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Jul 13, 2023
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How to make a bouquet of paper flowers

Are you looking for an original idea to decorate your interior or offer a unique gift to a loved one? 

A bouquet of paper flowers is the solution!

Easy to make and fully customizable, it will certainly delight all craft enthusiasts.

Find out how to make a bouquet of paper flowers according to your desires, in mono variety, multivariety and even with paper plants. 

Discover All our tips for making your paper flowers in our dedicated article. 

Material necessary for the manufacture of a bouquet of paper flowers

To start, here is the list of the equipment you will need to make your bouquet of paper flowers:

  • Crepe paper : Choose the color of your choice to create flowers in various colors.
  • Scissors : A sharp pair will be essential to cut the paper with precision.
  • Wire: To maintain the shape of the petals and assemble the flower.
  • Adhesive tape : To fix the different parts of the flowers together.
  • Floral rod: To give your bouquet height and facilitate the handling of flowers.

Make a bouquet of paper flowers: steps to follow

We will now see how to make A bouquet of paper flowers, step by step :

1. Create flower petals

First, cut strips of crepe paper from the desired color to create the petals. The size and shape of the bands will depend on the type of flower you want to make. For a more realistic result, do not hesitate to vary the sizes, shapes and even the colors of the petals.

2. Assemble the petals

Then roll up each petal around a piece of wire to give it a rounded shape. Attach it with adhesive tape. Repeat this step until you have enough petals to form a complete flower.

3. Make the heart of the flower

The heart of the flower can be made using another color of crepe paper or remaining in the same tones as the petals. Cut a small strip of paper, crumple it lightly and fix it in the center of the circle formed by the petals, always using adhesive tape.

4. Mount the flower on a floral rod

To finalize your paper flower, all you have to do is get it on a floral upper. Pass the stem through the circle formed by the petals and the heart of the flower, then fix everything with adhesive tape to maintain the flower in place.

Tips for a successful bouquet of paper flowers

To make your bouquet of paper flowers feel, here are some tips:

Vary the varieties and the colors of the flowers

A bouquet of paper flowers composed of a single variety of flowers can be very elegant, but do not hesitate to mix different kinds of flowers and several colors for a more radiant result. You can also play on textures using different types of paper, such as cardboard paper or metallic paper.

Add paper plants

To give even more volume and realism to your bouquet, remember to add paper plants such as leaves, branches or even grasses. They will bring a green and natural touch that will highlight your flowers.

Personalize your bouquet of paper flowers according to the occasion

Finally, do not hesitate to personalize your bouquet of paper flowers according to the event for which you realize it. For example, for a wedding, opt for soft and romantic colors such as pale pink, white or water green. For a birthday, prefer bright and festive shades such as red, yellow or electric blue.

By following these tips and letting your creativity speak, you will get a magnificent bouquet of paper flowers that will amaze your loved ones and sublimate your interior. So, to your scissors and give free rein to your imagination!

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