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Oct 3, 2023
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What are the decorative trends for Christmas 2023?

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's time to think about Christmas decoration. At Flowrette, we love this period ...
To be sure that your house shines brightly during the festivities, we give you all the advice and tips here to succeed in an original, elegant and warm Christmas decoration.

To find some tracks also start by choosing Christmas colors that dress your interior This year.

1. Find a theme for your Christmas decoration

To harmonize your home during this festive period, it is essential to choose a theme that will serve as a common thread for all your decorations. Depending on your tastes and the desired atmosphere, opt for a traditional, Scandinavian, natural or even glamorous style. feel free to Mix the materials, by combining for example wood, glass, metallic keys and of course the light garlands to create a magical atmosphere.

Fragrance gift box

The traditional theme

If the colors red, green and gold immediately evoke you the holiday season, it is undoubtedly that you are a fan of traditional style. In this case, bet on emblematic Christmas objects such as balls, snowflakes, socks to garnish, and remember to grant the decoration of your table with this classic but warm spirit.

The Scandinavian theme

Sobriety and elegance are the watchwords of the Scandinavian style, which invites you to favor soft colors like white, beige, gray and pale blue. In your Christmas decoration, integrate natural materials (such as wool or linen), raw wood accessories and geometric patterns. And to warm the atmosphere, do not forget the Candles and the Cozy Plaids.

2. Choose the right decorations for your tree

A real Christmas emblem, the tree is often the center of attention during the holidays. To succeed in its decoration, be sure to respect a very specific order:

  1. Light garlands : place them first, starting from the top of the tree and wrapping them around it until its base.
  2. Large balls : Place them near the trunk and in the lower part of the tree for a harmonious rendering.
  3. Small balls and other decorations : Divide them over the outer branches, making sure to vary the shapes, sizes and textures.
  4. The tip of the tree : Choose an imposing and original element, such as a light star, a feather or an angel.

Do not forget to decorate the foot of your tree with a pretty tablecloth, a plaid or even some well -wrapped gift packages to create a "like in the photo" effect.

3. Highlight dry, stabilized and paper flowers

To add a natural and elegant touch to your Christmas decoration, think of Dry, stabilized and paper flowers. Come and find out how to best use them in your decoration:

Dry flowers:

The dry flowers bring charm and authenticity. Enter your crowns, table centers or vases for a warm and rural atmosphere.

Stabilized flowers:

These flowers have the advantage of lasting for a very long maintenance without maintenance. Also use them in your floral compositions, suspensions or slide them in the branches of your tree for an original touch.

Paper flowers:

Easy to make and infinitely customizable, paper flowers are perfect for boosting your decoration with festive colors. Even create pretty bouquets to hang, place in glass jars or scatter on your table.

4. Do not neglect exterior decoration

To welcome your guests in style and give them a taste of Christmas Eve, remember to treat the decoration of the entrance to your house. Install light garlands on the steps, have a Christmas crown on the front door and do not hesitate to add some decorative elements that recall your theme, such as fir branches, pine cones, snowflakes or snowflakes or snowflakes or snowflakes or snowflakes or snowflakes or snowflakes still reindeer.

5. The art of erecting a festive table

Since you will undoubtedly spend many hours attended to share good meals with your loved ones, offer them a nice spectacle that they will remember for a long time:

  1. The table runner : Choose a fabric that contrasts with the color of your tablecloth and arrange it in the center of the table. Add pearls, snowflakes or glitter for an additional festive touch.
  2. The dishes : Vary the shapes and materials to create relief and coordinate colors with your theme. Do not hesitate to opt for openwork plates, star -shaped or even with festive patterns.
  3. Places : Personalize them with the first name of each guest, and let your creativity speak by making, for example, original or even edible name holders (with shortbread, dried fruit, etc.).

Also think of the small details that will make the difference, such as having a nice folding of towel, provide a "buffet" corner to present your dishes available to everyone or even install a small gift next to each plate.

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