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Feb 18, 2023
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How long is a bouquet of dried flowers

We love the dried flowers At Flowrette. Flowers are the DNA of our brand. Our dried flower arrangements have garnished your salons, your spaces and have participated in so many weddings ... We now have a great decline on the life of dried flowers and how to best keep them.


In this article, we share all the details you need to know where to buy dried flowers and how to take care of your arrangement so that it lasts as long as possible. We have also created a guide filled with tips and our Best tips on dried flowers.

Tips to keep A bouquet of dried flowers

The dried flowers last on average one year. This is what we found on most of our creations.

However, this duration will depend on how you will keep the bouquet.

The color of your dried flower compositions will naturally fade over time, so if you buy dried flowers that have also been shaded, they will last even longer.

We also like the idea of ​​keeping dried flowers as a memory. It's perfect for wedding bouquets or other special used flowers you want to remember!

There is not much to do to take care of dried flowers! THE Protect from direct sunlight (which can blur the color of your bouquet of dried flowers) and humidity will make them last longer.

If they are not already kept, you can buy a protective storage spray to be applied also to your dried flowers (simply make sure to do it outside, because the vapors can be intense!).

THE dried flowers are often delicate, so handle your arrangement carefully. Place it in an area of ​​your house where it will not be hit or overturned. The more the stems age, the more delicate they can become!

Your bouquet of dried flowers may require occasional dusting with a dry cloth or a quick stroke of a hair dryer. Keep your bouquet in a cool and dry place.

Preserve dried flowers like a boss


Whether it is a romantic bouquet Red roses for your first birthday, a few stems selected on your bridal bouquet or a few wild buttons that your husband has picked up for you during a morning hike, there is nothing more beautiful than receiving a beautiful Bouquet of flowers for a special occasion.

If the idea of ​​letting them wither and dying it is not possible, learning to preserve them and supervising them at home will allow their beauty and sincere memories to last for years.

THE dried flowers have quickly gained popularity and offer a lasting alternative to traditional flowers. Our collection of dried bouquets has a wide variety of colors and textures.

Now that you have your bouquet, here are some quick tips for keep your flowers dried Under their best light. With appropriate care, dried stems can last a year or more!

Ready to start keeping and supervising your own flowers? Flowrette suggests following these six steps to guarantee the best results.

1. Gently swell

Your dried bouquet will arrive well closed to help protect the flowers from any damage. So that it looks like those on our site, we recommend that you keep the bouquet knotted, but by slightly taking the stems. Be soft, the dried flowers are delicate!

2. Keep it out of direct sunlight

Keep the bouquet inside, out of difficult environments and direct sunlight. Too much time in the sun and the stems will start to lose their color. Keeping your bouquet away from light also promotes their flexibility.

3. Do not water

Don't let the vase be wrong. These dried bouquets do not need water! This is one of the many reasons why dried flowers are preferable to fresh flowers. Simply place in the vase and let the stems shine.

4. Cut the stems if necessary

If you feel creative or if you really want to vary the height of the bouquet or change your vase, cut your stems to the desired length. Just have a sharp pair of scissors to make a net cut.

5. Avoid moisture

Dried bouquets are not damp air. Keep him in a cool place to ensure a long and fulfilling life.

6. Good air circulation

Make good air circulation around your flowers and avoid temperature fluctuations. They do not need air flow directly from an open window, but in a stagnant or damp room, they can become humid. If they become wet, they can mold. Sometimes the vases can capture moisture and humidity inside, so check the stems in the vase from time to time - make sure they are dry. If they look a little damp, remember to put them in another vase.

Of the wedding bouquets And special birthday birthdays, there are occasions where flowers simply mean more and are difficult to let go. Fortunately, drying of flowers is a simple and easy thing that you can do at home. You can keep all your favorite flowers as long as you want!

To find out more about dried flowers

THE dried flowers are ideal for people who love flowers, but want to enjoy it for a very long time. You have understood: dried flowers keep for long months for your greatest happiness, even if it is still necessary to follow some tips for maintain your bouquets In order to make them last even longer. These tips are valid for the bouquets you buy already created, such as Flowrette bouquets, but also for the bouquets that you make from the flowers you have dried by yourself. Now take full advantage of the beauty of your bouquets and let them embellish your interior.

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