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Sep 18, 2022
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Dried flowers: How to use dried flowers for your wedding?

For some time, the dried flowers are also invited into Wedding decoration. They can be used solo or mixed with fresh flowers and they are perfect for bringing a touch of poetry and elegance to the event.

Wedding accessories In dried flowers even allow you to wear a bohemian, rustic or rural style. Hence the interest in presenting our ideas to you to inspire you. If you get married discover our offer Wedding in dried flowers.

Wedding accessories in dried flowers

A dried flower comb

To benefit from an original hairstyle, there is nothing better than the combed flower. At Flowrette, you have The choice between different models, citing only: comb Andréa, umbeline comb, comb Camille and comb Louise.

These hair accessories can be worn both by the bride and by the bridesmaids and they are very aesthetic and durable.


A matching dried flower buttonhole

For the groom and for witnesses, the Dried flower buttonhole Matching with the comb is also available at Flowrette. So, you can therefore opt for the Andréa buttonhole or the Camille buttonhole.

These accessories agree with all costume colors and they are sober and elegant. They were made with passion and love by our craftsmen and they keep for years.

A dried flower head crown

What would you also say about the head crown of dried flowers from Flowrette? It is the ideal accessory to offer a sublime hairstyle to the bride.

Like marriage, it is also available in different models to adapt to the personality and tastes of the bride. And it fits perfectly into a beautiful bun or in a pretty wavy.

A bridal bouquet in dried flowers

Instead of opting for a bouquet of fresh flowers, you can orient yourself towards a bridal bouquet in dried flowers. The latter is indeed more aesthetic and durable and it can be matched with hairdressing accessories and groom buttonholes.


On our page, you can find the Camille married bouquet and the Ombeline married bouquet. These bouquets are elegant and colorful and they are knotted with pretty linen ribbons.


The decoration of a wedding in dried flowers

The decoration of the place in dried flowers

What could be better than dried flowers To decorate your wedding place? You can, in fact, bet on dressed blooming trays and other decorative objects in dried flowers to personalize the theme of the event.


At Flowrette, a very wide choice of table runner in dried flowers Offers to you. The Madeleine table runner, for example, is perfect for beautifying your wedding table. And the same goes for the Saint-Germain table runner. These decoration accessories are to be placed according to your desires and they last a very long time.

Flourish the ceremony

To flower the ceremony, you can also install bouquets and wall crowns everywhere dried flowers. Côme bouquet, Lucien bouquet, Antonin bouquet, Holbox wall crown, Corfu wall crown, ... do not hesitate to multiply your elements in dried flowers To create a beautiful atmosphere on the wedding site.


Table decoration in dried flowers

Since you welcome your guests on the tables, do not neglect their decoration. In addition to the table runner, you can install candles of dried flowers, bells of dried flowers or table flower centers.

The candles from Flowrette are scented craft candles. So they allow you to receive your guests in a friendly setting. The bells of dried flowers and table flower centers are excellent to bring a flowery touch to your wedding tables.

Even more dried flowers for your wedding

Want to know even more about Our wedding accessories, discover our article dedicated to wedding accessories.

If it is rather the wedding decoration On which you need an idea, so we also think of you in our blog.

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