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Apr 18, 2023
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5 reasons to adopt our dried flower crowns for your wedding

The happiest day of your life is fast approaching and you want to finalize the details of your bridal outfit. You love the flowers and you always wanted to put a dried flower. However, the more time passes, the more you doubt your choice. You wonder if this option is always trendy or if the crown of dried flowers would suit your outfit. It is legitimate questions that any future bride arises since marriage is a great event that deserves great care. Everything must do without the best ways. To guide you better, we have planned to deliver you all Our advice on dried flowers As well as five reasons to adopt our dried flower crowns for your bohemian wedding. 

Dried flowers crowns for a romantic and poetic touch

If the flowers are always as appreciated, it is because of their Romantic and poetic characters. This is even more true with dried flowers that allow to have magnificent creations such as combs and crowns.

Opt for a dried flower For your wedding, it is the assurance of an original accessory, but above all romantic and full of sweetness. There is nothing better for celebrate love than to opt for a Accessory filled with poetry and love.

In addition, if your decoration is Bohemian or rural style, you have a valid reason to choose a dried flower For your hairstyle. If you worry about the final rendering of the crown on your outfit, be aware that we have several models of dried flower crowns.

They were made in very soft colors ranging from immaculate white to powdery pink shades via broken white or gold. From Available dried flower wreaths, you will find the one that would suit you in terms of taste. For example, the models of Andrea crowns in fall and Camille with a few touches of blue are perfect for sublimating a white dress. So base yourself on your preferences to choose from the available models.

The crown of dried flowers, a natural and durable accessory


Opt for the dried flower for its natural character. Indeed, the crowns were made from real natural dried flowers. The flowers were cultivated in France then each of the stems was selected to compose a beautiful delicate crown. If environmental protection speaks to you and you want to participate in the construction of a more responsible world, this is the accessory you need.


The crown of dried flowers is also a great idea of ​​marriage accessory because of its sustainability. It can be kept for a very long time, which makes it a very good memory of marriage. You can use it for other events or use it for other purposes. Besides, it can be reused as a wall crown To decorate your interior.

The wall crown is a beautiful way of having flowers in its decoration in a different shape than that of the bouquet of dried flowers. You can hang it in any room in your home. The wall crown will find its place both in your stay and in the bedroom. It will bring a bohemian or country touch to your decor.

The crown of dried flowers, an original and craft creation

At Flowrette, Handicraft concept store Each of our creations is artisanal and above all original. Our mission is to offer singular creations at just prices for gifts as original as it is useful. We work in collaboration with talented craftsmen who put their know-how at the service of the brand.

At Flowrette, we favor comfort by offering Light dried flower crowns which can be delicately landing on the hair. They have a fairly discreet ribbon that allows you to adjust the diameter to your head.

The advantage of getting you one of our head crowns is its unique character. You will not find our crowns composed in the same way elsewhere. You can be sure to draw attention to you the best day of your life.

A head crown in dried flowers

The crown of dried flowers, a trendy accessory in harmony with a bohemian decor


Many wrongly think that dried flowers Another era, however, for a few years, they have been in front of the scene. For a Bohemian or rural wedding Successful, dried flowers are a must have. In this case, it will not only be a question of opting for a head crown. However, it will be necessary to make a unique decoration with dried flowers.


To create a elegant decoration, bet on bouquets of dried flowers also available at Flowrette. You can also bet on the dried flower boot. The difference is that the bouquet is a summary of different flowers while the boot is made up of a single type of flowers.

To stay in the Bohemian or rural style, bet on plants and leaves like eucalyptus, pampe herbs. You can choose vases to contain them. Lady Jeanne or the wicker basket is just as perfectly. Also, don't forget that the candle plays an important role in a bohemian decoration. Choose it from our different models. Make your imagination speak to create a decoration in your image.

Once your interior decoration is ready, also choose your bridal bouquet to harmonize everything. We advise you to choose the bouquet of flowers in the same shades as the head crown for a harmony overall.

The head crown for an elegant look

Elegance is not synonymous with complexity or extravagance. It is quite possible to associate elegance with simplicity. And this is what the head crown in dried flowers. Very delicate, the flowers are carefully handled to constitute a pretty crown. The head crowns are one -sized since they have a ribbon that allows the diameter to be adjusted as a function of the head lap of each.

We make it a point of honor to design thin crowns, with a reasonable thickness. Indeed, it is intended to embellish the outfit of the bride and not to win. They are also designed to be easy to wear. The goal is to bring a touch of charm and elegance at the look bride, whoever she is. Since it can be kept permanently, you can even wear it for other events such as baptism, birthday, etc.

THE dried flowers are accessible at low prices. We want all the future brides to be able to get one of these easily wonders. Since they are very delicate, so we take care to wrap them in carefully in tissue paper and we deliver to a kraft box. Delivery can be made in Relay or at home. We collaborate with trustworthy transport agencies. Delivery is made everywhere in France and Europe. It is free from € 70 purchase.


You decided to choose one of our dried flower crowns for your wedding hairstyle. However, it remains the best bouquet that will complete your outfit. We invite you to discover the Top 5 bouquets of dried flowers for a wedding. After your wedding, your bouquet can serve you as a decorative item. Discover then How to keep your bouquet of dried flowers.

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