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Oct 7, 2022
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What are the decorative trends for Christmas 2022?

The end of 2022 is fast approaching, and with her Christmas holidays. Even if certain elements are essential for Christmas decoration, like the traditional tree or garlands, tendencies always evolve. 

Discover the decorative trends for Christmas 2022. Thanks to this article, you will amaze your guests and make the holidays even more magical. In this period, The festive and warm atmosphere mixes with the pleasure of receiving and offering gifts. It is also an opportunity to change its decoration, whether it is the inside of your house or outside.

Also find all our advice on Decoration trends for Christmas 2023. Discover at Flowrette, our bouquets of dried flowers, our Christmas balls for your tree, our noël crowns, our gift boxes and other dozen decorative ideas!

Christmas 2022: the flagship themes for decoration

Each year, new Christmas themes are appearing. The trends are changing and always end up returning a few years later. 

According to the estimates, this year the Christmas decoration will be practiced around 3 main themes: white, elegant, and classic.

The white theme

The whole Flowrette team loves this very pure and minimalist theme. Besides, for several years that white has been fashionable during the Christmas period. 

Indeed, white brings a touch of modernity. A Christmas tree in this color is also more original than a green tree. This theme is perfectly suited to Scandinavian, Japandi or bohemian style interiors, or houses with a lot of wood. 

Of many colors go perfectly with the White, as The gold, Silver Or the Red. There is no shortage of decor ideas to go with this theme: cotton balls, natural cotton or false snow branches can decorate your table, your tree or your walls. 

Our advice: for a sober and elegant interior Christmas decor, opt for a few branches of stabilized ruscus.

The classic theme

The years when the classic theme is not fashionable are rare. Indeed, Green and red are essential colors of the Christmas holidays. To honor this theme, opt for a Traditional natural green tree or artificial. 

Opt for a large garland and red accessories: Boots of Santa Claus, Balls for the tree, etc. You can easily add a few notes of white or gold to complete the whole. 

The light garlands are in the spotlight in classic Christmas decorations, so do not hesitate to hang throughout the house. And if you are lucky to have a garden, take out the big game by hanging light garlands around your home. You will thus illuminate your winter and that of your neighbors.

The elegant theme

To stick to this theme, you must bet on sobriety and Neutral and dark colors. An elegant theme generally has a lot of black and gold. 

You can also add touches of gray, especially if your room is already dark. For the most daring, dare the black Christmas tree by paying it from garlands and white or golden balls. 

If you prefer the silver color, do not hesitate to hang snowman figurines on your windows or hang on the back of your chairs.

Fashionable colors for Christmas 2022

Even if the themes seen above are good trend indicators, some colors are particularly fashionable this year: 

  • Red and green: These two colors are timeless during the Christmas period
  • The gold / gold: This year, this shimmering color is very trendy. In addition, she marries all other colors
  • The White : This theme has been trendy for several years, this color is inseparable from the 2022 trends
  • Silver: Depending on your tastes, favor a silver or golden theme, avoiding mixing both
  • The sand / taupe / chocolate: These colors are trendy in 2022 in interior decoration, and Christmas do not escape it. This color evokes hot chocolate, logs or wood in general
  • Pink and blue: This rather surprising trend is however present this year. So don't be surprised to see these colors in stores!

Fashionable house decorations in 2022

In addition to themes and colors, certain trends are strongly felt regarding the interior decoration of this winter.

Recycled materials

Ecology is a subject that raises more and more people in France and around the world. This is why this year recycled or responsible objects are particularly fashionable. 

If this is your case, you will find on the concept store Flowrette many responsible decorative objects, made by hand, made in France, or designed by craftsmen from the whole world. Their unique design will not leave anyone indifferent.

Natural materials

In the same spirit of love of nature, the materials such as wood and cotton are much appreciated. For example, you can create your own driftwood tree. 

You can also opt for dried flowers, Not perishable, which will decorate your interior for a very long time. 

If you have time, dry a few oranges to make a DIY garland, or create your own Christmas wreath With pine cones and cotton balls.

Table art

Except for the classic Christmas theme, sobriety takes over this year with regard to table arts. 

You can of course opt for plates or green or red cups, but made in noble materials such as ceramics. 

The centerpiece is adorned with cotton branches, pine cones, holly or garlands with yellow or white light.

The candles

Of course, the candles are essential for your decorative collection for the holidays. Warm, it brings a cozy atmosphere for winter. You can cheerfully arrange it on the shelves of your living room and on your Christmas table. 

To decorate your tree, opt for false candles, which will be less dangerous. Our favorite for the Christmas party? The craft candle has the smell of wood fire.

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