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Mar 18, 2023
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Why choose a natural candle

Natural candles Gradually register in the trend of the moment. Not only do they serve as soft and functional lighting, but they also invite themselves in the decoration of the pieces with their design, their colors and their perfumes.

In fact, it's not just the food that goes to organic. Useful and decorative products such as candles are also intended to be respectful of the environment and health. The Flowrette team gives you every reason to opt for natural candles.

In this article, we give you several good reasons to choose a natural candle. If you want to know even more about the craft candles From Flowrette, we really tell you everything in our article. How they are created and what are our choices.

How are natural candles composed Flowrette

What kind of candle wax choose?

Regarding first of all Candle wax, our craftsmen use natural wax, including soy wax to avoid the inconvenience caused by industrial wax and animal wax.

Recognized for its low and slow combustion, soy wax is a vegetable wax that makes it possible to make ecological and vegan candles. It allows you to enjoy your candles longer and they will not leave any residues in your containers.

In fact, it is a natural product from a pesticide or herbicide soybean cultivation. Unlike animal wax, including bee wax, soy wax does not require intensive animal exploitation. In addition, it is entirely biodegradable and is not likely to reject harmful substances such as industrial wax.

For information, industrial wax is made up of paraffin, that is, oil-derived molecule. Thus, it can therefore spread toxins in the air during the combustion of candles and it can cause respiratory diseases or more or less serious allergies.

Natural wax

Find a scent of natural candle

Bougie-Coton perfume

As for the scents, know that the Flowrette team uses Grasse perfumes. Yes, we create our scented natural candles with ingredients straight from the country of scents. Monoi flower candles, musc flower candles, jasmine flower candles, amber flower candles, ... A wide choice of perfumes is available to you at FLOWRETTE to give you complete satisfaction.

Unlike conventional perfumes, the fragrances of Grasse smell really good and they are healthy health. They can help you install a soft atmosphere in your home with their fruity, flowery, wooded or spicy notes. In addition, these are light scents both by their quality of composition and by their values.

It should be remembered precisely that Grasse has been classified as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO since November 2018. It is home to large perfume houses like Fragonard and Galimard and gave birth to mythical perfumes such as Dior and Chanel. All perfumers from around the world hurry to go to this city to discover and be inspired by its cultural richness.

To find out more, find favorite candle scents from the Flowrette team, depending on the seasons and the atmospheres

Candles cast by hand

What is also interesting with our natural candles is the fact that they are handcrafted by professional and passionate craftsmen. They are, in fact, carefully designed and meticulous in our workshop in Paris. From where we are talking about Made in France candles and therefore better quality candles.

As you know, the advantages of opting for Made in France products are multiple. From one, it is a way to protect French crafts, support local production and preserve French industry. Two, it is a way of consuming in an eco-responsible manner, since this makes it possible to limit long production circuits and to support the know-how of Parisian craftsmen.

By taking for example the case of Pauline, one of the craftsmen with fairy fingers who create the natural candles of Flowrette, she does not stop bringing innovations to guarantee more newness and originality. It is for this reason that we say that: "Pauline, it is an imagination and a limitless creativity! ».

Candle jars craftsmanship

Finally, be aware that even the pots of our natural candles are handicrafts. In fact, we collaborate closely with talented craftsmen whose work we want to highlight you to offer you original, design and unique candles.

The Flowrette flower candle from Flowrette, for example, is packaged in a handmade ceramic pot in Portugal in a partner workshop. Then, there is also the Khaki flower candle which is presented in a ceramic pot made handcrafted in the north of Thailand by the Guberlote brand.

Unlike classic candle jars, the craft candles are recoverable and customizable. You are not likely to come across ugly and common craft pots. They have their own style, since they are the fruit of the imagination of creative craftsmen.

No more want to throw your pots once the candles have been consumed, we guide you to Remove the wax from your pots And we give you 3 ideas to reuse your pots. A good practice that will allow you to recycle them. Need ideas? We give you!


In addition, choosing natural candles means choosing craft, ecological and design candles. There is indeed nothing better than the hand-and-hand candles from Flowrette to support the know-how and work of French craftsmen, to preserve health and the planet and to decorate the house.

The soy wax candles are less toxic than industrial wax candles. They feel good because they contain fragrances of fat. They are also among the products made in France and they are presented in designer, recoverable and unique craft pots.

Finally, if you want to innovate, why wouldn't you test, Burners and candle fondants. A good idea to simply and delicately odor a piece.

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