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Sep 26, 2022
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Table art: our main rules to respect

You want to know the main ones Table art rules To spend pleasant moments around your meals? The pots heated well in the heat of the gas and the whole house is packed by this perfume which awakens all the taste buds. But before moving on to the tasting of this delicious meal that awaits you, it would be interesting to set the table in the rules of the art. Table art is a tradition That few people still observe today even if there is a guarantee of good manners. 

You love Spending family time, with guests Around a good meal and in a magical atmosphere ? At Flowrette, we invite you to learn most of the table art. Consult our article to find out how to set it up in the rules of the art, tips for a perfect decor and driving to hold during a meal.

If you are interested in tableware, here is Our advice to set a beautiful table.

How to set your table in the rules of the art?

Dressing a table in the rules of the art obviously obeys certain uses pre-established ! The tablecloth must be clean, table sets are to be expected. The plates, the glasses and even the bottle of wine must have a well -defined place for a Successful presentation. So let's take a closer look at how to organize all these elements for a French reception.

Provide a tablecloth and/or use table sets

This is the starting point for the dressing of a French table! At lunchtime, you enjoy a little more freedom. The tablecloth or sets: this is a choice available to you. No one will judge you for laying your plate on a set and put the cutlery at the table. Just pay attention to the colors of the different objects. It will give a more harmonious style. 

For a dinner with guests, however, The protocol of this art French could impose itself. Opt for a united, clean and well -ironed colored tablecloth to avoid false folds. The tablecloth must touch the seat of your seats, or fall up to 30 centimeters from the ground all around the dining table. For some much more majestic occasions, The recommendation is a white -colored tablecloth embroidered elegantly to give a great look to the room and accessories.

Place the plates respecting the table differences

If there is a Indispensable in tableware, it is of course the plates. For a sublime table, opt for a Exceptional dishes Designed by experienced craftsmen from Flowrette. His unique sandstone creations are conservable a whole life and will be of remarkable beauty on your beautiful tables. 

They can be of different shapes and always arise 2 or 3 centimeters from the edge of the dining table. The plates must be placed at an average distance of 40 centimeters, each of the other, to give more comfort to the guests. 

For suitable table dressing, 3 plates models are frequently used: 

  • Presentation plates 
  • Flat plates 
  • Hollow plates.

A ceramic or marbled concrete tray will find its place in the center with a good touch of decoration. 

It is advisable to put only one or two plates maximum per person. The hollow in the flat plate of the same size if it corresponds to the menu. In other circumstances and if there are other specific plates to use, just put them aside to use them at the right time.

Arrange the cutlery: knives, fork, tablespoon ...

Cheese, meat knife, tablespoon, teaspoon, dessert spoon, fish fork, dessert ... There is today a wide variety of cutlery And the choice depends on the dishes that make up the menu. 

In French table art, The cutlery is placed in the order of their use. 

From the outside inward, you go from the first to the last to be used. The diagram is as follows: 

  • The knife arises to the right of the plate, blade oriented towards the dish regardless of the material which is made 
  • Soup spoon is on the same side as the knife (right), its curved part turned upwards 
  • The fork Place on the left of the plate, the teeth turned to the table. 

Note that the cutlery must be sumptuously aligned for more aesthetics and that you should never put more than three cutlery on each side of your plate. Wait for example, the time of dessert to bring the corresponding small spoons or forks.

Place glasses and wine

The place of the glasses is right in front of the plate, from the largest to the smallest, from left to right. If you have a collection of glasses, know that you must place at least two on a table : water glass which is the largest and a wine glass. If the champagne flute must be part of the collection, follow this order: a water glass on the left, a red wine glass in the middle and the white wine glass to the right. 

Note that the wine glass must be white to leave the connoisseurs, the possibility of enjoying the wine dress. Unlike the other two, you need to fill the water glass when you have to go to the table. The bottle of wine is placed in front of the master of the house since it is up to him to carry out his service. If it is transferred to another container, the bottle must remain placed in a place where guests can perceive it.

Table art: how to decorate your dining table suitably

If you do things correctly, you may have the impression that The decoration is an integral part of the art of drawing up a table. Linen and dishes are chosen on purpose. But let's address other important details.

Choose a theme for dressing your dining table

The theme choice is an interesting practice because it allows you to organize your meal easily according to a common thread. The opportunity is decisive in the selection of accessories and color. 

For Christmas, you can play on themes like that of the family, the Nativity or Christmas in white. The birth of a small princess can be celebrated with an accent on pink and dried flowers in vibrant colors to embellish the atmosphere. The color of table towels, plates and even sets or the tablecloth must be selected according to the theme of the meal.

Choose dried flowers or candles for a captivating table center

The centering center is a strategic location to give the presentation to the presentation of your dinner table. He has to draw attention. Nothing more exotic, than a beautiful composition of dried flowers to decorate the heart of the table elegantly. You will have opted for natural flowers, preservable for a very long time and reusable for other events. 

The candles garnished with dried flowers remain perfect to enhance your table for a romantic dinner. With their exquisite scents, they bring a sensual and romantic touch to your meal. You can put them in the middle of the table and light them for a few minutes before spending the table.

Play on accessories

With a sublime tablecloth and table center, the plates and cutlery will be just in their place to plant a Decor of good humor. The accessories map is just as playable at this stage. Add dried fruits, glitter stars, pine cones, a statuette ... The sparkling photophores are perfect for attracting eyes. Be creative and simple.

How to stand at the table? Posture and good manners

Table art also lies in behavior. From posture to prohibitions, let's see the rules of French manners.

Adopt the right table posture

Your physical appearance at the table has a lot and provides information on your level of education. When you are at the table, respect the attitudes that follow: 

  • Stand straight, without swapping on the table or folder of your chair (right back)
  • Place your hands on the table, the cuffs on each side of the plate to eat well without putting your elbows 
  • Perform your gestures calm not to commit clumsiness and do not pass the arm in front of your neighbors in any case. If you need, express it (take salt, bread, etc.) 
  • Do not turn your back on a table neighbor, even to conversation to another person 
  • If you need to get up and leave the table, excuse yourself. 

In case you do not know how to use a dish or a cover, patience, let others make and exercise your donation for imitation.

Eat elegantly

At mealtime: 

  • Do not rush to your plate, take your time 
  • Bring the fork to the mouth and not the opposite, stay straight and do not lean your head on your plate 
  • Do not put your forearms on the table, it reflects a lack of energy 
  • Use your cutlery correctly when you eat and don't make a noise while eating 
  • Don't spit on the ground, it would be dirty 
    Do not pass your hands under the table 
  • Put what you have not eaten in a corner of the plate 
  • Take small bites so as not to suffocate or soon answer if you convers 
  • Do not speak your mouth full 
  • Do not ask to taste or finish the neighbor's dish and do not do it 
  • Use your towels or tea towels and stay clean.

Never place some objects on the dining table

Some objects should never be placed on the dining table. It is : 

  • Mobile phone 
  • Of your glasses 
  • Of your bag or scarf 
  • Medication

They absolutely have no place in it and are also likely to damage each other.

Share a family meal or with your guests Can very quickly become an artistic exercise and that is why we suggest that you follow the important rules of knowing how to live. Also remember to decorate the whole house or reception room with natural accessories (terracotta vases or pitchers, dried flowers of pampas).

Adopt Unique parts for your kitchen utensils (batch of stainless steel cutlery, colorful trays, plates and accessories for dessert, etc.). And why not offer coffee with ceramic cups at the end of the tasting? Table art has a lot of Principles to be put into practice so as not to ridicule yourself in public. Flowrette opens its stock to equip with kitchen dishes and accessories.

If you ask yourself the question What is tableware? or How to make a beautiful table at Christmas? We have written articles on this subject.

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