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Mar 22, 2023
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Our advice to decorate your interior with eternal flowers

Everyone wants to have a welcoming house, well decorated and especially in the era of time. One of the best ways to decorate your interior optimally is the use of eternal flowers. They can be used in different ways to embellish the space. THE eternal flowers Can be put in a pot in the form of bouquets or hung on the wall or even integrate a frame. To help you decorate your living space, here Our advice for a chic and pleasant interior with eternal flowers. Discover all Our stabilized flower creations Handmade with passion.

Eternal flowers in a vase

Who says decoration generally says Bouquets of flowers and vase. The first way to embellish your interior with eternal flowers is to get a bouquet of flowers. They do not need water like fresh flowers and easily integrate into country or bohemian style decorations.

If you wonder why eternal flowers do not need water, it is simply because they have undergone some transformations. The eternal flowers are composed of dried flowers, paper flowers and stabilized flowers.

The paper flowers are made with paper and look perfectly like fresh flowers. You can find several types of flowers for your decor such as the bouquet of hydrangea, eternal roses, eucalyptus, etc. Dried flowers have undergone a drying process that can have flowers that can last for months.

100 % natural stabilized flowers. They come from the soil unlike paper flowers. They were cultivated, they grew up like all other flowers. They were then picked up at the height of their beauty. They have undergone a stabilization process where they were set by a stabilizer.

This technique is to replace the Flower sap By a water -based conservation solution, mineral salts and glycerin. The floral compositions to be stated remain in the solution for a few days, about two weeks for the process to be effective. Unlike dried flowers whose petals are crumbly and less colorful, Stabilized flowers have flexible stems and leaves. This technique allows you to enjoy flowers for several years.

Unfortunately, not all flowers cannot be stabilized. Stabilization or lyophilization is a unique process whose success depends on the cultivation conditions, quantity and quality of the stabilizer and the moment when the flowers were cut.

In a vase, eternal flowers look great, whether eternal roses or any type of flowers. They will therefore perfectly find their place in the center of a coffee table, the dining room table or on a dresser. If you want to offer a eternal bouquet, take care to know the preferences of the recipient. Indeed, we have a diversity of eternal flowers.

Eternal flower boots for a bohemian appearance

Another great way to decorate your interior with Eternal flowers is to opt for eternal flower boots. If you want to have a rural style interior, eternal flower boots are perfect. They can be put in a vase or not. To give this less elaborate aspect, your eternal flower boots can perfectly find their place in strategic places without a vase.

You are certainly wondering how do you achieve such a result? Discover in this article how to make stabilized flowers.

You can exhibit them in a wicker basket for example and place them on the ground or in height on the input console or the coffee table. Let your imagination speak and make your floral composition be put forward.

If you have received an eternal rose Or a bouquet of eternal flowers for Valentine's Day or for Mother's Day and you want to keep the intimate side of this gift, you can completely integrate it into your bedroom. Your bouquet can last for many months.

Our flowery crowns made with eternal flowers

If you find that Bouquets of eternal flowers are not what you are looking for for your interior, we recommend that you opt for other alternatives such as flower crowns. They are magnificent and easily integrate into any type of parts. This is a great idea to break a little with the flower and vegetable side in a vase.

At Flowrette, our florists love to create works that will be happy with their hands. Thanks to their expertise and know-how, they make original creations that last a long time. Thus, our crowns of flowers which are at the base of the head crowns can also serve as wall crowns to brighten up your walls. We also offer wall crowns beautiful.

The wall crown is a must have since it keeps the advantages of stabilized flowers while beautifying the walls. Our florist selects the most beautiful flowers to design beautiful creations that will honor your house.

Stabilized flowers are the new decorative trend, find out why in our dedicated article.

Flower bells

A bouquet of fresh flowers fades very quickly and cannot be used for the creation of flowery creations. Eternal flowers with a longer lifespan allow creation of creation such as flowery bells. This decorative accessory is made up of a mini bouquet installed under a bell. It looks proud and can be installed anywhere at home.

There floral bell is a must-have if you are looking for a minimalist decorative accessory for your home or office. It requires less maintenance than bouquets of flowers because it is protected from dust by the bell.

THE Bouquets of eternal flowers do not need no special maintenance. Just keep them in a fresh and dry place, out of direct sunlight. This precaution is essential for flowers to maintain their natural beauty and that the petals keep their velvety appearance as well as their flexibility.

This ensures a Long longevity of flowers which can be kept for months, even years. An eternal flower can be preserved for 3 to 5 years.

Discover the different reasons why it is necessary Adopt stabilized flowers.

To get Our bouquets of eternal flowers or our creations in eternal flowers, just place your orders via our e-shop. Once you have chosen and paid for the creations, they will be delivered between 24 hours and 48 hours maximum. Delivery is made everywhere in mainland France and is free from € 70 purchase. At Flowrette, we love to create Beautiful works for the happiness of interior decoration fanatics. So do not hesitate to please yourself or please your loved ones with our decorative creations.

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