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May 12, 2023
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Wedding: Fall for stabilized flowers

Is your wedding imminent and are you looking for the solution that will make it unique and memorable? Did you know that decoration is one of the shutters you need to bet to make this beautiful day perfect? And for your wedding, there is nothing better than cracking for stabilized flowers. In the past, fresh flowers were on the rise. But today it is increasingly frequent to see future brides prefer Stabilized or dried flowers. For your wedding, there are multiple reasons why you absolutely have to get stabilized flowers which are eternal flowers. Discover in this article the reasons why you should crack for stabilized flowers.

Stabilized flowers: symbol of love and passion

Flowers have always been an integral part of wedding ceremonies. In addition to serving for the Salle decoration From party, they were used for making the bride's bouquet. They symbolize love, passion, purity and commitment.

If fresh flowers were adopted by most for marriage or as a gift in honor of Valentine's Day, today the use of dried or stabilized flowers is increasingly legion. It is a great solution, because in the stabilized form, they always keep their symbolism.

At Flowrette, we take pleasure in conceiving Creations based on stabilized flowers. We carefully choose each flower to compose a bouquet or an original and unique article. Each flower according to its meaning and color is used to compose a unique product. This is how you will see for example bouquets in a mix of pink and white, green and pink, etc. For a wedding, it is quite possible to have mainly pink or white bouquets.

Floral composition is an art that requires patience and know-how. Our craftsmen put their experience and expertise at the service of the brand by designing original articles. All our products are designed in our Parisian workshop. For your wedding, fall for stabilized flowers since they symbolize love and passion, two feelings present in lovers.

Stabilized flowers: the decorative object par excellence for a wedding

The second reason why you need to get the Stabilized flowers is that they are a beautiful decorative object for a wedding. Whether you want to adopt a bohemian style, rural or not, that's what you need for a memorable decoration.

At Flowrette, the Decorative items in stabilized flowers are varied. Apart from the classic bouquet, you have flower petals, table runners, flowery bells, flowery candles, etc. Each of these objects has something to make your decoration exceptional.

Bet on tablet For elegant table decoration. Remember to associate them with small bouquets of flowers or flowery bells. To finalize everything, use the flowery candles for a warm atmosphere. However, we advise you to have a light hand so as not to clutter the table decoration.

In addition, you can add flowery touches in places in the party room. For example, you can choose gypsophilic, hydrangea or eucalyptus boots to put in basket caches for a bohemian decor. The peculiarity of the boots is that they consist of the stems of the same flower. But if you are looking for something more colorful, turn to our magnificent bouquets.

Accessories in stabilized flowers for the bride and groom


THE Stabilized flower accessories completely change the look of the bride and groom. They add a touch of romanticism and originality to their outfit. For example, the flowery crown enhances the bride's hairstyle. At Flowrette, they are delicate and above all easy to wear.


THE Stabilized flowers were designed thin to enhance the bride's hairstyle without weighing her down. Each crown has a ribbon that allows it to be adjusted to the bride's head. It is therefore suitable for everyone. The just as elegant flower comb is delicately worn on a bun elaborated or not. The combs are perfect for those who want an accessory in stabilized flowers more discreet than crowns.


These accessories are an original way of carrying a little nature on yourself, especially for a Bohemian or rural wedding. The most interesting, the bride can appear one or the other of these accessories with her bouquet for a striking effect.

Apart from hairdressing accessories, it is possible to obtain flowery jewelry For a wedding. We have a wide variety of original jewelry such as bracelets, earrings and necklaces. You have a multitude of choices and it's up to you to make it according to your tastes and preferences.

At Flowrette, we also thought of the newlyweds since they are just as important on this big day. We have designed stabilized flower buttonholes. Each collection of wedding accessories includes a buttonhole, a flowery comb and a crown in stabilized flowers. Thus, the bride and groom will be in perfect harmony on their wedding day.

Stabilized flowers last a long time

THE Stabilized flowers are flowers that have undergone a stabilization process. It is a technique that makes it possible to replace the sap of fresh flowers with a solution made up of glycerin, water and mineral salts. This process allows flowers to last a long time. Choosing stabilized flowers for your wedding is the assurance of having a beautiful decoration that will not be fade. Then reduce your mental charge by carrying out the Floral decoration of your party room in advance.

Once the party is over, you can recover your entire decoration and use it for other purposes. For example, you can keep them to reuse them for a child's birthday. You can also use it to decorate your home or offer them in gifts to your guests to show them your gratitude. They will love this beautiful gesture and also have a memory of your wedding.

You can wear your hair accessory, whether it is a Crown or a stabilized flower comb, for other events. However, if you don't want to reuse your crown of hair, you can perfectly use it as a wall crown, an original decorative accessory.

Stabilized flowers are eco -responsible


We say Stabilized flowers that they are eco -responsible for several reasons. They last a long time and can be kept for a whole year and even more. On the other hand, for a year, you will have bought dozens of fresh flowers if you want to have them permanently at home.


The fresh flowers used to obtain Stabilized flowers Flowrette are produced in France. Then they were stabilized in our Parisian workshop by talented craftsmen. We work in collaboration with several florists. We therefore do not imply our flowers, which limits the climatic consequences linked to transport. This is a real interest in protecting the environment.

Where to find stabilized flowers?


THE Stabilized flowers are available in our online store. Once you have chosen creation, you must make payment. From then on, the Flowrette team is preparing your order for delivery.


Delivery is made 24 hours to 48 hours after the order, throughout France. You have the possibility of being delivered to your home or in a relay point. If you are not very comfortable with online purchases, you can go to our Parisian store to get stabilized flower items. This is an opportunity to touch our other creations.

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