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Apr 28, 2023
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Natural candle, the interior decoration accessory par excellence

Soft lighting, optimized combustion, exquisite scent ..., it is not the advantages that are lacking when talking about scented natural candles. However, did you know that they are also a full-fledged decoration element for your interior? In reality, they seduce as much by their refined form as by their aesthetic function. It is precisely for this reason that the decorative candles are invited today in all rooms of houses and in all styles of development. They instantly enhance the appearance of the room that welcomes it, while establishing a pleasant atmosphere, much appreciated to relax.

So what are their main advantages? Where to place these decorative accessories? Which scented candle to choose? What are the tips to make the most of it?

Also discover our guide to help you Choose your natural candle.

What are the advantages of decorative candles?

Contrary to what one might think, to really feel at home in your house is not always an easy task. For many, it’s much more than a simple place to live. It is probably for this reason that more and more people are deciding today to personalize their interior according to their desires and preferences.

Are you one of those people who only ask for a pleasant and soothing atmosphere? So, the scented natural candles are certainly made for you. In reality, you have a myriad of choice at your disposal as to models, shapes and scents, which means that you will undoubtedly find the candle that will best adapt to your decor.

Most of us decide to have a decorative candle or two on the coffee table or on a shelf for example. Although there is no problem for this, you can go beyond these "traditional" ideas. There are indeed various particularly original ways to highlight them. It would certainly be an opportunity to create a place conducive to harmony, appeasement and the feeling of well-being. In addition, this is a great way to make daily life much lighter and profitable.

As decorative accessories, natural scented candles - lit or not - also release gentle aromas which can really influence your mood. At the same time, they participate in the installation of a more intimate atmosphere, especially in the practice of various rituals of personal care. At Flowrette, we also integrate the aesthetic aspect in our conceptions. This allows our products to become a full -fledged decoration object that is both elegant and refined.

Deco Flowrette candle candle

What are the choice criteria to consider?

The scented craft candles are perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in a room. As an accessories, they will find their place in your house, while bringing a final touch of decoration that will certainly appeal. In addition, this is one of the most accessible ways to perfect your interior design. Ideal for aesthetic lighting of natural light, the decorative candles are also presented in different models in order to ensure you to obtain a result at the height of your desires.

In order to accompany you in your choice, we recommend that you take into account some important criteria.

The quality of the wax

Artisans have different types of wax at their disposal to make their scented candles. Most of the products that are found today in trade use mineral wax (paraffin). This has the advantage of offering better dissemination of perfume, but this oil derived from oil arouses some concerns.

There is also bee wax, but it has been used less and less lately. For good reason, consumers are now looking for a more ecological and original solution. If respect for the environment is thus part of your prerequisites in choosing your decoration candle, we advise you to turn to a vegetable wax candle.

The Flowrette team notably favors soy wax to make its natural craft candles. Obviously, this is a mainly eco -friendly production method, but that does not affect the quality of the candles.

 No toxic emanation emerges from the latter, making it a 100 % safe product for health. Especially since the cultivation of soy does not require the use of pesticides or herbicide. Likewise, the combustion time is slower, while allowing a delicately scented candle atmosphere.

In addition to reducing your ecological footprint, these natural wax candles also represent an excellent vegan alternative. Thus, you will enjoy very gently (and without feeling guilty!) Of the refreshing perfume that is their own. To go even further, you can also pay particular attention to the wick used. Cotton or wooden wick, it's up to you!

The existing interior decoration style

A decorative candle Invite in all the rooms of a modern house. And precisely, you can consider the place that will welcome him to make your choice. The creations offered on Flowrette, however, have the advantage of being timeless and thus to blend into any interior. So, whatever the style of architecture or development that you have decided to install at home, you will surely find your happiness among our selections.

To do this, why not especially opt for the collection of? They would be perfect for those who prefer to bet on a discreet and minimalist decor. As the models are unique, this will allow you to give a personal and chic touch to your home. You also have models with neutral colors (khaki, coral, black, creamy white). If you prefer, you can nevertheless choose a glass jar whose transparency will give way to the refined color of the wax.

Be that as it may, the scented decoration candles will find their place as much in the living room as in the bedroom. They also add a cozy atmosphere, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen. 

Likewise, you can buy the candlesticks separately to guarantee you find the model that agrees with your existing candles. THE Marbled concrete candlesticks From Flowrette will seduce you in particular with their refined and elegant finish. Green, pink, gray…, simply choose the shade that inspires you the most.

Flowrette marbled ceramic candle

The choice of scent

The light and heat of the candles have no equal in the world of decorative trends. It is probably for this reason that they are so appreciated today. However, it is not only a question of aesthetic aspect. In reality, they also bring pretty soft and exquisite perfumes to your interior. Flower candles are a must in this case. But you can enjoy a wide range of delicate and subtle scents. Cotton flower, jasmine, linen, musk…, nothing better to be captivated after a long day of work.

How to have decorative candles?

Creating a modern and romantic atmosphere at home can sometimes be complicated. Having the decor elements well is even more so. If you are passionate about the table arts, you surely know what we are talking about. Well, it is the same when it comes to having the decorative candles in a harmonious way. Fortunately, there are a thousand and one tips to help you in this regard.

In the bedroom

Want a touch of magic in your house, and especially in your bedroom? Opt for the craft candles that will bring a final touch of elegant decoration. Especially since they will contribute to the establishment of a combination of relaxing, warm and welcoming vibrations. Moreover, the candles scented with fresh scents can really bring positive energy from the alarm and during the day. While lighting up night candles can create a cozy environment and a warm atmosphere to help you enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

As for the best way to integrate the candles into the interior decoration of your room, it consists in placing them on a wooden tray or in decorative marbled concrete candle holders on the bedside table. Add a few small accessories and voila. This participates in promoting a feeling of warmth and ultimate relaxation when you bask on your bed.

If you are preparing romantic evenings, opt for lanterns. Put the candles in meticulously selected containers and place them along the walls.

In the living room

To enhance your living room at a lower cost, decorative candles also represent an excellent choice. If you love to receive or spend time in this room on weekends (but not only!), It turns out to be wise to enhance the global inner atmosphere. To do this, start by choosing a shallow plate or decorative bowl. Pay attention to the material.

Wood remains in particular a noble and elegant product both in this regard. Then place the craft candles for them so that they furnish the free space on the coffee table, the library or the shelf without cluttering them.

Decorative candles can be identical models in this case, but it is also possible to play with a mixture of candles of sizes and various finishes to give a more interesting rendering. However, make sure not to associate candles with scents that are too different for The perfume remains pleasant. You could get intoxicated by the sweet smell of jasmine, the delicate scent of a candle scented with cotton flower and many more.

Similarly, another excellent tip is to have the candles on the top of a mirror tray among other decorative objects and elements. Place the set on the coffee table so that this new design accessory is more naturally based in your interior. And this, while offering the perfumes you want. You can also place the candles on books for a unique decoration style.

And There you go ! You can snuggle up on the sofa with a good book in your hands at any time of the day.

Flowrette flower candle

In the kitchen

Here you can match the shades of natural candles with the decoration style of the room. Also, you can play with the elements that inspire you the most in order to obtain an impeccable result. Put for example in a transparent glass vase or a nice design container of coffee beans. Then place the decorative candle just above. And There you go ! You can install this creation on the dining table or on the kitchen island.

Nevertheless, you also have the possibility of using marbled decorative candlesticks whose color of the patterns is accompanied by those of the room for such a successful decoration. Besides, don't worry if the space is limited. Simply turn to smaller scented candles and disperses them everywhere. In doing so, you can always put fresh candle scents in your kitchen, without taking up too much space.

In the bathroom

Having become a main one -fledged room in modern houses, the bathroom deserves a Zen decoration, conducive to relaxation. The light and heat of craft candles can allow you to obtain this result. They can give this place the cozy appearance and atmosphere of a spa, which will certainly help you feel even more relaxed when you take a bath. Better still, candles can offer in this case a smell of freshness and rewarding cleanliness.

Of course, you should well select the candle for your interior decor to do this. For a rendering up to your expectations, we invite you to disperse candles of different sizes around the bathtub or on a bathroom. They will also find their place near the sink for a more relaxed aspect.

Here you can choose the Flower candles from Flowrette. The scent - cotton flower, jasmine or white musk - will complete the delicacy of soy wax. And you have at your disposal the perfect combo for a bathroom punctuated with serenity. If you want the candles to blend more in the decor, try to match them with the other elements of the bathroom.

Flowrette gray candle holder

Decorative candles: What are the precautions to take?

Flowrette marbled red candle

THE craft candles are ideal for a scented interior decoration. Especially since they are suitable for all times of the year. However, it is essential to take some precautions in order to get the most out of it. For your safety, for example away the candles (lit) from flammable objects and heat sources.

If you have decided to have several candles to decorate your table, keep a distance of at least 5 cm between them (7 cm for candles with a glass jar). Likewise, prefer to place them in a place sheltered from air currents and far from the reach of children (animals also). And you are ready to enjoy a calm and comforting atmosphere, without risk of fire.

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