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Jul 13, 2023
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The top 10 stabilized flowers and stabilized plants to enhance its decoration

Stabilized flowers and plants are increasingly popular for interior and event decoration. Thanks to an ecological process which preserves their natural beauty, these plants retain their freshness and their color for several years without requiring maintenance. In this article, we present our selection of the 10 trendy stabilized flowers and plants to create a unique and elegant atmosphere.

Discover All our advice to decorate your interior with eternal flowers.

1. The stabilized rose

The rose is undoubtedly the most appreciated and symbolic flower. It is often used to express love and affection during weddings or romantic events. Stabilized roses offer a wide range of colors and sizes, making it possible to create different styles of bouquets and lasting floral arrangements. On Flowrette, in our creations in stabilized flowers, you will find several types of rose: English pink, Victoria pink…

2. Stabilized eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a very popular plant for its refreshing perfume and soothing virtues. Its gray-green leaves and velvety texture bring A touch of sweetness and elegance to any decor. Stabilized eucalyptus can be used alone or accompanied by other flowers to compose original and harmonious creations. She is the star of stabilized plants. It really brings something to a decoration or a bouquet. At Flowrette, we love it.

3. Stabilized gypsophile

The gypsophile, also known as "Baby's Breath", is a delicate and romantic flower. Its small aerial white flowers add a light and vaporous effect to floral compositions. The stabilized gypsophile is perfectly suited to weddings and receptions, where it brings a touch of innocence and purity.

4. The stabilized olive tree

Symbol of peace and fertility, the olive tree is a Mediterranean plant which seduces with its evergreen foliage and its tasty fruits. The stabilized olive branches are ideal for creating natural and country decorations. They can be used in crowns or in the center of the table to recall the Sunny atmospheres of southern landscapes.

5. The stabilized chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a colorful and bulky flower, often associated with All Saints' Day and funeral ceremonies. However, this Asian plant has many other advantages. Its many varieties offer a wide choice of colors and shapes, making it possible to make creative and original bouquets. At Flowrette, we love its shape and use it in our creations. 

The stabilized chrysanthemum brings an exotic and refined note to your decor. 

6. Stabilized hydrangea

The Hortensia is a generous and majestic flower, characterized by its large umbels with multiple shades. Stabilized hydrangeas are particularly appreciated for their romantic appearance and their soft colors, ranging from pale pink to lavender blue via water green. They are an ideal choice to decorate cozy and warm interiors.

In our bouquets, it is very often the central element!

7. Stabilized lavender

Lavender is an emblematic aromatic plant of Provence, renowned for its bewitching fragrance and relaxing properties. The bouquets of stabilized lavender keep their intense purple color and their delicate fragrance, creating an authentic Provencal atmosphere. Associate them with rustic objects and natural materials for a country and bucolic decoration.

8. The stabilized carnation

The eyelet is a traditional and elegant flower, often offered as a sign of friendship and loyalty. His fringed petals and his long stem give him a retro and sophisticated charm. Stabilized eyelets are available in several vibrant colors, such as red, pink or white, making it possible to compose daring and refined floral arrangements.

9. Stabilized sunflower

The sunflower is a solar and joyful flower, which symbolizes energy and vitality. Its large capitulates with golden yellow petals and its dark heart attract the gaze and brighten up the interiors. Stabilized sunflowers bring a note of gaiety and dynamism To your decoration, while resisting weather conditions and temperature variations.

10. Stabilized silt

Limonium, also called "statice", is a Mediterranean plant that is distinguished by its small star flowers and colorful bracts. The stabilized silt is particularly suitable for marine and coastal sets, where it evokes the wild and preserved landscapes of coves and cliffs. Use it in combination with shells and driftwoods to create a relaxed and exotic atmosphere.

For DIY fans, if you want to create your own creations in stabilized flowers, it is an excellent jerking flowers. It serves as a base for a bouquet and allows you to inflate it.

In summary, stabilized flowers and plants offer a wide variety of possibilities to embellish your decoration and create unique atmospheres. Whatever your style or the occasion, you will necessarily find the ideal plant to enhance your space and surprise your guests. Do not hesitate to experiment and mix textures, colors and shapes to make personalized and durable floral compositions.

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