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Sep 18, 2022
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DIY: What to do with dried flowers?

THE dried flowers are among the trends not to be missed this year. Not only do they flourish on social networks, but they also flourish in all interiors. In fact, they make a comeback in decoration and fashion accessories. If you want to know even more about dried flowers, how to choose them, how to deal with them, we have prepared all our knowledge in a very detailed guide.

It is possible to use them to create a bouquet, a crown, a comb, a herbarium, a costume jewel ... The Flowrette team gives you here some ideas of creations that you can make with dried flowers.

The most flowery: a bouquet of dried flowers

With some dried flowers, you can create a nice bouquet. You can mix the varieties and tie them using Raphia or a string. Otherwise, nothing also prevents you from directly ordering your bouquet at Flowrette: our florist craftsmen imagine poetic and elegant creations to marry all decorative styles.

There are all tastes and desires: discover the Ambroise bouquet, the Hector bouquet or the Antonin and Edgar models for example. There are even bridal bouquets made from dried and stabilized flowers such as the Camille married bouquet and the Ombeline bridal bouquet.

The most rural: some assembled flowers

To create a nice country composition, you only have to choose some dried flowers from our collection. Hydentsia, eucalyptus, broom bloom, oats, ruscus, mini statice, ... opt for the colors and shapes you like and have a light hand to make a beautiful aerial and non-supercharged creation. Here, the goal is to have an original composition with a somewhat rebellious look.

The most bohemian: a crown

The other possibility available to you is to use dried flowers To create a beautiful crown, including a wedding crown and a wall crown. At Flowrette, you can find, in fact, beautiful wedding crowns matching bouquets and wedding combs made in dried flowers.

The Andrea crown, for example, is an elegant and colorful model with the comb of the same name. It is made with preserved hydrangeas, botaos, oats, lavender and Hill Flowers. But there is also the umbeline crown and the Romy crown.

For what is of the murals, we offer the Holbox wall crown and the Corfu wall crown. But you can also create your own wall crown by opting for our DIY kit poetic version in pink and white Java or our DIY Kit Yellow and green Lombok country version. THE wall crowns are a great way to have flowers elsewhere than in a bouquet. They will find their place in any room.

The most refined: A wedding comb

Besides, know that you can also magnify your wedding hairstyle With a combed flower comb. As specified above, the Flowrette team provides you with different models of wedding comb, including: the comb Andréa, the umbeline comb, the davia comb, the bérénice comb, the Camille comb and the Louise comb.

These accessories are carefully made by craftsmen with fairy fingers and they can also be worn by your bridesmaids.

The most meticulous: A jewel

What would you also say Dried flower jewelry ? These craft creations are increasingly visible on social networks, especially in Flowrette: dried flower rings, dried flower bracelets, dried flower earrings, dried flowers pendants ...

But you can also make your flower jewelry yourself using resistant materials, resin and dried flowers from Flowrette with meanings that correspond to your personality or what you feel. In the end, you would be happy to have been able to make this creation. You will then carry it proudly. It is also a great way to give a gift to a friend.

The most vegetable: A herbarium

To demonstrate your passion for plants, you can collect dried flowers And create a pretty herbarium. Take paper sheets and place the different species you love before exposing them on the walls of your rooms.

At Flowrette, White Delphinium is available all year round and it can be associated with eucalyptus, gypsophile, lavender and immortals.

So these are some ideas of Creations of it yourself that you can make your home with dried flowers. For the most impatient, we have created at Flowrette different DIY kit to guide you step by step in the creation of a creation.

These kits contain the flowers as well as all the necessary equipment so do not hesitate to embark on DIY!

If you are more a fan of decoration, we have thought of several Decoration ideas And we give you 5 good reasons for put down dried flowers at home.

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