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Apr 10, 2023
écrit par Christelle Martin

Dried flowers: a durable and ecological decoration

For some time, the dried flowers have become a "must have" of the decoration. We see them everywhere on all social networks, they decorate dozens of shops ... 

As, they last in time, they allow you to decorate without breaking the bank and are very practical.


In this article, we will also explain to you how dried flowers are more ecological and responsible than fresh flowers. 


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Dried flowers: A sustainable decoration

First, know that dried flowers are durable decorations. They offer a very long lifespan, since unlike fresh flowers, they do not fade after a few days and they do not risk changing shape or color.


In fact, these are flowers that have undergone a dehydration process in order to eliminate all their water. Thus, they can therefore keep their appearance even if they are not watered or nourished. It is even possible to extend their lifespan by treating them with a fixer of the genus lacquer after drying and keeping them in a suitable place.


However, it should be noted that some flowers are more durable than others. Colorful grasses, for example, can last several years, while other flowers such as lavender, wheat, thistles, immortals, gypsophilia, statices, hydrangeas and pampe herbs only keep a few months.


Other varieties will gradually change colors and yellow, this is the case of varieties which are still cut green, like oats, wheat ...


At Flowrette, most decorations can accompany you for at least a year: whether it is bouquets of dried flowers, wall crowns of dried flowers or dried flower candles. 

This is what we see in the vast majority of our creations.


To find out more, find our guide On how to keep its creation of dried flowers.

Dried flowers: an ecological alternative to fresh flowers

1. Reduction of waste:

One of the main ecological advantages of dried flowers is their lasting aspect. Unlike the fresh flowers that are faded and must be thrown after a few days, the dried flowers can last several years if they are well preserved. In addition to being much more practical, they generate less waste. They therefore contribute to a reduction in the consumption of natural resources.


2. Carbon transport and imprint:

Flowers do not grow everywhere in the right season. For example, there is no rose in Valentine's Day. They must then be brought in from far away, which generates a considerable carbon footprint. THE dried flowers, on the other hand, are less sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity, which allows them to be transported more easily and over shorter distances. In addition, their low weight reduces the amount of energy necessary for their transport, which helps to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Finally as they are dried and durable. Producers can grow them in the right season. 


3. Energy consumption:

When they are not imported from the other side of the world, you have to simulate the optimal conditions to grow them.

To do this, we spend a lot of energy.

Generally, again, there is a cost for the environment.

Producers of dried flowers only have to wait for the right season to grow them.


4. Use of chemicals:

The cultivation of fresh flowers may require the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers which have a negative impact on the environment and human health. THE dried flowers, on the other hand, require less chemical treatments for their conservation. No need to boost them to stay cool. 

By opting for dried flowers from organic farming, we even more minimize the environmental impact.


5. Water consumption :


The production of fresh flowers requires significant water consumption to ensure their growth and health care. The dried flowers, once picked and dried, no longer require water, which saves this precious resource. It is all the more true since today and in the future, we will miss more and more often water ...


Our conclusions:

Even if they are not perfect for ecology and that they must also be produced, dried flowers represent a much more ecological and durable alternative with fresh flowers. Their longevity, their low carbon footprint, the reduction in the use of chemicals and water consumption are as many arguments to favor them with fresh flowers 


So why not adopt this trend and help preserve our planet?


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