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Sep 18, 2022
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Tutorial: 10 tips for maintaining your bouquets of dried flowers

THE dried flowers do not need a great interview. However, it is useful to respect certain principles. If you have a bouquet of dried flowers that you want to keep as long as possible, here are some tips to prolong the life of your eternal flowers. And for All about the bouquets of dried flowers, follow our guide!

Clean them dried flowers

Regularly clean dried flowers to discourage mold growth, dust and other parasites. THE dried flowers Can become delicate over time, which makes them fragile. Precautions should be taken when manipulating dried flowers. Use a hairdryer with the lowest adjustment to eliminate any dust that has accumulated on the flowers. You can also use compressed air, such as products used to clean computer keyboards, to remove dust.


1. Do not place your dried flowers in the water

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not need to be placed in a water vase. Place them directly in a vase or a pottery container. Water will only weaken the stems and promote the growth of mold.

2. Place in an opaque vase

The flowers placed in a glass vase without water may seem strange to you. Place your floral bouquet dried in an opaque or pottery vase. The neutral color will contrast well with your flowers.

Of course dried flowers do not like humidity. It is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid water.

This is good news, because you can use vases that do not support water!

3. Keep safe from direct sunlight

Dried flowers will already have their faded color of the natural conservation process. Direct sun light can speed up this process, so place your composition of dried flowers far from the windows and areas that let sunlight enter.

4. Place in a dry room

Do not place your Composition of dried flowers In very damp rooms such as the bathroom, the laundry room or the kitchen. Any type of humidity in the air will humidify the petals and leaves, making them mold.

5. Leave them in their place

THE dried floral compositions can crumble due to the fragile nature of petals and leaves. The more the petal is textured, the more it may disperse over time.

Place your dried floral composition in a place and no longer move it to avoid the dispersion of fragments.

The coffee table or the side console is an ideal place. It's for you to find !

6. Use a feather or a hairdryer to remove dust

THE dried flowers will become dusty. A feathered feather with a soft scanning movement will remove the dust. You can also use a hair dryer with a cold and low adjustment to gently blow the dust from the petals and leaves.

Use the hair dryer by short sweeping movements on all dried flowers. With compressed air, do not approach too close or you could damage the flowers with the power of the show.


8. Where to buy your bouquets of dried flowers

The best is to buy your dried flowers At a specialist in dried flowers, as it assures you that they have been dried and well preserved. These are the two processes that will guarantee that flowers last a long time.

At Flowrette, we associate very beautiful flowers, perfect conservation and real know-how in creation.

This is why our creations in dried flowers are modern, dynamic and elegant.

To give fresh aspects to your bouquets, we also add stabilized flowers.


9. Dried flowers, a lasting solution

Yes, buying dried flowers is a great sustainable option! Many offers of fresh flowers are cultivated abroad and leave behind an important carbon footprint for a very ephemeral pleasure.

The dried flowers are 100% natural and biodegradable (unlike false) - not to mention waste, because the dried flower compositions last much longer than the average lifespan of 10 days of fresh cuts. Dried flowers are the perfect sustainable option.

10. Other advice

Other tips for keeping your dried flowers are to keep them out of heat, humidity and mold. It is preferable not to hang the crowns of dried flowers on an outer door, because they could be damaged by heat, sun, wind and rain.

Some of our favorite dried flowers are gypsophile, pampa, eucalyptus and dried lavender bouquets. We love the bohemian side that all these flowers can give a bouquet of dried flowers.

How long will last Your bouquets of dried flowers?

THE dried flowers last an average of one year, this is what we see about our creations. Some creations last a little less time and some last much more.
The gap between these durations comes from the chosen creation and the flowers that make it up and from your conservation.
The color of your dried flower compositions will naturally fade over time, so if you buy dried flowers that have also been shaded, they will last even longer.

If you buy stabilized flowers, they will move even less.

There is not much to do to take care of dried flowers! Protect them from direct sunlight (which can blur the color of your bouquet of dried flowers) and humidity will make them last longer.

The dried flowers are often delicate, so handle your arrangement carefully. Place it in an area of ​​your house where it will not be hit or overturned. The more the stems age, the more delicate they can become!

Your bouquet of dried flowers may require occasional dusting with a dry cloth or a quick stroke of a hair dryer.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Other tips for your bouquets

Thanks to these 10 tips, you now know that it is very easy to maintain your bouquets of dried flowers.

If you still hesitate to choose this bouquet trend, we wrote an article to give Decorative ideas for your bouquets of dried flowers. After that, you will become an ace of decoration based on dried flowers.

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