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Mar 9, 2023
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5 tips for maintaining your stabilized flowers

If there is an undeniable advantage with Stabilized flowers, this is the fact that they require no particular maintenance. This is the ideal solution if you don't have a green hand to take care of fresh flowers. In addition, adopting them is a significant ecological gesture. Stabilized flowers are of great interest in interior decoration. They are used for the design of multiple floral decorative items. However, to keep the beauty of your flowers stabilized in a sustainable way, it is important to respect some specific rules. 

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Clean stabilized flowers with a hair dryer

THE Stabilized flowers or stabilized plants have undergone a transformation called "stabilization", very different from that of dried flowers which is drying. Stabilized flowers and plants have for several years, because the process consists in preserving flowers and petals by replacing the sap with a glycerin liquid.

The first advice to maintain your Stabilized flowers is to clean them as often as possible. Even if they have kept their flexibility, the stabilized flowers are quite fragile. It is therefore important to handle them with delicacy. The least abrupt method to get rid of dirt on your stabilized flowers is The use of a hair dryer.

To do this, pay it to the lowest level and hold it about 15 cm from the flower. Move the hair dryer around the flower in a circular movement to eliminate dust and dirt that have accumulated.

If you don't have a hair dryer available, you can also use compressed air. Another way to clean your stabilized flowers is to use a very soft brush or feather. This method is particularly useful for eliminating dust that has been deposited in the petals or leaves of your stabilized flowers.

Keep your flowers stabilized away from light

The second tip to maintain the Stabilized bouquets of flowers is to keep them away from direct sunlight. Although stabilized flowers are designed for a long service life, they can nevertheless be damaged by the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

Sometimes during stabilization process, food colors are used to strengthen the colors of the plants. It would therefore be a shame if the colors of these stabilized plants and flowers tarnish because of the sun.

If you opt for a Bouquet of stabilized flowers, it’s certainly for a purely decorative goal. So put your bouquet on the coffee table in the living room or in the middle of the dining table, but provided that they are safe from the sun. The windows of the windows, the terrace are absolutely to be avoided.

If you still do not find a space in height and out of light, there is a very simple tip in decoration to adopt. It's about putting your flowers in a raffia or wicker and placing them on the ground, in a place that the sun will not reach. This bohemian decoration style is very aesthetic and original.

Stabilized flowers do not need water

What makes the interest of stabilized plants is precisely the fact that they do not need water. Unlike fresh flowers, stabilized flowers do not need to be watered. This is due to the fact that the glycerin solution replaces the natural sap of the plant. It is the latter that allows the flowers to be kept for a long time. An investment that is profitable.

It is thanks to this lack of water need that these flowers give life to many creations. With a good dose of creativity, our florist experts offer multiple creations as beautiful as each other.

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Place your stabilized flowers in a dry room

Your stabilized flowers should be put in a dry room. Since they do not need to be watered, it makes sense that they are in a room whose humidity is very low.

On the other hand, if you should place your stabilized flowers in your stay in summer, try to keep them away from any direct source of humidity, such as radiators or humidifiers.

You can always use another device to avoid heat such as the fan. The latter can circulate the air in the room while reducing the amount of humidity in the air.

There are decoration fanatics that also decorate the toilet. This is not a bad idea in itself, but the ideal is not to do too much. So don't think about decorating your bathroom or the toilet with stabilized flowers or even dried flowers, because the humidity level is high.

Place the dried flowers in an opaque vase

Finally, the last advice for Keep your stabilized flowers is to place them in an opaque vase. The latter will prevent any direct sunlight from the sun from reaching them and will allow your flowers to stay beautiful longer. In addition, an opaque vase is the solution if you do not want to see the stems of your flowers through a transparent vase.

Since the flowers will not receive water, choose a non -porous vase and which can protect them from humidity. Choose a beautiful vase color for a striking contrast with the flowers. A bouquet of stabilized gypsophiles or a bouquet of roses, in different colors, in a white or earth -colored vase will give a very beautiful rendering.

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You now know everything about the rules to respect to take care of your stabilized flowers. If you want to know more about the choice to be made between dried and stabilized flowers, discover the article, dried or stabilized flowers ? On the other hand, if you want to offer a bouquet of stabilized flowers and do not know how to do it, discover our article on the TOP 10 Boots of dried flowers and stabilized flowers.

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