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Jul 3, 2023
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Our top 10 of the most beautiful paper flowers according to FLOWRET

Paper flowers have become an essential trend in the decoration of events such as weddings, birthdays or even simply to embellish your interior. They bring a touch of originality and creativity while respecting the environment. 

We present in this article our selection of Top 10 paper flowers The most appreciated. 

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1. The paper rose

The rose is undeniably the queen of flowers. In paper, it becomes a flagship element for the decoration of a centerpiece or a bouquet. Its delicate petals can be made with different techniques, such as Origami folding or cutting, thus offering a wide choice of styles and colors to adapt to all themes.


Pink in paper: the bouquet star

With its wide variety of colors, the paper rose allows you to create harmonious bouquets that perfectly correspond to your tastes and your decoration. By adding some eucalyptus, hyacinthes or paper iris, you will get a stunning and very realistic result.

2. Paper peony

Very popular for its bulky flowers with many petals, the paper peony brings a romantic and luxurious effect to all the decorations. It can be made with different types of paper, such as crepe, to give volume and a silky touch to the flower.


The maintenance secrets of the paper peony

So that your paper peonies keep their beauty, simply dust them regularly using a feather or a hairdryer in cold mode. You can also make waterproof paper peonies to prevent them from deforming when exposed to humidity.


3. Paper lilies

Paper lilies is a Elegant and refined flower which lends itself perfectly to the decoration of wedding or baptism tables. Its long petals can be made of fine or thick paper and can be textured for an even more realistic rendering.


Lys and other flowers: a harmonious bouquet

Combine paper lys with flowers with complementary forms, such as freesias or buttercups, to create a balanced and charming bouquet. Do not hesitate to play on colors and textures to bring depth to your composition.

4. Paper Delphinium

This flower with a slender port and tight flowers is ideal for bringing height to your floral compositions. Paper Delphinium is particularly suitable for Create an "English garden" effect in your decoration.


The marriage of Delphinium and Glaïeul

For a country and elegant wedding bouquet, combine the paperphinium with paper with gladiors also in paper. The harmony of shapes and colors will bring a romantic and delicate touch to your decoration.

5. Paper thought

Symbol of natural beauty and joie de vivre, paper thought is an incredibly charming and colorful flower, which knows how to lend itself to various types of decorations, particularly those of spring. 

Its unique brilliance and attractiveness come largely from its petals with various shades, which can be meticulously made with different types of papers to obtain an even more unique and original rendering. 

Whether to embellish your interior or to offer a handmade gift, paper thought is an ideal option to bring a touch of cheerfulness and color to your daily life.

6. Paper dahlia

The paper dahlia is a beautifully voluminous and spectacular flower that has the gift of attracting all eyes. Distinguished by its flamboyant side and its natural elegance, it is available in a wide palette of colors to respond to all preferences and tastes. 

Whether you need a touch of radiance for a bouquet or flagship element for a floral composition, the paper dahlia is an essential choice. Its lush aesthetic is a real declaration of love for natural beauty and will certainly be a major asset to embellish your floral creations.

Is this my favorite paper flower? And you, do you like ?

7. The Hortensia in paper

Hortensia in paper is a flower of subtle and soothing beauty, much appreciated for its ability to agree with harmony and elegance with other species of flowers. It is characterized by its clusters of small round flowers, which bring a touch of softness and delicacy to any type of decoration. 

Its pleasantly textured appearance and its palette of tender colors make it an ideal option to bring an feeling of calm and serenity to your space. The paper hydrangea in paper offers a wonderful way to reflect elegance and sophistication in your decor, while bringing a warm and welcoming feeling.

We fall for the hydrangea bouquets that you can deal with yourself!

8. Paper lilacs

Symbolizing the renewal of spring and the rebirth of nature, paper lilac is a slowly scented, delicate and graceful flower, which brings a note of lightness and freshness to your decoration. Its small clusters of flowers, available in shades of purple and white, create a visually impressive and delicate effect in a bouquet or on a table. 

The paper lilac can transform any space into a place of appeasement and serenity, capturing the very essence of spring and diffusing an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

9. Paper anemone

Paper anemone is a flower of attractive simplicity and refined elegance, which is distinguished by its deep black heart, superbly contrasted by colored petals. With its distinctive look and timeless charm, it is ideal for bringing a dose of freshness and originality to your spring bouquets or to decorate a centerpiece in an elegant and sophisticated way. 

Paper anemone, with its bewitching beauty and its graceful look, is the perfect option for those who seek to inject a momentum of creativity and a unique aesthetic to their decor.

10. Paper camellia

The paper camellia is a flower of unequaled sophistication, known for its romantic connotation and its refined appearance. What makes him particularly attractive is the wonderful harmony of his petals, whose forms overlap and overlap with almost artistic precision. This structural complexity gives the flower a delicate and neat appearance that amazes and attracts attention.

By opting for pastel shades, you will create a paper camelia of soft and subtle beauty. The pastel colors bring a gentle and discreet elegance, transforming each flower into a work of chic and sophisticated art. The result is a decoration that embodies delicacy and charm, perfect for adding a touch of finesse and class on any occasion.

Whether for a wedding, a baptism or any other elegant event, the paper camellia is the touch of ideal finesse. Use them to adorn your tables, to embellish garlands or to create sumptuous table centers. Each flower adds a feeling of romanticism and tenderness that enchants guests and makes the atmosphere even more special.

In conclusion, paper flowers offer a multitude of possibilities to create personalized and original decorations. Do not hesitate to explore the different realization techniques and mix the species to obtain unique floral compositions that will enhance your events. If you want to compose your own paper flower creations, we invite you to add paper plants. Our guide on Which paper plants to choose can help you.

Redefine the aesthetics of your decorative space with the trend of paper flowers. If you are ready to get started, discover our 10 decorative ideas To create a unique atmosphere.

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