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Sep 17, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

The crown of dried flowers, the summer accessory

We see them flourishing everywhere on social networks ... Dried flowers are in all hair. And this summer, whether at a festival, a wedding or a sunny Sunday, it is’Indispensable accessory Who will embellish your hair.

A desire to know everything about Creations in dried flowers Flowrette. We tell you everything in this article :)

What occasions to use his dried flower

The crown of dried flowers For festivals

All opportunities are good for depositing a crown of dried flowers in on hair! In festival To start, since this is one of the only places where everyone is really free to dress (or disguise themselves for others) as they see fit. We even see it multiplying the stands of crowns of flowers (fresh).

But as you are for recycling and zero waste, you prefer to opt for the crown of dried flowers, which will also accompany you to the bohemian wedding of your best friend. And yes, your hair will be the most beautiful to go dance this summer!

Our colorful crush: the crown Andréa ! Wear it proudly to enhance your outfit and hairstyle.


The crown of dried flowers, For weddings of course

She is the star of weddings, the crown of flowers is the essential accessory for marriage of your summer. The crowned of dried flowers are flower jewelry at the same time poetic, bohemian and durable.

She adds A touch of elegance to your hairstyle and bring out your outfit. They are not only for the brides. The bridesmaids also have the opportunity to proudly carry crowns of dried flowers.

At the end of the evening, you can put it back in its setting to protect it to the next marriage.

Our favorite, The crown of Bérénice flowers.

The season of finished festivals and weddings, You can recycle your crown of dried flowers. No need to put it on the closet to bring it out the year after because yes, if they are sheltered from the sun and humidity, they can last for years!


No, take advantage of it ! By adding a flowery touch to your cocoon, hanging it carefully to the wall of your living room or bedroom. It is a very nice way to add flowers to your interior without opting for Bouquets of flowers.

If you crack, here is our Collection of crowns in dried flowers.

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