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Feb 18, 2023
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Which natural candle to choose?

The advantages ofan artisanal candle are many. Not only is it about natural candle, but it is also a decorative, therapeutic and relaxing accessory. She allows to feel good, without using industrial manufacturing products with doubtful compounds. But the question that arises is: what are the best craft candles today and what are the candles that make us crack at Flowrette!

If you want to know everything about craft candles. Also find our complete guide.

5 types of natural and craft candles that make us crack

Craft candles duplicate


To avoid trade candles that contain derivatives of petroleum products, you can opt for reusable craft candles.

At Flowrette, to give them even more interest, we love give double use to our products. For example, our love candle is first of all a 100% natural craft candle in a very beautiful hand done by hand, then it is a pot of field flowers.

It is in this perspective that all the flower pots are handmade and that they are reused.

Candles with dried flowers, obviously

At Flowrette, we are convinced, the candles of dried flowers are Decorative candles of the moment.

They attract many customers because they are pretty, craft and unique. They are designed with vegetable wax, dried flowers, locks, craft containers.

How do we do them? We start by melting a large amount of wax in a bain -marie. Then, it must be poured into the containers without filling them too much. The next step is to insert a wick at the bottom of each container. Afterwards, the wax is cooled in the open air for a few hours.

Finally, you must arrange the dried flowers on the candle by mixing sizes, colors and varieties so as to create harmonious content.

And There you go ! Our craft candles With dried flowers are ready to be put in their nicely drawn small box. A perfect gift to have fun!

Natural candles scented


All Flowrette candles are scented. Our favorite perfumes remind us of the moments of life and seasons. Monoi, flax flowers, jasmine, musk ...

These perfumes are created in Grasse the capital of perfumery.

The scented craft candles allow you to create a pleasant atmosphere in a room. They are perfect for hiding bad odors and they can also light up an area while bringing cachet.

The very large candles to decorate

At Flowrette, we like big candles. We even offer XXL candles. These hand -made candles are very decorative. They cannot go unnoticed in a room or on a piece of furniture. In fact, they are made to be noticed.

They are designed in magnificent handicrafts such as classic natural candles, but they can last longer and they optimize your interior decoration. They are also scented to change the smell of your room.

Generally the hardest part is to dare to turn them on!


Craft candles without pots

At Flowrette, we love original, unique and personalized candles using a little creativity.

Our latest creations: Trio of small flowery candles without pot, fragrant and dotted with dried flowers.

They are crisp, right?


Once your candles are finished, if you want to reuse your craft pots, we give you some ideas for recycle your pots And also we guide you in this guide in the tedious step to remove the wax remaining pots!

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