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Feb 18, 2023
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How to reuse your candle pot?

You bought a magnificent candle. Its pot is sublime and it makes all the charm of This beautiful natural candle that we explain everything to you in this article. It would be too bad to throw this pot! We therefore advise you to reuse it!

Instead of throwing them away, transform them into assets, lift-blanket, flower pots or glasses. Otherwise, do a little DIY and use it to create any new candles.

At Flowrette, the candle jars available are handcrafted pots made by talented craftsmen. They were designed specially to be both design and reusable.

Top 3 of our ideas to recycle your craft pots in candles

How to remove The wax of a candle jar?

The first step before recycling your candle jar and remove wax and wick residues from candle jar As soon as she is finished.

So, try to remove these debris before customizing the pots.

You can pour boiling water, wait a few minutes and allow to dry. Then you can remove the wax using a cloth. After that, you can clean with a soapy sponge and hot water. To find out more about how Remove the wax from your candle jar We have prepared an even more detailed guide to you.

Now room for your imagination to reuse your candle jars.


#1: In a living room: A pot for flowers or oily plants

What would you also say to transform your candle jars In flower pots or oily plants? Our handicrafts are precisely large enough to accommodate plants.

They perfectly resist water, since they are generally made of ceramic. Once transformed into flower pots, they can be installed in your living room to bring a natural and zen touch.

In the end, this concept looks badly like our love candle, don't you think?

-pot-light candle

#2: In a bathroom: To store your makeup, brushes or washable cottons

To avoid the bazaar in your bathroom, nothing also prevents you from placing your makeup, your brushes and your washable cottons in your old candle jars. Our Goberlote candles would make magnificent pots in your bathroom.

You should start by cleaning the craft pots you bought from Flowrette. Afterwards, you must have your makeup accessories in an organized and stylish way!

#3: DIY: Recreat a new candle from the same pot

The last option is available to you is to recreate a new candle from your old candle jars. Here, you should start by melting your plug remains in a double boiler to remove the leftovers of wicks. Then you have to flow from the natural wax Previously heated in your containers and you need to position your new wicks.

Wait for a few minutes, while your candle cools and hardens, and that's it, you can turn on your new natural candles.


Now that you know how to recycle your candle jars, we give you some other ideas related to natural candles. :)

First of all a guide on The natural candles that we prefer at Flowrette.

We have also concocted you The perfume list that the Flowrette team prefers according to the seasons and atmospheres.

Finally, if you are passionate about candles but want to innovate, find our article on Candle fondant burners.

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