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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Dried flowers: our 5 good reasons to put it at home

Good news, the bouquet of dried flowers is no longer reserved for granny buffet! Long disparaged and considered dust nests, The dried flowers are back !

And precisely, one of our Flowrette bouquets in dried flowers has been eyeing you for some time? Do you still hesitate to put it in your basket? 😉

Durable, bohemian, poetic Our article highlights all the reasons that make you crack. A trend that will last...

Here is 5 good reasons to have dried flowers in its interior. End at this period of hesitation!

Finally if you want to become an expert in dried flowers to be on good Choose and maintain your dried flowers We have with the help of our florists worked on a recap guide.

# 1 dried flowers invite A bohemian style in your interior

Roomed in time, dried flowers give off a touch of nostalgia ... Adding a bouquet to your interior will allow you to create a bohemian decor while establishing a bucolic atmosphere.

To take out the dried flower of the old -fashioned clichés, combine your bouquet with a pretty contemporary vase. Place it on a canned piece of furniture, dressed your interior of natural materials such as wood, rattan or linen and voila!

It is also possible to accentuate the vintage side by choosing a carafe or a lady-Jeanne.


# 2 They have a lifetime superior to fresh flowers

Did your half give you flowers for Valentine's Day on February 14? Unfortunately, from February 19, they are already starting to wither ... Flowrette has the solution for you! By buying a bouquet of dried flowers, finished frustration by throwing this beautiful creation only a few days after having received it ... Your bouquet will remain intact even after your return from a long holidays !

In short, the dried flowers, It's beautiful, it's trendy and it lasts longer !

# 3 When they are dried, the flowers ask very little maintenance

You don't have a green hand? Is your interior bright enough for plants to flourish? Switch to dried flowers !

A little cold hair dryer from time to time to dust them and voila!


To be a pro of the conservation of dried flowers, discover our article for keep your bouquet of dried flowers.

You will no longer even need to find a plant sitter during your vacation 😉



# 4 A bouquet of dried flowers, It's more green!

At the time of zero waste and global warming, why not stop bringing the flowers straight from Kenya or Latin America by plane? All this path To enjoy it only a few days... This is a lot of abuse for our little planet.

In France, in Italy, in Spain there are many producers of dried flowers, all concerned about the environment. And if sometimes the flowers chosen come from further away, their lifespan justifies the trip, right? 😉

# 5 Living with flowers is good for morale and for Your creativity

Dried flowers awaken your creative sense, it’s scientifically proven! Whether in a bouquet, garland or crown, they allow us to call on our creativity! Choose an ideal vase, find the place that will put the bouquet forward in your interior ...

Assemble the colors, find the right combinations between the many varieties ... The creations are endless, it's up to you to give free rein to your imagination.

If you are even more creative, in this case, Find our DIY kits !


To go even further

We told you why put dried flowers your house. But you lack a little imagination and you would like to know how to put dried flowers in your decoration Do not panic we accompany you in this article.

For DIY fans and manuals, dried flowers are the creation paradise. For these people there, we have some ideas that you could Create with dried flowers. For those who have less imagination we also have some Dry flowers use Who could also make you crack.

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