This is a gift that testifies to the affection or love you have for someone in general. Among the varieties of flowers that exist, it is important to choose those that are suitable in terms of type of flowers, but also colors. Indeed, the Flower colors All have meanings that must be taken into account. Discover in this guide, the different meanings for the colors of dried flowers.

The interest of knowing the meaning of the color of the flowers

Understand it meaning and language of flowers To all its usefulness when you want to offer flowers. Taking care will allow you to convey a specific message depending on the circumstances. Whether it is love or friendship, it is absolutely important to know the color of flowers.

All opportunities are good to offer flowers. Whether for the birthday of a friend, for Mother's Day, for a marriage proposal, to declare her flame, for Valentine's Day, for a birth or unfortunately for mourning, offering flowers is a beautiful gesture.

At Flowrette, specialist in singular gifts, dried flowers constitute our DNA. We compose floral arrangements for various occasions. We take care to compose our bouquets taking into account the flower color. Thus, anyone looking for a bouquet of flowers for a birthday, a wedding, a birth, for Mother's Day or to celebrate love will have on behalf of it.

However, we thought it was useful to make you know the meaning of the colors of the flowers so that you can better choose your bouquets according to the events and especially the message to send to the recipient.

Red color, symbol of passion and love

THE Red symbolizes passion, desire and love. A bouquet of completely red flowers or a floral composition with the predominant red is the best way to declare or renew your flame to your beloved. This is the main color for the Valentine's Day, the Festival of Love. Offering red flowers may also want to signify your desire for the person.

Generally, the choice is made on red roses. However, other flowers of perfect beauty like the amaryllis, the red carnation, the red bégonia are also excellent gift ideas that will please the recipient. Very often, the red bouquet can contain some white flowers to show the sincerity of the feelings and the gesture of the one who offers it.

White, symbol of purity

There white color is a sign of purity and respect. From a traditional point of view, the story behind the white wedding dress is linked to the purity dimension of the bride. A composition of white flowers can therefore afford during engagement or for a wedding.

A White bouquet symbolizes sincerity, confidence and loyalty. He can afford anyone. You can offer it to your beloved to symbolize the renewal of your loyalty wishes. The fleur -de -lis or the tulip are generally chosen for the pure love and the nobility that they symbolize.

In friendship, white embodies confidence and sincerity. A white floral composition also testifies to your pure and sincere love for your mother. White eyelets are the first flowers that have been associated with Mother's Day.

The white flower is also chosen in the case of mourning. It embodies the purity of the soul that joins paradise. The fleur -de -lis is chosen as a priority to compose bouquets during mourning.

Pink, symbol of tenderness and sweetness

There pink color has a symbolism strong enough Also. She embodies tenderness, but also seduction. This color is really appreciated by women. She joined forces with white to offer a soft floral composition and marked with poetry. A pink floral composition can then afford a young girl to seduce her and to admit the feelings that come from your heart.

Do not hesitate to offer it to restore boost to a relationship that is not necessarily new. Of the pink flowers are also appreciated as a bridal bouquet. It is because of all this symbolism that we like to compose magnificent bouquets in white tones and several shades of pink.

Green color, symbol of hope

The green color symbolizes nature in all its splendor. We find her in the majority of Flowrette creations Through certain plants such as eucalyptus, oats or statice. Green also symbolizes hope and abundance. It is generally not a bouquet alone. Its beauty is revealed when associated with other flowers.

At Christmas, for example, green is associated with red for a combination full of harmony. A green plant here and there in a bouquet gives it this natural and refreshing appearance. When you are looking to set up a country type decor, you can slightly accentuate the presence of the green color.

Yellow, symbol of energy and optimism

THE yellow flowers symbolize power, optimism and positivity. It is a strong color that sunny a room and enhances it. She invigorates, transmits energy and sends a message of hope. This is the perfect bouquet that will give you a smile during the gloomy days. The winter season is approaching? Bring a little color to your interior by offering you a nice bouquet with yellow flowers.

Yellow awakens feelings of joy, happiness and makes the heart light. Offer a floral composition with yellow flowers transmits a message of happiness and new start.

The orange color embodies the joy of living

The orange color embodies the joy of living. When you offer a floral composition in these tones, you want to communicate happiness and the joy of life to a loved one. You can offer a floral composition whose orange flowers predominate to comfort a parent, a friend after a difficult period.

A bouquet of flowers With orange color is suitable for all occasions. However, in the case of a birthday party, a rack or for a thank you, it is important to choose a bouquet of flowers depending on the recipient's tastes. In this way, you are sure to please the recipient so that he keeps a good memory of it all his life.

At Flowrette, where dried flowers and plants occupy a very important place, we have thought of offering you this guide to meaning colors and flower language To help you better choose your flower bouquets. Thus, you have the assurance that the recipient will keep a good memory of your gesture.

If you are ready to get dried flowers, here are some examples of bouquets you can offer to your wife. Also discover in this article why Dried flowers are a timeless gift idea ideal for all occasions.

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