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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

How to keep your bouquet of dried flowers

It is the large fashion of dried flowers and those that we talk about less: stabilized flowers. A trend that we believe should last for years. The dried flowers respond to a problem, the desire to have flowers which last and which are less polluting for the planet. For Know everything about the dried flower bouquets, find our guide.

We often tell you at Flowrette: The main advantage of creations in dried flowers, it is that they can keep themselves a very long time ... provided they take care of it. Have you finally received what you expected so much, or are you still hesitating before ordering it? So how do you take care of it?

So we give you some tips in this article.

How a bouquet of dried flowers is kept

If Our bouquets require very little maintenance, you still have to think about the room (or the pieces for Flowrette bouquet collectors 😊) in which place its brand new bouquet of dried flowers. At Flowrette, we always advise you to avoid heat sources and humidity.

We therefore avoid:

- to exhibit the bouquet (or any creation in dried flower) directly sunlight. The sun's rays will unfortunately promote the discoloration of certain flowers;

- to leave the bouquet near an lit radiator, under penalty of seeing certain flowers sag under the effect of heat;

- to place your bouquet in a damp place, like a bathroom, because the dried flowers hate humidity!

And we favor:

- A healthy piece, not too hot or humid and not exposed to the sun to keep your bouquet as long as possible.

- A bedroom, an office or living room are therefore ideal rooms to enjoy its bouquet of dried flowers every day

Where to place dried flowers?

Our bouquets of dried flowers Flowrette can keep, but the flowers evolve in different ways. These are dried flowers certainly, but which are no less real flowers, and like all plants, they change according to their environment, it is therefore not an exact science 😊.


For maintenance, it's very simple: a little stroke of cold hair from time to time, bouquet placed upside down to remove the dust, and voila!

To find out even more about Bouquet storage time In dried flowers, we have prepared a detailed guide to you.


The smell of dried flowers

Some flowers have a stronger smell than others. This is the case for eucalyptus for example. If the smell inconveniences you, we advise you to leave the bouquet for a few hours outside (be careful not to do it when it rains or if the sun hits).

If the smell persists, you can spray your favorite room fragrance above the bouquet, making sure not to spray the flowers directly so as not to make them damp. Finally, if after all these tips, the smell always bothers you, know that We accept feedback within 14 days, in the original box of the bouquet. In addition to Flowrette, feedback is free 😊.

If you need to make a comeback, That happens here.


Now that you know where to place your Bouquet of dried flowers, the places to avoid and how to take care of it, you just have to choose the model. Discover all our creations in dried flowers! If you have any questions about the preservation of your bouquet, tips or for any other questions, do not hesitate to write us to hello@flowrette.com 😊

To go even further!

In this article, we have given you the main tips to keep your Bouquets of dried flowers. Nevertheless, to be a real pro, we wrote a real guide with Poppée our florist and Christelle our customer service manager. There Conservation of dried flowers, they know.

Also, to answer the question you are asking us very often) know how long Keep a bouquet of dried flowers? It all depends on you and the dried flowers that compose it.

So to help you choose your flowers, we have also prepared you a List of flowers to dry.

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