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Oct 7, 2022
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Our ideas for a successful Christmas decoration

It is not always easy to find inspiration to decorate your house for the Christmas and New Year. We know it, it is easier to bring out the decorations of the previous Christmas than to find new ideas. 

And even if, at Flowrette, we valuize ecological values, we have found some Beautiful decoration ideas so that this Christmas 2022 Either even more Magic.

Fall for the Artisanal Christmas decorations that we offer you at Flowrette.

The most beautiful ideas to decorate your home at Christmas

In order for your decor to be successful, you must take care to harmonize the elements and especially to feel good in your interior. Listen to yourself and place only objects, garlands, decorations, or crowns that bring you a feeling of happiness when you see them.

The Christmas Crown: a classic

Advent crown is almost an essential element in Christmas decoration. It can either warmly welcome your visitors when it is outside your door, or contribute to interior decoration. Of course, nothing prevents you from having several Christmas crowns: on the doors, the walls, the railing of a staircase and even on your holiday table. 

There is a plethora of choice with regard to Advent crowns. The most classic are green and made from fir branches, and adorned with pine cones or balls. There are also white crowns, which matches perfectly with the decorations on the theme of snow. 

You can also make your DIY crown using an old hanger that you will unfold in order to give it a round shape. Then hang garlands, cotton balls, Christmas balls, pine cones or any other object of your choice. The advantage? You can get a Christmas wreath that goes perfectly with your interior! 

Finally, if you like bohemian style, you can opt for an advent crown made from dried flowers. It is a beautiful object of lasting and responsible decoration, which is also perfect for the Scandinavian style or Japandi.

The candles: for a warm atmosphere

The characteristic of the end of year celebrations, and in particular of Christmas, is to succeed in creating The warmest atmosphere possible at home. THE candles are the decorative elements perfect for this. 

You can have it everywhere at home, especially in your living rooms. Choose places far from radiators to prevent them from melting prematurely, and secure places if you have children or a cat. 

Candles can even decorate your holiday table. You can have several small models, or one or two large candles. Our favorite ? The craft candle has the smell of wood fire. It will give you an unforgettable olfactory experience and will immediately transport you to the’Warm spirit of the Christmas holidays. This candle can also be a great gift idea for your guests, and at a low price!

DIY objects: Dare to do it yourself to personalize your interior

The most beautiful Pinterest inspirations often spell us. THE ideas of Beautiful Christmas decorations do not miss. The only risk, if you can name it like this, is to have the same decoration as your friends!

To avoid this and stand out by decorating your house in a personalized way, think of DIY decorations to do yourself. Using a selection of beautiful dried flowers, you can make a bouquet that will delicate a console, a buffet or even your Christmas table. 

You can also create your DIY garland that you can hang in your living room during the holiday season. She can then reach your room or any other room in order to bring sweetness. This chic Flowrette garland contains a tutorial that guides you step by step in its creation.

The tree: an essential Christmas holidays

Of course, fir is the flagship piece of the dieChristmas coration. There are now some for all ecological tastes and convictions. So opt for a natural or artificial tree, a large or a small model, or for a green, white, or colorful tree. 

In order for its decoration to be successful, we recommend that you do not exceed three colors. So choose garlands, balls and items to hang in the same tones. Arrange the Christmas balls at the end of the branches to balance the decor of your tree, and place the heaviest models at the bottom. 

And to harmonize your whole decoration, add touches of these same colors to various places in your room. For example, you can place the balls in storage pockets or vases. Finally, leave the underside of the tree free enough for the Santa Claus can easily slide there His gifts. Your children will tell you thank you!

Artisanal decorations: for a Christmas that makes sense

Christmas is a friendly party during which we share beautiful values. There family or friends meet around a benevolent and warm moment. For a Christmas that makes sense, do not hesitate to opt for craft decorations. 

By choosing parts hand -made, you support creators in addition to broadcasting beautiful waves for Christmas magic. At Flowrette, we offer elegant products made by hand, either in France or by craftsmen from around the world. 

Christmas can be The opportunity to please yourself By buying beautiful vases, trays, candlesticks or decorative items in durable materials. In addition, these objects can help you decorate your home throughout the year.

Decorate your Christmas table: the little bit more

In addition to your interior decoration, you can let your creativity express themselves thanks to Your Christmas table. This is the time of the ideal year to have fun and give free rein to your desires and your imagination. 

Do not hesitate to decorate your table according to the theme of your decoration. You can stay on traditional colors, like thee red and white where the Green and red. You can also add a chic touch by betting on the combinations gilded and red, Or Gold and white. This last theme is particularly suitable for interior decorations inspired by the Scandinavian or bohemian style. 

The centerpiece is the element that can make all the difference. Choose a long ribbon, or a large piece of tissue paper for example. You can also add branches with tree, holly, and add pine cones or cotton balls. 

Choose beautiful plates and beautiful cutlery. Add a few candles or even a warm garland in the middle, and don't forget to place small gifts for each of your guests. Finally, in order not to make a mistake, indicate the place of each person thanks to a personalized label. Thanks to these few decorative ideas, your family will be amazed throughout the meal!

If all these ideas are not enough for you, discover Our handmade handmade Christmas decoration ideas. Also, if you love DIY and you are manual, we have prepared an article to you 
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