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Mar 7, 2023
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Pampa flowers: three assets for your decor

Adding flowers to its decor is always a great idea especially when it comes to dried or eternal flowers. Since they last a long time, they are even more economical. There are a multitude of flowers that add pep’s to your decor like the flowers of the pampa. Impressive by their long stems, the latter are acclaimed because of their natural and elegant appearance. They integrate into any type of interior and bring a unique touch to decoration.

It was unknown to you and you now want to know everything about Pampa grass?

Wondering what it can be useful for your decor?

We invite you to reach the useful to the pleasant by learning The essentials on Pampa herbs While learning about the three reasons why you absolutely have to integrate them into your decor.

What is a pampe grass?

One of the elements that enables a decor is the bouquet of flowers. Today, more and more people are turning to responsible consumption and adopt the world of dried and stabilized flowers.

Among the wide variety of Bouquets of dried flowers appreciated, Pampa herbs appear at the top of the list. The pampa of its scientific name Cortaderia Selloana, is a perennial plant of the grass type and the family of poaces. It is easily recognizable thanks to the tall size of its stems and its variable color feathers.

Originally from South America, this grass is today cultivated in other regions of the world, because it adapts easily to all climatic conditions. If Pampa grass is as much appreciated, it is partly thanks to its majestic tuft and its soft colors.

THE pampas herbs measure between 3.5 to 4 m high. There are several varieties of pampe herbs, but the best known are the Pamila Pamila, the Pampa Rendleri or the Silver Pampa. Add the pampas of your choice to your decor for a beautiful result.

Three assets of pampe herbs for your decor

You know everything you need to know now about the pampas' grass and its origins. Now here are three reasons why you should have them at home.

Dried pampa flowers are durable and eco -responsible

THE Pampa flowers When dried lasts a long time. You save money, time and water. Indeed, no maintenance is necessary to preserve the herbs of the pampa. So this is the perfect solution if you don't have a green hand.

If there must be maintenance advice, it will be a question of avoiding exposing them to natural light. Respect for this advice is necessary to Preserve the beauty of dried flowers. You can place them in the vases and integrate them into any room in your home. These pretty plants will give him a great look.

In an eco -responsible dynamic, opt for Bouquets of Pampa herbs is a great way to take care of your environment. Not only are they cultivated on site, but they don't need water. They last several months and even several years. The value for money is then excellent.

Pampa flowers for any type of decor

This plant also has the advantage of agreeing to any type of interior decoration Thanks to its different colors. Indeed, there are pink pampe flowers, silver, broken white and pure white.

These color varieties allow it to be easily integrated into any type of decoration, whether bohemian, modern, vintage or Scandinavian. The decoration with the dried flowers is quite simple.

You can place your Pampe bouquet In a vase on the ground or integrate it into a floral arrangement to be placed on the dining table. You can also place them in open places like the stairs to bring this touch of sophistication to the decor.

The Pampa can be highlighted on a wall still in order to enhance your space. You can use it in all rooms in the house. Her decorative power is immense and only asks to serve.

Pampa flowers for a natural look

The third and last reason why you must have Pampa herbs bouquets At home is the possibility of creating a natural look. Pampa grass does not have the color of greenery, but it adds this natural aspect since it comes directly from nature.

Quite invasive, you only need a few stems for an elegant effect. This plant has the merit of providing wild beauty in any room.

You have the ability to play with the colors of the pampe herbs in order to harmonize them as much as possible with your decoration. You can then create as many natural looks as you wish.

There Pampa is an imposing plant which quickly changes the decor of a space. It alone allows you to enhance your decor in the most beautiful ways. So do not hesitate to adopt it.

Where to get the flowers of the pampa?

You will find the flowers of the Pampa at Flowrette, the concept store of crafts. Pampa flowers are worked in our Parisian workshop by our florist, expert in dried flowers. They are available in boots or bouquets in our pretty vases.

You can buy them directly online on our e-shop or get them directly at the shop located in Paris. For online purchases, you will be delivered 24 hours to 48 hours later.

Delivery is made everywhere in mainland France and is free from € 70 purchase. At Flowrette, in addition to pampe herbs, you will also find other dried flowers for the happiness of your home.

These beautiful herbs are suitable for all decoration styles. However, if you do not know how to go about decorating at home with the flowers of the Pampa, discover our items for All about the pampe grass or even 7 decorations with pampe grass. You will find ideas and advice to enhance your interior with bouquets of pampe grass.

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