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Apr 20, 2023
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What hair accessories for my wedding?

Your wedding is approaching and you need to refine the latest details for this big day. You have thought of everything, your wedding dress is ready, your shoes are there, the choice of your wedding bouquet is made. The only element you miss is thehair accessory who will enhance your hairstyle. On the wedding day, the newlyweds are in the spotlight and nothing should be left to chance. At Flowrette, we love originality and authenticity. Since we want this day to be the most beautiful in your life, we offer some hair accessories made with dried flowers to perfect your bridal outfit

The interest of hair accessories for her wedding


THE wedding day is a special day which deserves the largest preparations. To make everything go well, you have to think about all the possible details. It is the latter that will make your perfect outfit. Among these details not to be overlooked the hair accessories. Whatever the hairstyle, bun, short hair or hair with curls, it is essential to choose the accessory to sublimate it.


In the Hair accessories category, for a long time, it is the pearls, the hair jewelry, the crowns with a crystal tiara that had the wind in its sails. If a bride wanted to make it simpler, she opted for a headband decorated with pearl rhinestones or crystals. We also experienced the fashion for the unique braid to be natted with a scarf. This type of braid was often chosen for marriages in bohemian or rural style.


Today, things have evolved and others Original hair accessories make themselves known. Flowrette, a specialist in unique gifts, is committed to offering unique accessories. For a chic and glamorous look, we offer you creations based on dried and preserved flowers.


The universe of flowers, romantic at will, allows you to enjoy a simple, but sophisticated and out of the ordinary style. At Flowrette, we mainly offer you two types ofHair accessories for a wedding. It's about the Crown and the comb flowed and preserved flowers. If you want originality and authenticity your wedding day, these flower hair accessories are what you need.

The crown in dried flowers for a bohemian wedding

There crown in dried flowers is an original and chic accessory that will enhance your hairstyle, whether smooth or with curls. Majestly placed on the top of your hairstyle, she underlines it without weighing it down. She is worn like a jewelry of hair. We advise you to bet on crowns of light flowers like those offered here.

The role of the crown is to perfect your look thanks to its romantic touch and not to establish itself as the centerpiece of your bridal outfit. It then suits both for future brides in search of discretion as for women who wish to think beaten on the day of their wedding.

She can land on most bridal hairstyles. It is also suitable for a bun developed as a blurred bun or for short curly hair. It is the ideal accessory for a wedding in a floral theme or simply a bohemian or rural style wedding.

At Flowrette, we offer several models of dried flowers crowns in different colors. We choose each flower with meticulousness to compose a beautiful harmony in creation. Thus, you will find with us flower crowns in a mixture of white and pink, blue and white or in a total white look. Our crowns are one -sized.

They have an adjustable ribbon that allows you to adapt its diameter to the head tour of the person who wants to wear it. You have no concern about the fact that it can suit you. The most interesting thing is that you can match it with your bouquet of flowers and the groom's buttonhole.

There head crown is an eco -responsible accessory because it was made from flowers and dried leaves. It is therefore a product that lasts a long time. You can keep it and then reuse it for another occasion like a baptism or a birthday.

You can simply use it as a wall ornament to enhance your living space. Getting the crown in dried flowers is a profitable investment, because it is out of the ordinary, it embellishes your look and especially its price is right.

The flowery comb to enhance the bride with discretion

Always to honor the Bohemian or rural style, we offer the flowery comb. If you are looking for more discretion, but with a romantic and chic touch, we offer you comb hair. The choices are also unlimited with this accessory. He clings to the top of a bun, in a braid or in loose hair. You can also put it like a bar on the side of the head, above one of the ears for a slightly more offbeat style.

Thanks to his peaks, he sinks very easily into dense hair. It is therefore suitable for hair with curls. Just like the head crowns, the combs are made with dried and preserved flowers and leaves. These creations are the work of our passionate craftsmen who put their know-how at the service of the brand.

Imprinted with sweetness, our flowery are the detail that will embellish your bridal outfit. As with crowns, you can associate it with your bridal bouquet For perfect harmony. Also, don't forget that for harmony in the outfit of the bride and groom, it is possible to associate it with the buttonhole.

A Bohemian or rural wedding implies flowers in the decoration. So that the newlyweds can also enter the theme, they must consider certain details to mark the difference. As a bride, instead of settling your sights on a head jewel which is a fairly expensive accessory, a crown with a tiara or even jewelry decorated with crystals, you can make simple with a crown or a flowery comb.

They are Accessible at low prices At Flowrette, concept store where crafts are at the heart of each creation. We are talking about low prices because we want each person to get the product of their choice without spending too much. We make sure that the prices of products allow us to remunerate the craftsmen at their fair value.

Marriage is a unique moment. To make it memorable, it is useful to bet as much on the decoration, but also on the look of the bride and groom. For this, you don't need rhinestones or ostentatious jewelry. You can choose elegance and chic without paying the high price. Just opt ​​for Hair accessories as the head crown Or The flowery comb. In order to help you in your choice, here is 5 reasons to adopt our dried flower crowns for your wedding. And if you still don't have your wedding bouquet, this article gives you the Top 5 bouquets of dried flowers for a wedding.

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