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Apr 18, 2023
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What are the decorative trends for a wedding in 2023?

Organizing a wedding is a task that can be complex when you are not an expert. Above all, you have to have a minimum of knowledge about trends that are topical so that it is a success. You get married in 2023 and you do not know what is the wedding decoration trend? You don't have to worry about. In this article, we give you some tips on dried flowers for decorating your wedding, Wedding decoration trends For 2023. You could draw the one that resonates in you and gets closer to your desires and tastes. The Flowrette team is happy with you accompany in your wedding with some Elegant creations And bohemes in dried and stabilized flowers.

The trend of colors

To succeed in Decoration of a wedding, you have to know the flagship colors to highlight. Very often, some people are based on a theme and therefore quickly know what colors favor. The themes are not essential for the success of your wedding decoration, but they facilitate it greatly. If you do not have a specific theme around which to build your wedding decor, however you must identify the main colors that will appear in your decoration.

THE 2023 Wedding Deco Trends In terms of color are accentuated on lavender or mauve. Last year, it was rather a question of the Pervenche color. This choice of color calls on a relaxed, calm, serene and joyful atmosphere. Blue is another trendy color for a wedding in 2023.

You don't have to adopt a total look of this color. You can incorporate the lavender in small touches, whether for the decoration of the cake, that of the table, the clothes of the bride and groom or for the accessories and dresses of the honors. As the bride, you can also choose accessories with reminders of the lavender color. For the groom, all you need is a buttonhole in dried flower flowers and voila.

Natural and durable materials


There Decoration trend for a wedding in 2023 is the natural return. Let yourself be inspired by nature to make your ceremony a memorable party. It will be a question of betting on raw and therefore durable materials. This resolution will certainly be more economical, but in addition constitutes a good action in favor of the environment. This style shows that it is possible to have a chic and romantic, but eco -responsible decoration.

Opt for example for wood for tables and table centers, a cotton tablecloth, dried flowers and wicker caches. To go even further, it is quite possible to have dishes made in an artisanal way. Contrary to what many people think, it is quite easy to make a wedding decoration with natural materials. At Flowrette, you will find a wide variety of natural items that will be useful for decoration.

Vintage, bohemian or rural decoration with eternal flowers

There are countless decorations for weddings. Regarding the most trendy decorations currently, there is vintage style decoration, the Bohemian decoration and country decoration. For vintage, you will have to bet on retro accessories. Everything must be revised in the smallest detail, from the choice of dishes to the choice of the wedding dress through the furniture.

An old typewriter, a bicycle, a cookie bar or a white-black camera are some ideas for a vintage style. THE style Bohemia And rural will be accentuated on the choice of flowers. Preferably, opt for eternal flowers. Whether they are dried, stabilized or paper flowers, they will last several months.

This is a very good memories of marriage to cherish. You could also keep them to use them for another party like a birthday for example. You can even offer them to your guests as gifts at the end of the ceremony.

Wedding ark, candles, lanterns, wicker baskets and even lanterns are accessories that will make it possible to materialize the idea of ​​bohemian and country decoration. Thanks to these decoration accessories, you are sure to create a chic and pleasant atmosphere. Really bet on the comfort of your guests.

To top it all, you can choose as reception, an outdoor space. Trees and greenery will be your allies to make your project possible. You can go to the quest for inspiration or advice on Instagram or Pinterest to find ideas for provision and layout of furniture or accessories.

A bouquet of dried flowers

Fashion is at dried flowers For a few years. They offer several advantages for those who adopt it. A bouquet of dried flowers is economical given the quality/price ratio. It can last for several years, where dried flowers fade the next day. It hardly requires maintenance.

There are several styles and Married bouquet compositions. You can make your choice according to your tastes and preferences. As a bride, you can harmonize your bouquet of dried flowers with your head crown or your comb as well as the bride's flower buttonhole.

You can do so easily at Flowrette which has a wide variety of flower items and accessories. They are available in various colors ranging from soothing colors like pastel or powdery pink to those more accentuated like green.

Plexiglas signage


One of the fashionable decorations for weddings in 2023 is the use of plexiglass signage. Whether it is the welcome panel, the table plan or the lapchasters, everything is customizable with the plexiglass.


It is possible to engrave, paint or stick what you want on this material. Some couples like the idea of ​​painting on plexiglass or the impression of patterns like flowers While others prefer simple writing. Whatever the style chosen, the plexiglass as a signage gives a modern and chic effect to decoration.

A marriage in a small committee in an intimate framework


This is not quite a decorative trend, but we have found it useful to mention it in order to give you ideas. It is obvious that for a wedding ceremony, advice is everywhere and it is sometimes difficult to get out of it. If a marriage in a small committee has always attracted you, do not hesitate to take the plunge, because it is a trend that grows more and more.


After the COVVID, certain acquired habits remain. Indeed, during this period when the disease was at its climax, marriages should be celebrated in a small committee. More and more couples decide to have their wedding ceremony with the most important people in their lives.

Besides, by limiting the number of guests for your reception, you could make them live a unique and intense experience in terms of comfort as well as in terms of catering service.

These are in detail Wedding decoration trends in 2023. With wise advice or by entrusting your wedding decoration to a specialist, you will have the ideal wedding. If you are interested in our Hair accessories, we invite you to discover the article on Hair accessories to choose for your wedding. You can also read the one who treats 5 reasons why you need to adopt our head crowns for your wedding

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