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Jul 5, 2023
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Focus on paper flowers, the new decoration trend

Stabilized and dried flowers have been on the rise in recent years. Paper flowers are not outdone either. This new trend is at the center of many decoration strategies. Paper flowers are eternal flowers in the same way as those dried and stabilized and at Flowrette, you will find them mixed with other flowers. 


Obviously, it is not natural flowers that have been cultivated. These are flowers made from different colors papers. We also explain all our secrets to you in our guide to All about paper flowers.


Discover everything about this New interior decoration trend.

Flowers, interior decoration accessory par excellence

If there is a common concern for people who wish to develop a space, their living room or their office, this is how to do it well to decorate it. Everyone would like a space that is beautiful and pleasant.

A beautiful decoration is no longer characteristic of a house or a festive room. Several business leaders are looking for ideas and tricks to make their workplace much more attractive for employees and customers. Flowers are in these cases one of the best decoration solutions.

Indeed, a bouquet of flowers is a key element in the interior decoration, whether for an event or for a house. The flowers embellish the space while scented it from their delicate scents. Whatever the style of the decor, they always add their little touch of freshness.

They make it possible to establish a feeling of comfort and confidence with a customer. This makes the place like a clinic or a more soothing lawyer. This explains why many companies use it. However, these people come up against a real problem compared to fresh flowers; This is their ephemeral character.

The ephemeral appearance of flowers, a brake for a durable decor

Fresh flowers have been the main floral decoration solution for many years. Regardless of the type of event, we systematically think of adding them to the decoration. Today too, they are always trendy and at the center of Beautiful interior decoration ideas.

However, the big problem to which most people come up against is the ephemeral character of flowers. The latter fade very quickly. Indeed, when you buy it, you notice that their lifespan is between 5 and 7 days. At the end of this short time, you will have to renew them if you always want to have your floral decoration intact.

The budget for fresh flowers is then huge since they have to be renewed every week. Very quickly, you will find yourself exceeded, because it becomes very expensive. In addition, they need maintenance and care. You have to put them in a vase, add water that you should change if necessary.

All of this takes time, money and energy. This investment is ultimately quite important and will not last over time. As a business, this is not viable over time because a company should not spend as much to keep an attractive space.

An interesting alternative in this situation is to use paper flowers To decorate your home or office. They are trendy since they are synonymous with sustainability. It is not only an interesting solution in terms of finance, but also in terms of environmental protection.

Paper flowers, the ideal decor alternative

THE paper flowers Do not come from a garden like fresh. They are made with paper. To perfectly imitate the natural version, you have to choose the papers of different colors such as white, pink, yellow, etc.

When the realization is well done, they have nothing to envy to natural flowers. You can use it, whatever the type of decoration you want to make. They find their place in a vase on the coffee table in the living room or on an extra table next to your sofa.

Place them on the dining table or that of the office. You can also put your paper bouquet In different rooms of your home to add this touch of color. You can therefore put it on the bedside table next to the bed or on one of the other furniture in the bedroom.

At Flowrette, we make it a point of honor to offer Sustainable and aesthetic creations. Apart from the world of dried and stabilized flowers, we offer the Flowers of Paper Collection. These are designed in our workshop in the heart of Paris thanks to the expertise of our florist craftsmen.

Our craftsmen show know-how and a good dose of creativity to give life to very beautiful bouquets. These are real works of art to use without moderation. Besides, they are economical because they can last a year or even several. If you come to change them, it will only be to choose another pattern or design.

At Flowrette, we provide several customers, several Flower bouquets and paper plants. Thus, everyone will choose their paper bouquet according to their tastes and preferences. If you don't have vases yet, we offer different models. There are terracotta vases, ceramic vases, glass vases, etc.

How to maintain your paper flowers?

THE paper flowers have no particular maintenance and this is one of its advantages. Just observe a few rules in terms of precautions. The first precaution is to keep them far from humidity.

In contact with water, your flower will lose its value since manufacturing material is paper. So don't put them in your kitchen or in your bathroom.

Make sure your child cannot grab it, because they are quite fragile and can be damaged in no time. If they take dust, use a hairdryer with a low power to remove them very gently.

For vintage or bohemian style interiors, paper flowers do the trick. At Flowrette, you are not entitled only to bouquets, but also to paper creations to put on the walls.

Fashion today is focused on floral decoration. These accessories are appreciated for their sustainability and aesthetics. If you want to take charge of your decoration so that it is original, think of our eternal bouquets and our creations based on eternal flowers.

After online purchase of one of our products, you will be delivered in 24 to 48 hours. We collaborate with a reliable delivery service Who gives you the package in condition. Delivery takes place everywhere in France from € 70 purchase.

You can also go directly to our physical shop located in the heart of Paris to get one of our articles. At Flowrette, we advocate slow consumption. Each collection is then available in limited stock.

To find out even more about paper flowers and adopt it!

Nothing adds more charm to a space than floral touches. Flowrette offers you a wide choice ofDecorative ideas With paper flowers to make your home shine. Do not be intimidated if you are starting out: our Top 10 paper flowers will guide you and help you choose. You ask yourself Which paper plants to choose ? We also have a guide for this. It's up to you to get started ... but beware you will love it! 🥰  

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