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Feb 7, 2023
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Dried flowers: a timeless gift idea ideal for all occasions

If you have an event in sight, it is very likely that you are looking for Gift ideas for your loved ones. Whether for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or for a birthday, you probably want to take out the big game and it is legitimate. Generally, we think of a bouquet of fresh flowers and a few years ago, it was doing the trick. Today, there are dried flowers that are a very good alternative to the delight of natural scents and decorative fans. In Flowrette, we take our mission to heart which is to offer you a Large selection of dried flowers unique and which last a long time. Discover Our dried flowers that are a great gift idea Timeless for all occasions.

Dried flowers, a timeless gift

Offering a gift to a loved one is a symbol of attention and love. Offering a creation in dried flowers is an even more gesture loaded with meanings. You are certainly used to offering a composition of fresh flowers to your nearby beings.

Have you thought about surprising your wife or mother with a Creation or a bouquet of dried and stabilized flowers ? This timeless gift is the perfect gift that will be happy. A nice bouquet of dried flowers lasts a long time and crosses time.

Depending on the type of flowers and the way it is used, dried flowers can last several months to see a whole year. Very beautiful and full of romanticism, it is an accessory that contributes to the decor of your interior. It is suitable for both a rural or bohemian and modern style decor.

At Flowrette, we offer many Bouquets of dried flowers and boots. Hydrangeas, gypsophile, natural phalaris, broom bloom orange, pampe grass are examples of dried flower boots assembled by our florist craftsmen. These numerous varieties of dried flowers are cultivated in France in good conditions.

Offering a creation in dried flowers is a beautiful gesture, especially for those who are part of an ecological struggle for environmental protection. Indeed, it is the Made in France, because our flowers are cultivated in France and the drying of our flowers is done in our workshop in Paris. By getting our products, you get eco -responsible items.

The varieties of gifts in dried flowers to offer?

You want to offer a Creation in dried flowers To a loved one, but hesitate on the type of gifts. You wonder what is the gift that will last as long as possible.

Know that all Creations in dried flowers Flowrette has a long lifespan. They are therefore timeless and are suitable for all occasions. You can offer them both Valentine's Day and during a wedding. Discover our bouquets of dried flowers as well as the other creations in dried flowers.

The boot or bouquet of dried flowers

There Creation in dried flowers that you can easily offer is the bouquet or the bunch of dried flowers. The most beautiful seasons are chosen to compose beautiful bouquets. The choice of flowers and the harvest moment are important for them to keep their colors.

Among our creations, the Boots of dried flowers and bouquets of dried flowers are decorative accessories that are unanimous. However, keep in mind that the bouquets are made up of several stems of different flowers, while the dried flower boot is only made up of a single type of stems.

Bouquet of dried flowers
Boot of dried flowers

Whether sober, natural or colorful, they add an elegant touch to your interior. They are available in several sizes. It's really up to you to make your choice given the preferences of the loved one to whom you want to please.

The realization of each Composition of dried flowers is based on the choice of beautiful dried natural flowers. Offering a bouquet of dried flowers or a bunch of flowers from home is a guarantee of quality and durability.

The herbarium and the crown of flowers, original gifts

Another way to please flowers is to offer a herbarium. This accessory is designed thanks to a Selection of beautiful dried flowers To give life to a harmonious floral composition. This creation exists in various forms and in different colors according to the selected flowers. We use various varieties of dried flowers to create beautiful decorative works.

Apart from the herbarium, the crown of dried flowers is an equally interesting choice as a gift. Thanks to an assortment of different flowers, we give life to a beautiful accessory. Like the herbarium, it is perfectly invited on your walls. These two floral accessories will suit your loved one if he particularly likes wall decorations.

These creations are just as timeless as bouquets. Their originality lies mainly in the fact that they can only exist in the dried form. You will then understand that dried flowers are ideal for creating durable accessories. Fresh flowers can only be used in the form of a bouquet.

We also have creations of dried flowers such as jewelry, flowery candles and DIY kits. These are perfect for waking creativity in manual people.

Flower bell

The last gift idea in dried flowers that we present to you is the floral bell. This is a mini bouquet installed under a bell which is also a decorative idea that will bring a chic touch to your interior.

This type of creation would suit any type of interior perfectly. There floral bell can just as easily find your place on an office table. The floral bell has the advantage of requiring even less maintenance thanks to the bell that protects it from dust.

How to maintain a bouquet of dried flowers?

L'Flower bouquets maintenance is not complex. If they take dust, just use a cold hairdryer. We recommend that you place the flowers below the device and make light movements with the hair dryer to remove the dust. You can clean all the dried flowers with this technique.

Another important thing with regard to flower maintenance is to install them in the shade of ultra-violet rays. So don't put them on the edge of a window. You can rather put them down, in a dry place as on a coffee table. Even if they have to stay at the center of the table, it is important that they are protected from the sun.

How to get our creations in dried flowers?

There is nothing simpler than offering dried flowers from Flowrette. Not only do you have a wide choice of dried flowers, but the purchasing process is very simple and fast delivery.

To order, simply go to our e-shop and choose the floral creation of your choice. You must then add it to the basket.


After payment, you just have to be delivered. Flowrette delivers everywhere in mainland France at the latest 48 hours after ordering. Order online and from € 70 purchase, benefit from free delivery in France.

If you don't want to order online and get delivered, you can also go to the Flowrette store. Our creations in dried flowers are accessible at low prices and for all budgets.


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