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Sep 18, 2022
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How to decorate your business with dried flowers?

There are many ways to decorate a business. A simple, original and profitable way is the use of dried flowers products. Dried flowers can be used in compositions of different shapes, sizes, colors and textures, which makes them perfect for any occasion.

In this guide, you will learn the basic steps necessary to Decorate your office or shop with dried flowers, how to choose the right type of flower and the materials to use as well as decorative ideas.

Whether you are looking for unique compositions or you just want to embellish your interior decoration, this article will certainly be very useful!

Decorate your business with dried flowers

The advantages of dried flowers

THE dried flowers are a great way to decorate your home like your office. They are easy to find and are superb in all types of compositions. They are also very profitable in the long term, because even if they have a slightly higher price than fresh flowers, they last much more over time, which makes it a great idea if you have a limited budget. They require minimal maintenance and do not require much preparation before being installed in your premises. They are also ideal if you run out of time for the maintenance of perennials.

If you are looking to give a Professional aspect to your business, dried flowers are a great way to get there. The delicate and refined textures of dried flowers integrate very well in any type of interior.

In addition, the variety of dried flower products is large enough to match each place and each atmosphere that you want to create: a bouquet for the reception of your business, a wall crown in a desk or even a candle in a more zen space!

Beyond the products in themselves, the Diversity of flowers Allows you to adapt to your desires. The dried flowers exist in many shapes and sizes, so you can mix them and match them to create a unique composition.

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How to decorate with dried flowers

THE dried flowers can be used in many ways. The simplest method is to fix them to a wall or in a vase. L'Interest of dried flowersIt is that they are very versatile and can be placed anywhere, on a desk or a welcome. They are also easy to move and rearrange if necessary.

The first step for Decorate with dried flowers is to choose the right type of flower. When you choose a flower, you must take into account the way it will be presented as well as the colors you want to use in the design.

Ask yourself where it will be the most suitable in your existing decoration, what colors will be the most adequate, if your customers will see them from their best angle, and simply how you plan to decorate your workplace!

In addition, keep in mind that dried flowers does not necessarily mean a bouquet: there are many objects in dried flowers such as crowns, candles and many other decorative products!

We give you here 5 decorative ideas with dried flowers !

If you want to decorate your home or office with dried flowers, the first thing you will need to find the right location. The size of the flower will determine the space it will occupy, as well as the size of the vase or the support you will need, so don't forget to take it into account in your choice. You can find vases in any craft store, but cheaper options are available online.

When you choose dried flowers, you need to take into account the type of look you want. There are many different natural compositions that can be created with these magnificent flowers.

Another important step is to choose the right materials to use for your composition. There is more than one way to create a work with dried flowers! For example, if you want a natural appearance composition, a wooden support may be suitable for this type of project. If you want something more formal or contemporary, nodes in silk ribbon will suit these aesthetic choices for example.

The only limits are yours! Do not hesitate to search for the flowers that most correspond to your type of atmosphere, or to motivate you to find the best ways to enhance your dried flowers!

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Decorate your hotel with dried flowers

If you plan to decorate your hotel, dried flowers are an excellent choice! Bouquets and vases of dried flowers with arrangements on lamps and walls, you will find a wide range of ways to incorporate them into the decoration of your hotel.

Dried flowers can also allow, by their diversity, to create the decoration of your hotel or to integrate into your already existing decoration.

Whether in the entrance, reception or rooms, dried flowers can be placed at each location. Their variety of shapes and colors allow them to integrate all the more in different spaces, from the discreet little crown in an intimate room, with a refined and remarkable bouquet placed in the large host room.

So do not hesitate to look for what types of dried flowers products would make your hotel remarkable, and make your customers' stay memorable!

Decorate your restaurant with dried flowers

THE dried flowers Can also be used to decorate your restaurant for the same reasons.

If you are a catering professional, you know: the setting is an advantage to make passers -by want to come and eat at your home, but it is also an asset that will allow your customers to be spent a pleasant time, which in will speak and come back to your home!

You can also use dried flowers To create a unique atmosphere in your restaurant, integrating them into different elements such as table decoration, menus, table towels, cutlery, etc.

Decorate your hair salon with dried flowers

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to embellish your hair salon, dried flowers are a great idea.

In addition to all the previously cited reasons, the delicate charm brought by dried flowers also makes it possible to create a cocooning and refined atmosphere in your living room.

This will likely appeal to your customers who are looking for A quieter and intimate setting than in other types of businesses.

Level Decoration ideas, even if the imposing bouquets are always an option, we advise you to turn to more subtle products, such as crowns, or even delicate scented flowery candles!


Decorate your business with dried flowers

For all the reasons we have already listed, dried flowers are the ideal way to decorate your business. They are affordable, easy to store and last a long time.

They will allow you to make your business more pleasant, whether for your customers, your employees and yourself.

We have already talked about it above, your decoration, and therefore the atmosphere, the framework of your business influences your customers.
Depending on your sector of activity, you may not have customers coming to your business. However, it is also important for you and your employees to have a pleasant working environment!

Think of decorate your office Or the entry of your premises with a refined bouquet, and why not make products from dried flowers a business gift!

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And Flowrette?

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With many products, from bouquets to jewelry, including crowns or bells, we offer you A diversity of decorative items to suit any type of interior.

In addition, we offer our products for fast delivery throughout France, and also have a store located in the heart of Paris. You can take a look and touch our products.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to incorporate the dried flowers in your business decoration!

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