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Mar 12, 2023
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Perfumed candle: what perfume of candle to choose?

What if you opt for scented candles to create a pleasant atmosphere at home or at your workplace? These are handcrafted, designed and fragrant candles made from 100% natural products including: Natural soy wax, cotton or wooden locks and perfumes designed for candles. In addition to ensuring their role of interior lighting, scented candles can hide the smell of your rooms. They also constitute decorative elements in a house or a workplace.

You want to know everything if our flowery candles, find our detailed article to know everything about craft candles.

Candle scents in seasons

Currently, there are many scents of craft candles, scented available for the interior of a house or a workplace. Most creators of fragrant craft candles find their scents in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. We find all our flowery perfumes such as lavender, mimosa, orange blossom, musk or jasmine which are safe values.

At Flowrette, we also love the flowery notes of other products such as the rose that we offer you in our scented candle memory of childhood - picking the garden.

But of course, nothing prevents you from selecting your candle perfumes according to their product family: floral scents, spicy scents, aromatic perfumes, wooded fragrances, fruity perfumes, oriental perfumes, ... there are all kinds, so for Give you a little help, here are the best candle perfumes to favor for each season.


For spring, Jasmine perfume

Spring represents the return of sunny days in each room of the house. Thus, there is nothing better than welcoming it with fresh smells of scented candles to ensure a soft atmosphere. The light and disaltering perfumes of scented candles with white flowers, such as lily of the valley or jasmine, for example, are ideal for recalling the sweetness of the season in the house.

Please note that jasmine in particular is widely used in aromatherapy sessions because its perfume helps to calm and relax. In other words, jasmine -scented candles are very effective in promoting relaxation and guaranteeing spring freshness in the house.

And that's good, because at Flowrette, we love this bewitching smell of the jasmine scented candle, a product that recalls the sweetness of the water.

For summer, Monoi perfume

Monoi scent is the perfect product for summer seasons. This perfume breathes the sun and theexoticism. He gives the impression of feeling on the skin caresses a delicately fragrant islands of the islands. This is the kind of perfume that makes you want to vacation and spend days at the beach even by being in its workplace or at home.

The monoi scented candles recall the smells of summer flowers while highlighting notes of coconut, vanilla and exotic flowers characteristic of monoi. This perfume of candles can make you dream and take you very far at work.

At Flowrette, we have created an artisanal candle with Monoi perfume: Discover this flowery candle Scented for an olfactory trip guaranteed from your home!

For the fall, Patchouli perfume

Fall rhymes with warm rose or patchouli scents. Patchouli is a tropical plant from Malaysia and Indonesia. This product has no smell when it is freshly picked. But when this product is dried and then distilled, it gives off a complex fragrance that is both terror, dry, wooded and smoked perfect indoors.

Patchouli is one of the most luxurious products in candle perfumery. This product can be used perfectly in the creation of craft candles with wax to give more character and depth to the atmosphere of the rooms of the house or the workplace.

For winter, sandal scent

The best scent of candles for the winter is the sandalwood. This scented candle diffuses spicy and wooded notes, that is to say hot, friendly and refined notes. Not only does this scented candle invite you to meditation, but it also evokes creamy and velvety olfactory sensations. Thus, the candle scented with sandalwood can therefore accompany you during the winter season at home or at work to warm you and to improve your mood and well-being.

Of course, other candle perfumes also constitute very good alternatives for winter, only citing: the scent of black rose, the scent of vanilla, the scent of tuberous flower, the scent of cedar, The scent of amber and the perfume of musk that we love!


What is the price of a Scented craft candle?

The price of a scented candle varies depending on the size and logically depending on the combustion time, that is to say its real performance. It is possible to buy ready -to -use scented candles or even equip yourself with fragrant wax to run into a glass or a candle holder.
In candles, you can find all prices. The price is clearly low for information with poor quality or industrial wax. It is also necessary to pay attention to the perfume used so that it is not notive. Finally, the price also depends on the pot used.
Often a price too low for a candle should alert you ...

The advantages of Scented candles

The advantage with the artisanal scented candles is that if the scent of the candle is important, the style of the candle is just as much as decoration. This is why we did you A selection of natural candles Scented Flowrette to better choose the scented candles!

Because it is the whole scented candle that will make us travel from one season to another thanks to the colors, scents and the shape of the scented candle.

Once your scented candle is finished, do not hesitate to Recycle your pot to candle.

Finally, for DIY fans, find Our tutorial to make your candle Artisanal scented with fragrant wax.

It is also important to know that the scented candles arranged indoors also play an important role in the atmosphere and decoration of a room. The scents of scented candles allow to get rid of toxic atmospheres in the environment. Some perfumes avoid many allergies while disclosing other protections for occupants. In terms of decoration, colorful scented candles are very remarkable in the room.

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