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Sep 18, 2022
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How to integrate a bouquet of dried flowers in its decoration

For some people, the priority is to underline the elegance of their house or to create a luxury feeling in a simple house. In both cases, the use of dried flowers As decorations inside your house does wonders.

THE dried flowers can be used different ways, by placing them on surfaces, hanging them, sticking them on the walls or planting them in small pots. That said, here are some tips to decorate your home with flowers!

Learn the art of floral compositions

Learn to compose Floral creations Simple allows you to save money on floral decorations, while keeping a certain elegance in your home. Knowing certain essential information on floral compositions can offer you multiple advantages.

At first, you must prepare the dried flowers By removing the unnecessary parts. Using well -sharpened scissors or shears, remove the thorns from the flower rod and cut all the superfluous leaves that could harm the composition.

The basics of a good floral composition:

- The biggest flowers must always be in the center.

- Smaller flowers are placed around the largest.

- Use floral foam or adhesive tape to keep the flowers in place.

- Additional spaces can be filled with foliage and small flowers.

Your decorations of dried flowers can significantly influence the perception of the mind and the emotions of the people who look at them thanks to the psychology of colors. If the human eye can recognize a million shades of colors, these are generally distributed in two categories, hot and cold.

floral composition

Hot colors

Basically, warm colors, such as red, orange and yellow, are responsible for expressive provocation and the ignition of feelings. They are associated with cheerfulness, positivity, happiness, encouragement, and recall the summer season.

In addition, these colors are suitable for dull and lifeless pieces with only a few decorations. They give energy To anyone faced with difficulties and increase the feeling of connection and relationship between you and your guests.

Cold colours

On the other hand, the cold colors, such as green, blue and purple, bring Relaxation and tranquility at the eye. These are the perfect colors to look at after a long and tiring working day.

These cold colors are perfect for the entrance to your house as a hanging decorations, the bedrooms, and reflect luxury.

In bedrooms and bathrooms, where privacy and privacy are preserved, you can use dried flowers used in aromatherapy. In this way, you fully exploit the flowers by not only using them as decorations, but also benefiting from their aroma.

Based on color psychology mentioned above, use bright, but soothing colors, such as blue, lavender, light yellow and pink, with a hint of perfume. There are aromatic plants with a soft smell such as lavender, chamomile and mora.

If you want to intensify romance and privacy with your partner, red roses are the best in the lot.

Decorating your house with dried flowers says a lot about the lifestyle and the personality of its owner.

While some may consider floral ornaments as another type of decoration to add attraction and life to a certain place, they are actually more than that. Floral decorations represent a combination of style and luxury that no other type of decoration can do. Treat yourself and embellish your house with magnificent bouquets of flowers.


Dried flowers for your office

In addition to paintings and decorative items in your desk waiting room, add dried flowers. You will make good impression and the place will be naturally fragrant. A simple and decent floral composition adds a real touch to the animation of the place. A cylindrical glass vase containing a phalaenopsis orchid and Dracaena leaves will do the trick there. This will give a very bright appearance and will be very pretty if the whole area is made in a clear shadow. The bright, but attractive colors of flowers will stand out.

The conference room of your office should not be dull, otherwise it will make you lazy :)

Flowers of all kinds can be added to each room of the office, but make sure that the decoration is light. Opt for an original and corporate look. This is the possibility that dried flowers offer. Lightness in colors and colors. Dare to go out of the beaten track by opting for an original decor. The heavy floral compositions in the offices are to be avoided. In addition, the entrance halls can be decorated with dried flowers or plant pots.

Other tips with bouquets of dried flowers

THE Bouquets of dried flowers, whether in rather warm or cold shades, depending on the desired rendering, can be integrated into all types of interior. However, it will always be necessary to pay attention to where the bouquet is placed to allow it to hold out longer.

We make you discover several ideas to use the bouquets of dried flowers in your decoration.

And if as we love you bouquets of dried flowers, and you want to create one yourself, here are some Tips to create your bouquet ! By daring to make your own bouquet, you will be proud of yourself and enjoy exposing it proudly.

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