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Mar 7, 2023
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Top 5 of our bouquets of dried flowers for a wedding

THE dried flowers Bring a romantic and natural touch to any type of space. This makes them an excellent idea for the decoration of a guest room as well as for the bride's bouquet. Their bohemian side and their delicate colors go perfectly with the country theme. The icing on the cake, you can enjoy your bouquet for months. Since you may not know how to go about choosing the ideal bouquet, the Flowrette team is there to guide you. Find All our advice for dried flower bouquets.

The signature bouquet, the Hector bouquet

THE dried flowers have been a real success for a few years since it is a much more ecological solution than the bouquets of fresh flowers. Wedding being the most beautiful in your life, you must have the most beautiful bouquet of dried flowers.

We offer you for this First idea of ​​dried flowers bouquets, OUR Hector signature bouquet. This bouquet is made up of dried flowers with beautiful colors. In the center, we find white hydrangeas, surrounded by branches of pink gypsophiles and phalaris, eucalyptus spy, oats and wheat. This beautiful bouquet is perfect for a wedding of country theme.

This bouquet exists in three sizes, S, M and L. You can choose the appropriate size according to your tastes and desire. If you want to decorate your reception room, the Flowrette team will sublimate it.

The bouquet of nude dried flowers: the soma bouquet

Discover a Selecting bouquets of dried flowers In soft colors through the Como bouquet. This nude bouquet that embodies softness and purity is ideal in every way like wedding bouquet. It seduces thanks to its white hydrangea preserved in the center and its ruscus, Phalaris, Lagarus, Broom Bloom and natural linen stems.

It is an interesting alternative to choose a bouquet of flowers that have undergone a drying process instead of a bouquet of fresh flowers. It’s a great way to please yourself while taking care of the environment. In addition, by making a real calculation, this is a very good investment.

The passion bouquet

THE Creations in dried flowers From Flowrette are made with various varieties of dried flowers. All our Natural flower bouquets are worked with love by experts florists. For a beautiful wedding, nothing better than beautiful flowers. The perfect bouquet is the one that will make your space splendid.

The third bouquet of dried flowers on this list is the passion bouquet. Intense and colorful, this bouquet is made of beautiful shades of pink and brown. It is made up of pampe grass, known to give height to a bouquet. You will find lagurus, ruscus and broom bloom which give character to the bouquet.

Finally, it contains orange oats and orange stabilized hydrangea which gives the bouquet this beautiful colorful shade. This bouquet is perfect for a bohemian or floral style wedding. However, they are also suitable for a thematic without marriage.

The Anatole bouquet

If you are looking for a rural bouquet, opt for the Anatole bouquet. It is made up of dried and stabilized flowers. Stabilized flowers are flowers that have experienced a stabilization process to keep their flexibility. They last much more over time and are very easy to maintain.

The Anatole bouquet is recognizable by its soft color and its shades of green and white. In its center, we find the white hydrangeas surrounded by Lagurus stems, mini statice, broom bloom white, ruscus, oats to finish with eucalyptus stems of a tender green.

The advantage in general with dried flowers And our particular bouquets is that they last over time. For example, after use for wedding, this timeless Anatole bouquet will be a great asset for any type of interior decoration.

At Flowrette, we share values ​​that we hope they resonate with our customers. These bouquets are a great idea for all those for whom the "made in France" is important. Our flowers are picked by our partner producers in France. Then our florists make the bouquets of dried flowers with all their expertise.

Le Bouquet Gabriel

Delicate and romantic, we offer you for this last idea the Gabriel bouquet which is full of poetry. In white and pink nuances, it is perfectly suited to a wedding. It is available in three sizes S, M or L. Eucalyptus, Hortensia, Lin, Lagurus and Golden Spiga are the different dried flowers that make up this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If this bouquet gives this beautiful rendering, it is because it is the work of experienced florists. Indeed, to make a beautiful floral composition, it is important to have a scheme of flower colors. We choose them according to the trend and seasonal flowers. It is this parameter that ensures bouquets always in tune with the times.

Where to find the bouquets of dried flowers?

Very trendy, the dried plants and dried flowers bouquets are a must-have. They are therefore perfect for a particular event such as a marriage or a baptism. It is also the ideal accessory to decorate the wedding festival room or simply to decorate at home.

You will then find our Large selection of dried flower bouquets on our e-shop. You can also go directly to our shop located in Paris, if you prefer to buy directly.

Far from being an online florist, Flowrette is the concept store of crafts that offers many other articles. So, if you are also looking for natural or colorful creations other than bouquets of dried flowers, you will be served. Herbier, flowery bells or flowery jewelry are all products available on Flowrette.

The advantage of dried flowers, it is that they do not require any particular maintenance. This is the ideal gift to offer or to offer if you don't have a green hand. To keep them as long as possible, just follow some tips.

You can therefore install them wherever you want as they are safe from the sun. They can find their place on the dining or low table in a cool and dry place. At Flowrette, place an online command is quite simple.

How to order one of our bouquets of dried flowers?

Our Boots of dried flowers and bouquets of dried flowers are not just wedding bouquets. You can get it as a gift for your grandmother, for Mother's Day or to please your wife or companion during Valentine's Day.

By wishing to order via our e-shop, just choose the Bouquet of dried flowers desired among our entire collection of bouquets. After that, it will be necessary to make the payment so that the order is registered.

Flowrette delivers everywhere in mainland France and your flower delivery will be in the next 48 hours after order. Delivery can be made directly at home or in relay point by the partner delivery services.

There Delivery of flowers at home at a cost slightly higher than that in Relay. You will have all these details as soon as the order is made. If you don't want to have delivered, you can buy directly in the store.

This is the top 5 of our bouquets of dried flowers for a wedding and where to find. However, if you want to know how to maintain them, discover 10 tips for maintaining your bouquets of dried flowers. You will also find on our blog How to keep your bouquet of dried flowers For advice on the best ways to make all dried flowers last.

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