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Jul 6, 2023
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10 decorative ideas with paper flowers

Birthday party, wedding, baptism, hanging of racks, paper flowers can enhance any space for any occasion. Eternal flowers in the same way as stabilized flowers and dried flowers, paper flowers are of a completely different nature. Find this article for All about paper flowers. Unlike the others that come from natural flowers, the paper flowers are made with paper, of course. However, well done, they are very beautiful and merge with real flowers.


If you still hesitate on their usefulness, we invite you to discover 10 decorative ideas with paper flowers.

Paper flower table for wedding tables

A successful decoration always involves the use of beautiful accessories. To decorate wedding tables, what could be better than a cheMin of paper flower table ? It is an accessory that is very appreciated because it adds a touch of elegance to each table where it is. 

It is placed both in the center of a round table as along with a rectangular table runner. Bet on the theme of the wedding by choosing the suitable table runners. Unicolor, two -tone, neutral or multicolored, you have a multitude of possible choices.


To ensure excellent organization and especially to allow guests to easily find their place, the Place brands are a necessity. They also have the great capacity to sublimate any table decoration.

In addition, they constitute a very beautiful memory for the guests. This is why it is interesting to bet on aesthetic and attractive marks. For a decoration under the bohemian or floral theme, these accessories in the form of paper flowers are a must-have.

Original and beautiful, they will make your decoration memorable. The stretch marks with table runners are the perfect combination of making each wedding table unique and beautiful.

The ark with paper flowers for the bride and groom

Still in the theme of marriage, we think, for this third decorative idea, at the wedding ark. It's a very trendy decorative accessory which is highly appreciated by the bride and groom and guests. It allows you to create a beautiful intimate and romantic atmosphere.

In addition, who says marriage, says photo and memories. With the ark decorated all in bloom, everyone can immortalize this magnificent day with photos. Take the time to choose the colors and flower combinations to be made for a perfect result.

The ark is usually for outdoor ceremonies. Make sure you have an annex solution in the event of bad weather. It would be unfortunate that your ark was irrecoverable when you can use it for other events.

A bouquet of paper flowers for a bohemian decor

THE paper flowers are beautiful creations that add pep’s to any room. They are not only ecological, but they last a long time. You can therefore keep them for many months or even for an entire year.

If you are looking for what to do Decoration of your interior In a durable and ecological bohemian style, think of paper flowers. At Flowrette, we offer a wide variety of bouquets as well as other paper flowers. Bouquets can land on the coffee table in the living room or in the middle of the dining room table.

You can also put them on the entrance console of your home or on the dresser in your bedroom. You have a multitude of possibilities with bouquets of paper flowers.

Paper flowers to decorate your business

The decoration of festive rooms or houses is commonplace. Often, business leaders do not think of the decoration of their business. However, it could completely change the situation. Indeed, a nicely decorated company would immediately make customers comfortable. The latter will feel well received and much more relaxed.


A medical office or a law firm where serious and delicate questions are dealt with, it would be fashionable to have a customer reception area with maximum comfort.


Thus a bouquet on the coffee table in the middle of the furniture, a floral bell on the counter could change the perception of these places. To go further, the business manager's office could also contain Pretty paper flowers decorations For a light and friendly atmosphere. Such an atmosphere makes business work easier for employees and employees. 

Bouquets of paper flowers

Garland of paper flowers for your child's birthday

Does your child demand a decoration for their approaching birthday? Think of a floral style with garlands and wall accessories based on paper flowers. They will add a touch of freshness to the decor.

If you are doing well in DIY, you could make a DIY GUIGLAND or CROWN OF FLOWERS yourself. You just have to have the different types of paper for design, that is to say crepe paper, tissue paper, scissors, white glue, a hot glue gun, etc.


For DIY, let your imagination speak and opt for the flowers of flowers that your child will love. You can design a garland of pink, red flowers, etc. You are free to mix colors and colors. If the colors are all lively, do not forget that you can balance everything with white, gray, etc.

The advantage with these creations is that once the party ends, you could draw them for another occasion. This is a very profitable investment since paper flowers have great durability.

Red and green flowers to decorate the Christmas tables

Christmas is a friendly party where everyone is around a good meal. To prepare this beautiful moment, the decoration is not to be overlooked. Bet on the colors of this party to design a magnificent decor. For this, Christmas stars are essential.

These flowers in a mixture of red, green with in the center of the golden balls are perfect for decorating your Christmas table or your tree. You can even make a crown of it and hang it on the front door.

A soliflore for a minimalist decor

We often talk about Bouquets of flowers Yet soliflores also have their charm. A rose of red or pink rose with green leaves in a small pot or a transparent vase with an undeniable charm. Placed on a desk or on the dresser, it gives the pace to the room.


On the occasion of Mother's Day or for Valentine's Day, offer a paper flower to your mother or your wife to show her your love. They will love decorating their favorite spaces with your gift.

The Crown of Decorative Paper Flowers

The advantage with flowers is their versatility. Indeed, they offer the possibility of making a wide variety of decoration styles. To change a bit of Bouquets of flowers In the pots, opt for the Crown of flowers. It's a Wall decoration accessory original. It is ideal for both homemade decoration and decoration for an event.


It is easily made. Just attach your paper flowers Made beforehand on a metal circle with wire. You can add a ribbon knot to enhance everything. If you have never made such a creation, look at tutorials before you start. Or simply, you can opt for the purchase of a crown of flowers already made.

Flower baskets

THE Flower baskets are a great way to combine originality and elegance in an interior. Put your flowers in colored paper and place them on the floor or hang them on the wall. These baskets replace the traditional pots and vases. They are perfect for a bohemian or rural style.


These 10 decorative ideas with paper flowers Have enough to inspire you to develop any space in an authentic way. Paper flowers are the decorative trend of the moment and one of our items talks about it from the outset.

If you like creative work, you will love to read how to make paper flowers. Do not hesitate to visit our e-shop to discover our various products. After payment, delivery is made in 48 hours and is free from € 70 purchase.

All about paper flowers

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