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Apr 13, 2023
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Our advice for a bohemian wedding decor

A marriage is a happy event which must be unforgettable. Everything must be thought of in the smallest detail, from the choice of music to the decoration of the reception location. Today, more and more people opt for a vintage or retro wedding decoration, country style or bohemian. There bohemian decoration is also a trendy decor highly appreciated by the bride and groom. The challenge is that it is important to know how to go about having a nice bohemian decor. If you are wondering what are the best bohemian wedding decor ideas, you are in the right place. Discover Our decorations in dried flowers for a wedding.

Opt for creations in eternal flowers for a bohemian wedding decoration

For a Bohemian chic wedding, one of the things you absolutely have to bet is the decoration of the party room. This is the place where the bride and groom will spend more time with their guests, so it is important to put special care in the decor of space. Since a romantic wedding does not go without flowers, bet on them for a bohemian decoration. However, these are not any flowers.

For a Bohemian decoration, opt for eternal flowers To decorate the room. At Flowrette, we have a great diversity of eternal flowers adapted for marriages. The colors of the flowers are delicate with beautiful shades that are perfectly suitable for a bohemian wedding.

If you want a country wedding rather, opt for a space outside with plants like eucalyptus. Play on softer color shades that are closer to those of nature. If you are attracted to nude or pastel, you will also find bouquets at Flowrette in these tones.

First, we advise you to opt for eternal bouquets To put in the center and strategic places in the room. Flower boots are also a perfect decorative accessory for the bohemian wedding theme. Always for decorative, dried flowers also to be integrated into a Bohemian wedding. Hanging here and there on the walls, they will decorate the room.

Still in the bohemian spirit, the flowers of the pampa are perfect for a wedding. They look great and notice very quickly. You can put them on the floor in the room for a natural effect. Do not hesitate to bet on other accessories to strengthen this style of bohemian wedding decoration such as garlands, macramé, lace, jute canvas, etc.

The different creations in eternal flowers for the bride and groom

There Decoration for a bohemian wedding It is not just about decorating the room. The newlyweds also have every interest in entering the bohemian theme. Once again, we are here to guide you step by step. Opt for one of our beautiful head crowns that will enhance your hair and wedding dress. Soft and delicate, this flowery accessory is ideal for being in harmony with the bohemian wedding theme. We deliver it to you in a nice kraft paper.

If you are looking for A hair accessory Much more discreet, but just as elegant, opt for the flowery comb. In various, but soft shades, they are perfect for corresponding to any bridal outfit. These accessories are made with passion, love in our Parisian workshop by our florists.

Finally, don't forget the famous bride For a successful bohemian wedding decor. The choice of this accessory must be made with meticulousness. Very trendy, the bridal bouquet based on eternal flowers is a guarantee of quality and sustainability. You are able to keep it as a memory for many years.

With the various floral compositions Available in our e-shop, you will be spoiled for choice. To put it simply, we advise you to harmonize the bouquet with your hair accessory. You will have a very beautiful rendering and a memory to keep for many years.

Since this day symbolizes the union of two people, we cannot forget the flowery touch of the groom. For this, we offer buttonholes. They will bring an elegant and chic touch to the sober costume of the groom and his witnesses. Several colors are available from immaculate white to mauve, green and yellow shades. Very soft, they will agree with all types of bride and groom costumes.

The table runner for a beautiful bohemian wedding decor

There Wedding table decoration is very important for the overall success of a bohemian wedding decoration. To put it simply, in a bucolic style, you can choose wooden tables to decorate directly. If your preference is more for a more elaborate style, you can choose a lace or linen tablecloth as well as a table runner. The effect will be just as interesting. Organizing a wedding is a task that can be complex when you are not an expert. Above all, you must have a minimum of knowledge about trends Who are topical so that it is a success. 

The table runner is also very useful to decorate the center of the tables for a beautiful bohemian wedding decor. In addition to the bouquet and its vase which will find their place there, add elements of decoration such as flowery bells, confetti of petals in dried flowers or even scented flower candles. For example, you can have two to three flower bells on the table runner in addition to the bouquet.

THE confetti of dried flowers will accentuate the bohemian theme of the decor. The current decoration trend is with flowery candles. If your reception takes place in the evening, arrange a few candles along the tables will add a soft and bright side to the decor. The advantage with the candle is that it can be personalized for your wedding. We can register the date of your wedding as well as your two first names. A decor both beautiful and romantic. Take your precautions so that the candles remain lit for a long time in case your party takes place outdoors.

There table decoration is a whole art that requires understanding and mastering the mixing of colors, knowing how to arrange materials and accessories. Decoration ideas are legion, so you can take inspiration from it. If you hesitate on your choices, the Flowrette team can help you do wonders with little. Our choices in terms of accessories are eco -responsible.

Have a Beautiful decor, Whatever the wedding theme, is an essential condition for the success of the party. For a bohemian chic wedding decoration, it takes a perfect balance between sobriety and originality. And for that, each of our parts accompanies you. Each creation is made by specialists with all their passion.

Our creations and accessories made from natural materials, especially flowers are available in our e-shop. After order, we deliver you in 24 hours or 48 hours maximum. Delivery is made everywhere in mainland France and is free from € 70 purchase.

A bohemian wedding is a decorative style that does not require a big investment. The choices of accessories are simplistic and that is why you have to bet on originality and quality. Since our goal is to help you make the decor of your wedding without breaking the bank, we offer items and accessories at low prices. Our prices are defined to allow our craftsmen to live their passion.

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