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May 9, 2023
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The 5 flower accessories essential for a wedding

Marriage is an event that we want perfect from all angles. However, it requires a large and careful preparation. A poorly organized wedding or a decoration that is not successful will not make the best day of your life unforgettable. This is even more true if it is a matter of a rural or bohemian wedding where each element must be well thought out and chosen. You are wondering how to succeed in prepare a beautiful wedding ? To guide you, the Flowrette team has concocted a list of five for you Flower accessories Indispensable for a wedding.

The bouquet of flowers, the flower accessory of wedding par excellence

Who says marriage, inevitably says bouquet of flowers. Since the dawn of time, the bride has wears her bouquet during the wedding which symbolizes the passion And love. At the time, his goal was to chase bad spirits also. Even if the meaning is no longer necessarily the same, this tradition has remained and the bride must have her bouquet for the big day.

The flowers that make up the bouquet are chosen according to the meaning of flowers. Red rose, for example, expresses love and passion. The white rose symbolizes peace, purity and refinement. Lys flowers symbolize purity and fidelity.

In addition, bouquets are also used for table decoration For guests, especially for a bohemian or country wedding. They add a touch of freshness and elegance to decoration. You have the possibility of having bouquets made up of gypsophiles, broom bloom, eucalyptus, hydrangea, etc.

In the past, if fresh flowers were the only alternative, today, several possibilities are available to the brides. In an eco -responsible consumption dynamic, more and more bride bouquets are based on dried flowers, stabilized flowers and even paper flowers.

At Flowrette, we are responsible for protecting the environment and slow consumption. To this end, we offer Bouquets of eternal flowers in various colors. The floral composition being an art, our craftsmen put passion and know-how at the service of the brand. Each bouquet is made up of carefully chosen flowers for beautiful harmony.

The table runner, the flower accessory for a bohemian wedding

Another Flower accessory essential for a wedding is the table runner, regardless of the wedding decoration style. Arranged in the center of the table and lengthwise, it gives it structure while bringing color. You can choose a main color depending on the theme of the wedding.

However, for a striking effect, choose a color in contrast to the table tablecloth. You can also bet on a colored For a sparkling decoration without compromising elegance, especially if it is a bohemian wedding. Choose table runners that will not enhance the guest tables. You can opt for a pattern per table. The main thing is that there is harmony in decoration.

The flowery candle for a successful table decoration

For a country or bohemian style, the flowery candle is also an accessory not to be overlooked. You can enhance your wedding decor By combining them with bouquets of flowers or table runners. At Flowrette, we design Flower candles of different shapes, sizes and colors. 100 % natural, they are designed from soy wax for its vegan character.

Soy wax allows slow combustion, which makes the candle last. They are sunk in our Parisian workshop thanks to the expertise of our partner craftsmen. In addition, the candles are sunk in pretty pots and Decorated with dried flowers. This will add a romantic touch to the decor.

Crown or hair comb for the bride

The success of a wedding does not only hold the decoration of the place. The bride's look is also an important aspect. Among the flagship accessories that embellish the outfit of a bride, is in the right place thehair accessory. He enjoys the bride's hairstyle, whether short or long.

A few years ago, fashion was with pearl jewelry, crystal barrettes and tiaras. But today, more and more future brides prefer Flower accessories For their bohemian and elegant appearance.

If you are looking forElegant accessories Who come out of the ordinary, for you and your daughters of honor, so think of crowns or flowery combs. The flowery crown is delicately laid on a hairstyle, whether you have recounted hair or a bun.

At Flowrette, we have A collection of magnificent crowns of hair Designed in a beautiful harmony of colors. Each flower is chosen meticulously for its symbolism. The head crowns have an adjustable ribbon that allows it to be adapted to the head tour.

If you are looking for a little more discretion, the flowery comb is the accessory you need. It fits into a beautiful bun without weighing it down. You can also place it on the side of the head if you prefer to have the hair relayed. If you want each honor girl and your witnesses to wear this accessory, we advise you to choose a unique pattern for them all. So, on your side, you keep the exclusivity of your model.

The advantage with the crown and hair comb is that you can match them with your bridal bouquet For a beautiful harmony. In addition, they are designed with eternal flowers So can be kept for a long time. This is a very beautiful memory.

The flowery buttonhole for the groom

For this last accessory on the list, we offer you Flower buttonhole For the groom. Indeed, we cannot speak of a comb or crown of the bride without speaking of the groom buttonhole. To stay in the theme and especially to stay in harmony with his future wife, the groom must have his flowering buttonhole. It brings a sober and elegant touch to the costume.

We have varied buttonholes that agree with all the costume colors in our e-shop. They were made with dried flowers or stabilized like crowns and hair comb. At Flowrette, we offer our products by collection.

Each collection is made up of buttonholes, crowns and/or hair comb. The Bérénice collection for example includes a buttonhole and head crown. The buttonhole is one of the essential accessories for a beautiful wedding.

How to order a flower accessory?

Each floral accessory is available in our e-shop at a fair price. This means that the price of each article has been calculated so that each craftsman, a florist in collaboration with us, can live properly from his talent.


Once your item has been ordered, delivery will be 24 hours to 48 hours later. You have the choice to get delivered directly to your home or to a relay point. Delivery is free from € 70 purchase and possible throughout France. If you do not want to be delivered, you can get our products directly in our Parisian store.


To get an idea of ​​our products, read our customers' opinions. Their opinion and testimony constitute our best advertising. If you don't know how to choose your bunch, discover the article on the Top 5 bouquets of dried flowers for a wedding. For a successful decor, discover Decorative trends for a wedding in 2023. These contents will help you prepare your wedding well.

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